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“Two Tickets to Freedom”

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1 “Two Tickets to Freedom”
The True Story of Ellen & William Craft, Fugitive Slaves By: Florence B. Freedman Mrs. Felecia Prince Tylertown Elementary School Tylertown, MS th Grade

2 Conflict/Problem: William and Ellen are slaves.
Story Elements Web Two Tickets To Freedom Characters: Ellen, William, the guard, the train conductor , and others Setting: In winter (Dec. 24, 1848) on a train and ferry boat in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. Solution: William and Ellen escape to freedom by planning a daring adventure. Conflict/Problem: William and Ellen are slaves.

3 A BIOGRAPHY… Background Information:
Ellen was the daughter of a white man and his black slave. Her mixed blood gave her light skin, but she was sold just like any other slave. William and Ellen worked for the same white family and were allowed to get married. Written about the life of a real person. Contains important information about the person’s life. Focuses on the important events. Usually told in sequential order. The story contains details about how the person talks, feels, and thinks.

4 Ellen disguised herslf as a white man.
Ellen Craft Ellen disguised as “Mr. Johnson”

5 William Craft

6 Selection Vocabulary Fugitives: persons who run away
Sympathetic: showing kind feelings toward others Asserted: said firmly Abolitionist: a person who wants to end slavery Indignantly: with anger

7 Other Important Words From the Story
Boy- the derogatory use of the word “boy” to address an adult African-American man is inappropriate language today Underground Railroad- not really a train; but an escape route of “safe” houses where fugitive (runaway) slaves could sleep and get food on the long journey walking north to freedom consoled- to help by calmly talking or comforting Shan’t- a contraction used in the past for “shall not” Ferry- a boat that carries vehicles and passengers across a body of water

8 Mr. Johnson (Ellen) convinced the officer to allow them to go on.
Plot (Chain of Events) William and Ellen, dressed as “Mr. Johnson” boarded a train and headed to Baltimore. An officer stopped them to tell them that it’s against the rules to allow any man to take a slave out of Baltimore. Mr. Johnson (Ellen) convinced the officer to allow them to go on. William falls asleep. Ellen was frightened when she could not find William. She thought that he had been captured or killed. She boarded the ferry hoping and praying that she and William would find each other again in freedom. William found Ellen and both were relieved. After reaching Philadelphia, they drove a carriage to the abolitionist’s boarding house. William and Ellen knelt down and thanked God for His goodness in enabling them to overcome many dangers in escaping.

9 William and Ellen are FREE!!!
With liberty and Justice For All…….

10 THE END!!

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