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An Introduction to Source Support Services. Source Support Services is a service, support, and quality focused company that provides its customers with.

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1 An Introduction to Source Support Services

2 Source Support Services is a service, support, and quality focused company that provides its customers with a cost effective solution for offering on-site computer hardware support and maintenance in North America and Internationally. Who We Are

3 Company Background Headquartered in Atlanta, GA Around the clock help desk support and depot repair facility in Atlanta, with parts depots now in Amsterdam, Tokyo & Singapore Proven successful international warranty support provider for over 70 computer/IT manufacturers Over 150,000 systems covered throughout the world Network of over 15,000 field engineers in North America giving our customers greater responsiveness and flexibility. Help Desk personnel experienced in Linux, BSD, Unix, Novell, AIX, and Windows operating systems. Our focus is only hardware maintenance; we will never be your competitor. Our model allows for very competitive pricing while maintaining excellent services levels.

4 Warehouse and Parts Inventory in Duluth, GA, as well as Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Singapore Source Support Services

5 Problem found Parts used Corrective action if applicable QC checklist and all performance and Burn in tests run Copy of all tests results Picture of unit before being shipped Our Depot repair, help desk, and training facilities, coupled with our worldwide on-site support network, enables us to offer full post-sale warranty support to our customers Every depot repair system returned with quality controlled documentation: Source Support Services

6 Our Warranty Service Offerings Are World-Wide: Service Package I 8x5 (local time) Next Day On-site Response – Service Calls Made By 3 PM Sites Local Time Handled Next Business Day. Service Package II 24x7x365 Help Desk With Next Day Business Response – Same On-site Response Mentioned Above With 24 Hour Help Desk Service Package III 24x7x365 With 4-Hour On-site Response - Same As Above With 4-Hour On-site Response * Customizable Support Options for Specific Projects Are Available As Well. Standard Offerings

7 Covering All 50 States and Most Zip Codes When new system is placed under warranty we immediately research our tech network to make sure we have the proper resource to handle that system – quickly and effectively. We hand pick from our database, the technicians and on-site partners to best suit you and your end-users needs! We continually monitor, measure and report on our on-site techs and partners performance Onsite Network

8 Over 15,000 technicians in our Source Support Data-base Covering Canada as well Onsite Network

9 Atlanta HD & Pts Depot Amsterdam Parts Depot Singapore Parts Depot Tokyo Parts Depot Source Support Services offers the same warranty service programs around the world Covering over 150,000 systems in over 40 countries Utilizing an international on-site network 24/7 help desk and on-line service call tracking program Parts depot in Amsterdam and Singapore & Tokyo Toll Free International Numbers from most major international cities International Support

10 Local On-Site Coverage Currently available in: Europe Middle East Asia Pacific S. America Toll Free International Numbers from most major international cities Example of On-Site Capabilities in Europe Greater Europe Support

11 Source Support Services is confident that NBD on-site services can be achieved in all of the major cities of the countries listed above. If there is no partnership company there today, we are confident that within weeks a suitable on-site partner can be identified, interviewed and signed up to give excellent hardware break/fix on-site service in conjunction with our 24/7 around the clock help desk. This is proven continually as new systems are sold into "other" cities in these countries. If you have a need in a location not listed, contact us! International Support

12 –Reference Checking –Phone or Personal Interviews –Verification of Licenses –Permits and authorizations –Testing –Solid performance feedback loop via Tesseract Recruiting and Maintaining of our Technical Database: We have a recruiting team whose function is to find and quality technicians and organizations who meet the needs of our customers. The qualification process has several elements including: Authorized Service Provider Program

13 –Responsiveness –Technical Ability –Communication –Reporting –Customer Service Skills –Call Backs –Efficiency and other categories Tesseract Performance Feedback Loop: Source Supports custom-designed call management system, is our primary quality assurance tool. In the hands of our in-house help desk engineer and manager, Tesseract evaluates each technicians performance on: Only by achieving good grades in each of these categories, does a technician earn the right to participate in the next project. Authorized Service Provider Program

