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HOW TO DO BUSINESS WITH DeCA Alan Jones Deputy Chief Product Support.

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1 HOW TO DO BUSINESS WITH DeCA Alan Jones Deputy Chief Product Support

2 Introduction The Marketing Business Unit (MBU) is Responsible for Managing the Stock Assortment for All CONUS Commissaries How To Do Business With DeCA –


4 How To Present An Item DeCA Form 40-15 Item Presentation Form – –Available By E-mail from DeCA Buyers –Available at All Commissaries


6 Present to the Store Director –They Will Forward the Presentation Form to the Local Regional Buyer for Evaluation –No Need to Travel to Local Buyer or the MBU To Present For a Single Store

7 To Present to A Group of Stores Within A Region Present to the Region/Local Buyer Charles Dowlen Is the Category Manager Responsible for All Local Buying

8 Alaska Hawaii Puerto Rico Guam, Japan, S. Korea, Okinawa Italy Kaiserslautern. Germany England Frank Lang VIRGINIA BEACH Vicki Sliwicki SACRAMENTO To Present to A Group of Stores Within A Region *Charlie Dowlen FORT LEE & SAN ANTONIO

9 To Present For More Than One Region Present to the Appropriate MBU Buyer Listed On the Directory or Call (804)734-8614 –Available on DeCAs Website or From ALA Steve Arland DSD Categories Alan Flowers Frozen and Chill Foods Angel RamosEdible Shelf Stable Bill Wood Non-Edible, HBC, Household

10 Item Presentation All Brand Name Resale Items Must Meet the Requirements of USC Title 10 DeCA Supports Local Businesses – We Sell 17,800 Local Items

11 USC TITLE 10, SECTION 2486 (e) SPECIAL RULE FOR BRAND – NAME ITEMS – The Secretary of Defense may not use the exception provided in section 2304(c)(5) [Competition In Contracting Act] of this title regarding the procurement of a brand-name commercial item for resale in, at, or by commissary stores unless the commercial item is regularly sold outside of commissary stores under the same brand name as the name by which the commercial item will be sold in, at, or by commissary stores. In determining whether a brand name commercial item is regularly sold outside of commissary stores, the Secretary shall consider only sales of the item on a regional or national basis by commercial grocery or other retail operations consisting of multiple stores.

12 How Do We Determine If An Item Qualifies We Check Our Movement Data Base The Vendor Provides Evidence of Retail Sales The Vendor Provides Written Certification to the Contracting Officer

13 What Are Buyers Looking For Item Innovation Proven Consumer Acceptance Customer Input Past Brand Performance Anticipated Volume Current Assortment Efficiency –Price/Value to Category

14 First Responsibility Is To The Patron Have the Items and Brands That Patrons Desire at the Best Available Price Maintain an Efficient Stock Assortment That Allows the Purchase of New Items When They Hit the Market Negotiate the Lowest Available Price Promote and Display to Take Advantage of Known Shopping Patterns

15 Product Coding Product Stock Codes –K Mandatory Stockage in All DeCA CONUS Regions –M Mandatory in More Than One Regional Area But Not All Regions –R Mandatory in Only One Regional Area –S Optional/Available To All Stores in a Regional Area –O Available Seasonally –P Phase Out Pending Delete –Numbers 1 thru 5 Indicate Store Size Required to Stock the Product

16 Deleted Items Necessary to an Efficient Stock Assortment –Allows New Item Introductions –Fact Based Decisions Category Trends –Reclama Opportunity Deleted Items Process –60 Days to Liquidate Residual Stock –DeCA Accepts No Responsibility to Flush Out Dead Stock After the 60 Days

17 New Suppliers Potential Suppliers Who Have Never Conducted Business With DeCA Are Encouraged to: –Read the Business Guide on DeCAs Website –Call DeCA Points of Contact and Military Retail Resources –Be Ready to Do Business

18 Summary The MBU Has Created an Effective and Efficient System to Fair and Equitably Evaluate Industry Offers We Provide a Resale Stock Assortment That Provides Strong Sales and Customer Satisfaction –Performance Is Validated Through Monthly Reviews

19 JUDGE F. MAYS, III Contracting Officer Resale Contracting Branch

20 Contracting Mission Receive Approved DeCA 40-15 From Category Manager or Buyer Establish a Written Agreement Between the Vendor and DeCA Resale Ordering Agreement (ROA)

