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Lessons from community energy projects in Wales A brief overview Matthew Leese 1.

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1 Lessons from community energy projects in Wales A brief overview Matthew Leese 1

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3 Energy Efficiency Fuel Poverty Renewable Energy Education Our Activities 3

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5 Talk overview Context Available sustainable energy resources Welsh approach Case studies 5

6 How energy is used in Wales Total Energy –split across transport, electricity and heating –total energy consumption is 125kWh/d/p –Electricity only: 22kWh/d/p (18kWh/d/p in UK) Domestic total energy demand –25 kWh/d/p –>3 GW demanded – every second –20,215kWh/home/yr 6

7 Sustainable energy resources Wind – abundant, wide spread Onshore hydro – plenty of rain! Offshore hydro – some of the UKs best tidal flow Solar – in the south is best 7

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13 The Wales approach “Our aim is to produce more electricity from renewables than we consume as a nation within 20 years.” One Wales: One Planet, a new Sustainable Development Scheme for Wales, p. 55 13

14 The Wales approach -helping communities Wales has world leading agenda –PD rights for some installations from 2009 using devolved rights –Encouragement through active Assembly Minister –Renewable Energy Route Map –One Wales: One Planet, a new Sustainable Development Scheme for Wales 14

15 The Wales approach Planning Policy –TAN 8: Renewable Energy (incl. SSAs for wind) –TAN 12: Design –TAN 22: Sustainable Buildings (2010) (mandatory CSH) 15

16  Action on small/community-scale renewables will include:  initial £15m EU funding supporting 22 community energy projects  maximising the significant benefits of providing domestic heat through renewable means in all our programmes  supporting the early introduction of a UK renewable heat incentive scheme  working with stakeholders to encourage the take-up of renewable energy financial incentives from micro- to macro-scale projects  championing the potential benefits of feed-in tariffs for community renewable energy projects  encouraging the piloting of smart-grid technology in Wales  small-scale renewables support through the Welsh planning system  providing domestic renewables as part of our Home Energy Efficiency Scheme  promoting local energy generation, including as part of public sector schemes and procurements  Working towards zero carbon homes by 2016 16

17 HELP!!! 17

18 18 PPS services offered 1.Feasibility Study Consultancy work Confirm site technical feasibility Initial statutory consultations Scoping/planning Approximate financial forecasts 2.Secure Site Option and Lease? Purchase/own? 3.Business Development Constitution and Company registration (IPS? LLP? CIC?) Capacity/skills assessment Benefits to be acquired 1.Local skills, employment and capacity in renewable energy social enterprise 2.Reduce CO2 emissions 3.Non-government income 4.Increase energy security - potentially 5.Possible protection from rising world energy prices

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23 Roch Measured wind resource: 5.0 m/s NOABL wind estimate: 5.7 m/s Turbine quote: ~£54,000 –£25,000 PPS –£20,000 reserves –£9,000 pledges/loans Annual income: ~£7,600 23

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27 PSEEG Modelled wind resource: 7.0 m/s Met monitoring imminent Turbine size: 800 kW (E53) Turbine quote: est. £1,500,000 –£0 PPS –£300,000 Ynnir Fro Loan? –£1.2m bank loan? Annual income: ~£293,000 27

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30 Newport Solar resource: 3.22 kWh/d (PVGIS) West-Southwest facing roof Proposed array size: circa. 17kW Array cost: est. £56,000 –£25,000 PPS –£10,000 Other funding –£remaining community pledges Annual income: ~£4-5,000 30

31 Lessons learnt 31

32 Lessons learnt Hindrances and delays –Planning, objectors, enthusiasm, remoteness –Cost, funding, expertise –Other statutory consultees –Special designations Positives and encouragements –Planning, supporters, enthusiasm, remoteness –Funding, expertise (social capital) 32

33 Thank you Questions? Matthew Leese 01239 821907 33

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