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Introduction to People Counting

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1 Introduction to People Counting
Reference: MKT-0099-CP-05

2 Counting & Conversion

3 Counting Conversion Counting & Conversion Doors or any entry point
Entries & Exit & Pass Measurement Indoors or Outdoors Standard, Wide Oblique, High Tamperproof Highly Accurate Easy Integration (XML Data) No Privacy Issues True Performers Identify & Measure Real Opportunity Sales v Marketing Impact Marketing Medium Effectiveness Early Warning Optimise Staff to Capitalise on Demand Ensure Correct Task Scheduling Passing Traffic, Dwell & ‘Peel-off’ Opening Hours Health & Safety

4 conventional counting!
…. And not only conventional counting! Wavestore VMS Software integrates the People Counting Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) providing a single interface to monitor the surveillance and analytics system. Surveillance Systems Wrong-way traffic Trip-wire Self-Checkouts Standard Checkouts Loitering Health & Safety Door Opening Emergency Alert Systems Suppression

5 Accurate Counting Counting through tracking ensuring the highest most consistent accuracy Count Once Multiple Count Lines Mono and Bi-directional Count Adult v Children Shopping Groups Cart Filter Velocity Filter Environmental Tolerance (heat, shadow, wind, etc.) Operationally Superior NO Manipulation (pure data)

6 Intelligent Counting Multi-zone counting for multiple metric collection points Exclude lines remove a customer’s track from future consideration Pass lines count traffic regardless of direction

7 Extendible Value

8 Enhanced Investment Increase Sales Improved Profitability Increase
Loyalty Improve Customer Satisfaction Improve Employee Satisfaction IMPROVE QUALITY Reduce Customer wait times Respond to Demand Reduce Abandonment Improve Staff availability Improve Product Placement Improve Store Layout & Design IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY Improve Resource allocation Accelerate task times More Confident decision making Improve Staff utilization Improve marketing spend return Improve space utilization

9 WorkForce Management (WFM)
Enhancement Demand NOT Transaction based Account for Shopping Groups, Children, Carts, etc. Schedule Effectiveness Schedule Compliance Skills Deployment Closed Loop Feedback/Improvements 24/7 Unambiguous

10 Effective/Efficient Staffing
Real Example UNDERSTAFFED OVERSTAFFED Conversion Gap Grows 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 2 3 4 5 6 Arrivals EXISTING STAFF PLAN Trans Labour REDEPLOYMENT

11 People Counting Device’s
Unique Features

12 Stereoscopic Device The 3D capability enables to detect individual’s height, exclude children or count them separately, ignores shadows and effects of wind and heat. This people counting solutions is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.

13 Unique ID for each count
Is there anybody behind that tall man? I cannot see from the CCTV system! Why are the walking so closely? Have they both swiped their membership cards? The people counting device allocates an unique ID to each track passing through the monitored area

14 Filter zone and Count Once
How many times kids come and go through our stores’ door? Are they waiting, are they bored? Will they buy? Will their parents buy? Where are their parents? Filter zone and count once options dramatically reduce false counts.

15 Advanced Height Filters
OK. Kids usually don’t buy but we still need to know if they like our stores. The device’s height filter option uses height/mass information to remove kids and carts counts. Kids can also be counted separately from adults.

16 Identify Shopping Groups
Sometimes it is not so important to know how many people are visiting our stores, rather to know how many items we can sell to them…. Shopping groups option accurately reduces counts for conversion.

17 Accurate & Real Time Alarms
How many are they? Have you counted them? Not sure? Too many, too fast? Lost count? Healthy and safety fines are high and accurate! This people counting solution automates the count, removes errors and saves money.

18 Digital I/O Port: System Automation
Are you concerned about your heating bill? Your Carbon Footprint? The doors’ maintenance contract? Open the doors only when customers approach your store and not to passers by. Start to save money now and respect the environment!

19 Privacy LIVE VIEW Current: Edge Overlay Height Image Overlay
4-Bit Gray Scale LIVE VIEW Additional: Obscure the raw video with a Video Overlay option (Edge Overlay, Height Image Overlay, 4-Bit Gray Scale) Once the Video Overlay option is enabled, requires a Hardware reset to disable each device Current: Images in memory for only Milliseconds NO Video/Images stored when operational Low resolution images while retaining accurately

20 Simple & Intuitive Configuration
Embedded web interface Auto Height & Colour Codes Calibration Continual monitors field of view Remote configuration & management Standard XML format

21 Oblique Coverage 4m 5.4m The device can be mounted at an oblique angle to accurately detect and count a specific area with minimal potential false counts.

