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Karen Pocock Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist

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1 Skin Cancer Nursing A Nursing Perspective from a Specialist Skin Centre
Karen Pocock Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist St.Helens & Knowsley Hospital Trust

2 Content Dispel myths Role of Skin CNS Geographical boundaries
Patient Journey Which patients should be referred? Referral process in to SSMDT MDT Link – value of Who are the SSMDT? The future Summary

3 Dispel Myths - Macmillan
Macmillan does not mean end of life!!!! Macmillan is a source of information for patients/families dealing with cancer. is a source of information for health professionals working in the cancer field. aims to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

4 Role of the Skin Cancer CNS within the specialist Centre
Diagnosis – End of Life Link to all hospitals/teams/other skin CNS Clinical expert A resource An educator Change Agent Researcher Advocate

5 Geographical Boundaries
Glan Clwyd Nobles IOM Chester Bangor Broad Green STHK Wigan Halton CCO Southport Aintree Warrington Ormskirk

6 Patient Journey Diagnosis (dermatology, plastics, GP)
Referred to Specialist Skin Centre Surgery (plastics) Waiting for results Possible further surgery Scans, further investigations Possible referral to CCO - radiotherapy Possible referral to oncology - clinical trials, chemo Possible referral to other specialist centres i.e. Christies, Glasgow. Living with cancer End of life


8 So how do we help? Smooth patient Journey
Act as a link between all teams Communicate to other Skin CNS Relieve patient/family anxieties Point of contact / key worker Refer on to other teams throughout the network Lymphoedema nurses Counselling/clinical psychology Prosthetics, Physiotherapy Palliative care Holistic therapies

9 Which patients should be referred to the SSMDT?
Any complex skin cancer requiring wider excision Wider excision & SLNB Local recurrence Lymph node Dissections Head & neck melanoma MOHS Oncology Discussion only for expert advice See Network Guidelines


11 SSMDT Referral Form All patients need to be referred via form
Clinical information Send relevant investigations with form Fax to Barbara Marsh Listed for SSMDT Deadline Thursdays 12 noon for MDT discussion Appointments generated via Barbara ASAP

12 Barbara Marsh 01744 646776 MDT Link – HUB of team Role
Receives all initial referrals via fax Constructs MDT list Meets deadlines for cancer targets Makes referral appointments Chases investigations i.e. scans, histology Uploads data to somerset Contacts patients Acts as a link to other trusts

13 The Team at STHK 2 MDT co-ordinators
3 Core Plastic surgeons - specialists in skin cancer surgery 6 Dermatologists 1 Medical oncologist 1 Clinical Oncologist 2 Histopathologist 2 Radiologists 2 CNS’s 1 Research Nurse Variety of associate specialist surgeons/nursing/clerical staff

14 The Future Continue to develop the service
Nurse Led Clinics / clinical diagnostics in melanoma Electro chemotherapy Increased clinical trials portfolio Patient led support groups

15 Summary The Skin Cancer CNS is here as a result of the national cancer agenda, as with all other tumour sites. The role of the CNS can enhance the quality of care delivered to each individual patient with skin cancer by being their key worker. The patient journey is complex, given the geographical boundaries of where they come from. MDT co-ordinator is a main link to SSMDT See Melanoma network guidelines for referral criteria to SSMDT We want to work together with all members of the team putting the patients needs first. The patient is the most important person of all our work.

16 Thank you

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