14 Authorized Service Provider Forms

15 Insuring on-site partner is already approved by Source Support. Discussing the requirement of the specific on-site call which is to take place. Insuring that the partner is qualified to handle the on-site requirement based upon knowledge of type of systems being repaired as well as experiences. Insuring availability to not only begin the call when required but to insure availability throughout the expected time frame of the call. Going through strict rules and guidelines, based upon Source Supports Standard Operating Procedure document of how to act on-site, how representing, numbers and contacts to call when arriving, during and before leaving an on-site. Going through any specific technical steps and documentation necessary for the upcoming on-site call. Interview Process for Onsite Techs

16 Introducing Source Supports RCA Program RCA = Remote Customer Access Web Based and Part of our Service Call Database Available to you and your end-users! Accessible via or your website! Enter any new service event or access any and all of your companys systems under warranty with Source Support Track and monitor the progress of all open service events. Access, create and customize reports regarding your systems performance, and your end-users history and satisfaction level Enable your end users specific access to their accounts status Specific end user passwords given by Source Support (limited to their site only) Source Supports New RCA Program

17 Intro screen from Verari Web Site Reports Open Service Call Query Existing Records This program can be easily accessible from your web-site – enabling your customers and end-users to enter, track and monitor a service call with Source Support Call us for an on-line demonstration!

18 RCA Program Automatic e-mail enhancement Automatic e-mail sent when: New Call is opened Parts are dispatched On-site is Scheduled Call is successfully completed Automatically notifies key people within your organization of call status Includes direct links to on-line program for immediate review of newly opened service ticket! Automatic Email Notification

19 Sample Failure Rate Analysis Graph –Reports can be custom made to fit your requests Source Support is pleased to present a sample of our reporting capabilities. Utilizing our extensive service call program that is remotely accessed by you and your end-users via our on- line Remote Customer Access (RCA) program 24/7 –Monthly reports available –Failure rate analysis –Component level by fault code and / or by product Excellent performance & measurement tool Reporting Capabilities

20 Failure Rate Analysis By Fault Description By Product Over Specific Time Periods Reporting Capabilities

21 As part of our quality program, Source Support has an internal and external Severity Level escalation plan that is implemented on every single service call performed. This is to insure immediate action and escalation within Source Support, with our partners and with our Partners end –users to insure the quickest and most effective route to solving any severity level issue. Severity & Escalation Plan

22 As part of Source Supports quality plan, each step and potential escalation of all aspects of our services is clearly documented and detailed to insure excellent customer communication and satisfaction Severity & Escalation Plan

23 What to do when a service issue arises: –Contact Source Support Services 24/7 Technical Support Help Desk via: Toll free number: 1-866-777-8450 E-mail to Log call on RCA program via – –User ID / Password given to each account by Source Support –Have serial number of defective systems ready to give to help desk tech –Help desk tech will call back within 1 hour (usually 20 min) if after hours. –Once diagnosis complete, SSS will arrange for the shipment of parts if needed and dispatch locally based technician for Next Business Day On-site or within 4 hours (depending upon warranty coverage) – provided proper spare parts are on-site. –Once on-site, the on-site tech will be in constant communication with SSS help desk technician insuring proper handling of service call. –Once call is complete, SSS will get approval from end-user before releasing technician. –Every detail and update of call is reported and time and date stamped within the RCA program for review by end-user and Source Support partner. –If at any time call is not going as planned, call will be escalated per Source Supports Escalation Procedure! Service Call Procedures

24 Key Numbers & Escalation Numbers for Support: –Source Support 24/7 Phone Numbers: Toll free: 1-866-777-8450 Local: 770-664-4822 Fax: 770-664-4481 –If not satisfied with phone support or response escalation numbers are: Steven Wright: Senior Account Executive: Extension 123, Cell Phone: 770-362-2707 Jason Roles: Director of Help Desk Services Extension 109, Cell Phone: 770-823-0479 John Trautwein: Executive Vice President: Extension 106, Cell Phone: 770-823-0463 Escalation Contact Info

25 Our Goal is to continually present and offer to our Partners ways to improve their service efficiencies: –Offer a scalable support model to support growth in the USA and Internationally –Allowing Management and Sales Teams both to focus on revenue generating activities. –Always strive to decrease your sales teams time away from selling by effectively and efficiently handling all after sales service events. Contact us for more information! Total Support Strategy

26 Contact Us: 11455 Lakefield Dr. Suite 200, Duluth, GA 30097 Telephone us toll free at: 1-866-777-8450 or 770-664-4822 Visit us at: Contact us at Source Support Services

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