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How to Make Battery Web:

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1 How to Make Battery Web: Leading Manufacturer from Advanced Materials to Precision Machines, Services Material Research Society Since 1994

2 Why Choose MTI? Cost Effective Easy to Operate Enjoyable

3 Making battery is making sandwich
Electrode Raw Powder + Conduction Powder + Binder=Electrode Paste Paste + Substrate (Current Collector) = Battery Electrode Sheet Battery Electrode Sheet+ Separator + Electrolyte= Battery Cathode Separator Anode Electrolyte Battery Case

4 Sintering RF1200X Rotary Tube Furnace with 4"OD Quartz Tube, 1200C Max. OTF-1200X3-III Split Three-Zone Tube Furnace with 3" I.D. Quartz Tube & Vacuum Flanges ( 35" Heating Zone) Make battery powder chemical by tube furnace under controlled atmosphere

5 Powder Milling/Mixing
SFM-3 Desk-Top High Speed Vibrating Ball Mill with 80ml Stainless Steel Jar SFM-4 Desk-Top Vacuum Mixer ( ml) with Variable Speed Mixing powder with binders

6 Coating Electrode Sheet
AFA-III Automatic Film Coater with Vacuum Chuck & Heating Cover and Coating Thickness & Width Adjustable Film Applicator Aluminum/Copper Substrate for Anode/Cathode Paste Coat Paste on Substrate

7 Drying under Vacuum Bench-Top Vacuum Oven (12x12x11", 25 L, 250C)
Drying the Electrode Sheet after Coating/Taking from Storage

8 Rolling Electrode Sheet
MR-500 Heavy Duty Precision Manual Rolling Press with rolling thickness 0.1mm-1.5mm X 5" W MR-100 Heavy Duty Precision 4" Width Manual Rolling Press with Dual Micrometer Bench-Top Precision Automatic Heating Rolling Press - (11" W x 8.5" Dia up to 55 C ) Hot/Cold Rolling to Roll Electrode Sheet to certain thickness

9 Cutting Cut Disc-shape Electrode/Separator for Coin Cell
T-06 Precision Disc Cutter with optional 15, 19, 20 or 24 mm Diameter Cut Disc-shape Electrode/Separator for Coin Cell

10 Crimping MT Compact Hydraulic Crimping Machine with Dies for CR2032 or CR2016 Bench Top Transparent Glove Box with Air Locker / Side Door Crimping coin cell in Glove Box with Inert Gas

11 Testing Computerized 8 Channels Battery Analyzer ( mA / 5V )for R&D Battery electrodes Test battery by charging/discharging and viewing curve

12 Thanks for your time Please call us at or us at

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