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Standard Grade Modern Studies

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1 Standard Grade Modern Studies
Answering KU Questions

2 To answer KU questions well, you need to spend time studying the topics.
Always remember to PEE!!! Point: tell the examiner what point you are making Explain: go into a bit more detail Example: give one or two examples to support your point

3 At General Level: Every KU question is worth 4 marks. You will have 5 mins to write your answer The questions will always ask you for two points.

4 At Credit Level: KU Questions range from 4-8 marks You will have just over 1 minute per mark. You can get up to three marks for a well-made point. In an 8 mark question, make your answer look structured – miss a line and start a new paragraph every time you start a new point.

5 Use Flags!! You should use certain words to ‘flag up’
what you are doing in your answer. When you are explaining, you should say ‘This means that…’ or ‘This is because..’ When you giving an example, you should say ‘A good example of this would be’ When you have moved on to make your second or third point, say ‘Secondly…’ or ‘Another way in which…’

6 Describe ways in which MPs represent people in their local area?
General MPs can represent people in their area by asking questions at Question Time (Point). This means that they can ask government ministers a question about problems in their constituency (Explain). Credit MPs can also represent people through committees (Point). This means that MPs can be involved in preparing new laws or examining the work of the government (Explain). Both give MPs the opportunity to put across the views of people in their local area (Example).

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