22 Key Benefits Accurate, Reliable & Consistent (The best data to make decisions) Pure Data - NO Data manipulation – NO Assumptions! Enhance other Operational systems (WFM, Security, Door Operation etc.) NO Need to ‘Cut’ into EPOS/Till or Workforce Management Systems NO additional hardware or space (device & Cat-5 – ‘Green’ & Cost effective) NO Privacy issues (NO video capture – Picture inversion) Mix & Match Metrics (Same data flow and back-end etc.) Remote management & support Low Total Cost of Ownership Very Low Bandwidth (100 bps) Low Power Consumption (Only 4W)

23 Flexible and Scalable Platform: All this with only 1 device!
Counting: Tracking: Privacy & Data Encryption: Counting Only One Zone Straight Down Mount Max 10 degrees tilt 2mm & 2.5mm devices only Cross multi-device path-linking Needs Tracking Manager Software Pure tracks to Track Manager Mask images during configuration, AVI Capture & On-going Management Can permanently disable AVI capture ability Encrypt outgoing XML data Enable SSL encryption Queue: Advanced: Device Linking: One Queue Zone One Count Zone Up to 6 mixed zone types Unlimited Tilt Child/Adults Available as an upgrade Master/Slave Communication Up to 3 devices One licence per deployment Service: High Mount: Local Reporting: Up to 6 Service Zones Required for 3.8 & 6mm units Enables Real-Time Counting Dashboards

24 People Counting Devices
2300 1100

25 2300 Device Digital I/O Port PSU Port Network Port

26 2300: operationally Accurate and Consistent (height, direction, speed, shape, unique intelligence) High Environmental Tolerance (heat, air curtains, sunshine, reflections, shadows) Indoor, Outdoor, Dark (2 Lumens) Oblique and High Mounting ( metres) Multiple and Mixed Zones per View (count, queue, service, detection) Wide Coverage = Low Device Count 4mtrs = approx. 26 sq meters) Stand Alone (no need to ‘tap’ into ‘Mission critical’ e.g. EPOS or WFM) Focus on Individuals not just Averages NO data manipulation – NO assumptions (trusted and usable) 100% Unambiguous Velocity Filter option Shopping Groups identified

27 2300: technically Stereo-Vision
Digital I/O port allows for interaction with other hardware devices (i.e. DVRs, EAS pedestals, Door access systems) and supports 2x pulse outputs, 1x pulse input, and 1x RS-485 interface At-the-Edge Data Processing IP & PoE (802.3af) Upgradeable firmware (remote ‘future-proofing’) Direct XML Data Stream (No servers, easy integration) Secure Data Transfer/Management - HTTPS, FTPS, Proxy Server (PCI compliance) On-board Resilience (network & power outages) Master-Slave (entire queue tracking) Privacy assurances TUV, CE, EMC Standards, Low Voltage Equipment Directive and RoHS Compliant accreditation Modular solution on single, common platform

28 1100 Device 1100 is a monocular device (no height data)
Provides counting metrics exclusively Indoor counting only Onboard digital I/O for interaction with other devices With a few exceptions, very similar to the 2300 device Identical data output formats for maximum cross-compatibility Nearly identical web interface for maximum knowledge retention Ideal for indoor low to medium volume counting 1100 Front View 1100 Rear View

29 Height/Cart Filtering
Devices Comparison Product Metrics * Oblique Mounting ** Outdoor Counting Height/Cart Filtering Shadows & Sunlight Heavy Crowding Digital I/O 1100 C Reduced No Yes 2300 C, Q, S, D * Counting, Queuing, Service, Detection ** Reduced X Tilt; No Y Tilt When to use the 2300? Difficult environments (crowds, shadows, reflections, outdoors, high-mount, near heat curtain) For advanced metrics: Queuing, Service, Detection Accuracy is paramount Digital I/O interface is required When to use the 1100? Counting only Standard interior entrances (shopping malls) Where Price is a stronger factor v accuracy

30 The Video Surveillance
Solution Designed and manufactured in the UK, Wavestore specialises in reliable, innovative and high performance Video Management Systems (VMS) which concurrently support analogue, IP, megapixel, HDcctv, and 360 degree/fisheye cameras from a large number of manufacturers. When integrated with this People Counting technology, the Wavestore solution provides an unique interface to monitor both the CCTV and the IVA system. Not only the alarms triggered by the People Counting devices can be captured and managed by the Wavestore VMS (i.e. sending an alerting the management of too many people in the queue, moving PTZ cameras to monitor the area of interest, etc.), but this integration allows the operator to verify in real time what has caused the alarm and promptly respond to the event.

31 The Extended Solution The Wavestore design is able to fulfil applications from small standalone systems up to large distributed server networks with thousands of cameras and devices. The Wavestore VMS offers a scalable Integrated Surveillance System which includes: People Counting, People Tracking, Queue Management, Facial Recognition, Gender, Age and Origin Detection, Wrong Direction Detection; Crowd Analysis, Integration with POS technologies, Command and Control platforms and much more. Contact us to discuss your requirements and discover the power of the Wavestore solution.

WavestoreUSA 4430 W Tiffany Drive West Palm Beach FL 33407 T: 1-(877) E: W: FLEXIBLE | OPEN PLATFORM | POWERFUL | VIDEO SOLUTIONS

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