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Please Sign the Finance Office Treasury Form Used to make sure that it is only the Treasurer who can access the account.

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2 Please Sign the Finance Office Treasury Form Used to make sure that it is only the Treasurer who can access the account.

3 Contents What is a Society Treasurer Private and Grant ‘accounts’ Grant application The Finance Office Putting money into your Private account Getting money out Forms Keeping a record of your finances Hints and tips

4 What is a Society Treasurer? Challenging role in a committee Gives great employability experience and transferable skills Main Responsibilities: Main person responsible for managing the finances of your society. Ensure that the committee are kept up to date with the financial state of the society and consulted on all financial decisions. The society must not hold external bank accounts.

5 Grant Allowance- accessible funds. Money available from the Students’ Union. Must be spent on activity that satisfies your aims and objectives and is available for the benefit of the whole membership base. Questions? Needs to be spent before end of academic year! Private Account Membership money, fundraising, sponsorship. Can be spent on anything the committee decides (within reason!) To get your account codes email Private and Grant Accounts

6 Due in by 21 st June Need 3 simple documents to apply for a grant. 1)A programme of events and activities 2)A budget set out in the SU template format. 3)A supporting statement detailing how the money spent will benefit your membership base and the Union as a whole. Your Treasurer Pack will include details on how to apply. Send to Grant Application

7 Used to pay money in, claim expenses and get invoices paid. On B Floor in the Portland Building Drop Box available for paperwork/ requests (NO CASH) General Enquiries email: Staffed hours:OpenClose Term Time (M-F) 10:0016:00 Non Term Time (M-F) 12:0014:00 The Finance Office

8 Paying Money into the Private Account Fundraising, and petty cash (subs etc). To be deposited into the private account using the cash machine in the Finance Office. Get help the first time you use the machine. Contact last year’s Treasurer for password. Always keep a record of what you have put in and keep receipts! Write on receipts what they are for! Do not keep money lying around- you do not want to be responsible for lost cash. Your money is not insured if it is not banked in the Union.

9 Expenses Claim Form- To your bank (not cash) One of the most used forms Used to claim back expenses paid for by members of the committee/ club. MUST have a valid receipt- NOT card receipt. Best to fill in on the computer Can send by email but will need scanned receipts and signatures. (google maps for fuel) Fill in the form as fully as possible. Always save copies and keep a record of everything. If the Treasurer is claiming the money back it must be signed by another committee member.


11 Getting money out: Other Forms Credit Card Request Form Can only use this during Finance Office opening hours. Fill the form in and use the Card. ONLY to be used in exceptional circumstances. Purchase Order Form To be used when ordering stash from Red Oak Roller and other (Uni facilities etc) MUST do this during Finance Office hours A guide to fill in forms will be available

12 Getting money out: Paying for things by BACS BACS is electronic payment of money BACS is the preferred option to pay for things. Do not pay cash in hand for anything- you need a paper trail for protection. When purchasing anything (external facilities, equipment etc) always remember to get an invoice sent to your pigeonhole in the Societies and Sports Office. Asking for an email invoice is quicker and easier if the company will send one by email.

13 Getting money out: Paying for things by BACS Invoice must be addressed to the Students’ Union with reference to your society. Invoices must be signed by the Treasurer, dated and the right code written. Take the invoice to the Finance Office or send a scanned signed copy to Invoices will be paid by the payment date (not necessarily straight away). BACS payments get paid every Thursday.

14 Paying for Coaches/ Instructors/ Lecturers You MUST make sure that your coach/ instructor/ somebody that you are paying is registered as self employed. To do this, you need to email to ensure that they are registered with us.

15 Statement Request Form To find out how much you have in each account. The YTD (year to date) Balance on Grant Account figure is the amount of grant spent, not how much you have left. The YTD Balance for your Private account should read (- ). If it reads (+) then you have overspent. Keep looking at the Statement User guide for information. Easiest way is to Email: for statement requests Other Forms

16 Transfer Request form Used to transfer money to another Students’ Union account (Club/ Society/ Department) Forms found in the Finance Office Paying in Form Used for cheques only To bank money into your Private account Other Forms

17 Always a good idea to use your own accounts sheet Important that you always know the financial activity of your group. Look at the statements that the Finance Office give. If you see a problem with these and the Finance Office can’t answer your question, come to see Holly Roberts in the Societies and Sports Office. Keeping a Record of your Finances


19 email to sell stash, tickets and equipment online. Easy way to collect money off members and students. You as a Treasurer don’t have to worry about handling cash- the money goes straight into your private account. Use the Drop Box in the Treasury for invoice payments, statement requests and transfer requests. Tips and Hints

20 Keep an up to date account of everything and present a report of the society’s accounts at every committee meeting. Keep your committee involved in all decisions. The Treasurer is the ultimate decision maker so don’t be pressurised into purchases! If you run into financial trouble: Don’t worry! Come and see Holly Roberts in the Societies and Sports Office as soon as you can. We can work any problem out together. Tips and Hints

21 Thank you! Any Questions?

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