21 Contracting Mission Mandatory Requirements To Obtain a ROA: –To Get Paid You Must Utilize EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) - Works Like Direct Deposit –Must Be Registered In the CCR (Central Contractor Registration) to Be Considered for any Government Contract, Including a ROA

22 Contracting Mission To Register Online for CCR:


24 Contracting Mission ROA Consists of Terms and Conditions of the Agreement Such As: –Type of Delivery Method Frequent Delivery System (FDS) Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Direct Store Delivery-Single (DSD-S)

25 Terms and Conditions (cont): –Stores Serviced Under ROA –Payment Terms (Net 7, Net 10, Net 30) –Discount Terms (2% 10, Net 30 Days) Contracting Mission

26 Terms and Conditions (cont): –Business Size (i.e., Small, Large, etc.) –If Your Business is: A Sole Proprietorship A Partnership A Corporation –Vendors Authorized Negotiators

27 Contracting Mission Contract Changes: –Moving Items From One ROA to Another –Moving Stores From One Delivery Method to Another –Method of Delivery (i.e., DSD-S to FDS) –Mail To and Remit To Addresses –Method of Invoicing (Manual Invoice to Delivery Ticket Invoice)

28 Resale Contracting Branch JUDGE F. MAYS, III (804) 734-8923

29 Carol Ricker Chief File Maintenance and Cataloging Branch

30 File Maintenance Branch Responsibilities –Cataloging/File Maintenance In DIBS (Catalog Master File) Addition Of New Items Phaseout/Deletion of Old Items Changes to Existing Items

31 Pricing -Electronic Data Interchange National Vendors Vendor Number/ Contract Driven File Maintenance Branch

32 Pricing –Web Local/Regional Vendor/Contract Driven Internet Based ( File Maintenance Branch


34 Pricing –Cut off Dates for EDI & Web Effective 1 st of Month –10 th of The Prior Month Effective 16 th of Month –25 th of The Prior Month –Weekly Web Pricing Effective Sunday –Tuesday of the prior week by 6 PM File Maintenance Branch

35 Carol Ricker (804) 734-8366 File Maintenance Branch

36 Donna Starkus-Ward Chief Distributor Coordinator Unit

37 Industry Responsibilities: –You Must Choose a Distributor –You Establish a Contract With the Distributor –You Communicate to DeCA and the Distributor All New Items, Changes to Items, Delays in Production, Product Recalls, Etc. Distributor Coordinator Unit

38 Distributor Responsibilities: –Receives 875 (Electronic Purchase Orders) –Receive, Warehouse, and Deliver Product –Sends 856 (Electronic Shipping Notice) –Receives RODS (Discrepancies in Shipment) –Identifies Errors in Order Transmissions Distributor Coordinator Unit

39 DeCA Responsibilities: –Responds to Inquiries From Distributors on Issues As They Occur –Region POC Coordination –Processes Distributors Exception Reports –Publishes the Add/Delete Program Distributor Coordinator Unit

40 Donna Starkus-Ward Chief (804) 734-8154 Phil Thomson Distributor Coordinator (804) 734-8184

41 Jimaye Sones Director of Accounting Resale Accounting

42 WHAT WE CONTROL Analysis and Reconciliation Business Unit All CONUS Accounts Control Sections (ACS ) Resale Accounting

43 RESPONSIBLE MANAGERS Jimaye Sones, Director of Accounting(804) 734-8333 Cassell Brabble, Chief, Resale Accounting(804) 765-2784 Roger Miles, Chief Consolidated ACS(804) 765-2783 Cheryl Dancy, Chief, A&R(804) 765-2782 Jeri Dennis, Chief, Langley ACS(757) 225-3135 Elvie Meidinger, Chief, Langley ACS(757) 225-3137 Doris Lowenstrom, Chief, Western Pacific ACS(916) 569-3801 Sonia Rodriguez, Chief, Midwest ACS(210) 925-4832

44 What We Do Process Receipts for All CONUS Stores Reconcile Distributor Bimonthly Rollups Provide Requested Receipts And/or Roll-ups to Vendors and Distributors Correct Case Pack Errors and DSD Errors Research and Reconcile Payment Discrepancies Collect Overpayments to Vendors and Distributors Resale Accounting

45 What We Do (cont) Issue Supplemental Payments to Vendors and Distributors Maintain the VCM Credit Card Program (Approximately 245 Vendors) Perform Vendor Coupon Accounting Including Collections and Complaints From Vendors on Coupon Processing Reconcile and Process Vendor Payments for Coupon Redemption Gather Container Redemption Value Data and Add to Rollup Receipt Resale Accounting


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