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Delivery of Education 5:1 The Curriculum

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1 Delivery of Education 5:1 The Curriculum
Lindsey Watt - Seconded HT City of Edinburgh Council 1

2 Apology

3 Castleview 2004 HMIE – required a return visit High exclusion rate Low attainment Unworkable behaviour policy Poor Attendance (staff and pupils) Disillusioned, sceptical staff Loss of Headteacher = 2 x Acting Headteachers School had not moved forward

4 Create a shared vision and goals
Share the leadership to achieve success Increasing Awareness of self and as a leader of change Everyone in this photograph is a school leader. Pupils develop leadership responsibility throughout their school career. Some are roles which can be applied for: Pupil Council, JRSO, Action Group, Playground Buddy. Others are curricular leaders: Reading Friend, Craigmillar Castle Junior Tour Guide, Some evolve responsively: charity fundraising, local woodland campaigns etc The pupils know that the really count and that they are loved and appreciated. Behaviour is not an issue as a result. Class Teachers have curricular leadership roles throughout the school. They attend training specific to their role and report back to staff, they inform the SQIP, hold budgets, model for less secure staff. The key to success in raising attainment and achievement throughout the school is at Class level and CTs understand their responsibility in taking change forward. Learning Assistants lead on Curricular and Social & Emotional Development Initiatives: Seasons for Growth, Playground Buddies, Fresh Start, TIPS. They inform the SQIP and gather evidence on impact. PRD now a source of pride and achievement. The Headteacher has the overview of all leadership in the school but they have to be the driver of change and improvement. After my Columban Experience I have viewed work as a journey. I enjoy my life and work is a very important part of it. I always ask the question “If I do this will I make a difference?”. If I think it will then I do it.

5 Castleview high achieving school
Public perception Reality

6 2011 Cabinet Secretary For Life Long Learning’s Attainment Group
Increasing Awareness of self and as a leader of change There comes a realisation that “If not you? Then Who?” AG relates to advice given in the Attainment Group’s Leaflet which was issued to all GTC members but wasn’t widely used in school. Copy available for you today. I have linked my presentation to advice given in this leaflet. The leaflet also reflects the Columban values.

7 1.Increasing the ambition, aspiration and expectation of every child and young person.
Class Teacher to set the aspirations Communicate with learner and their school and home family. Encourage self-motivation Feedback Intervention

8 2. Delivering excellent learning and teaching in every classroom, every day
Define excellent inspiring teaching. Reflect and seek feedback Share good practice Develop professional knowledge

9 3. Developing effective leadership at all levels
School vision, culture and expectations. Tracking and accountability Strong one to one relationships Leadership capacity

10 4. Engaging family and the wider community
Inclusion and Engagement

11 5. Focus on Literacy and numeracy as platforms on which to build future learning.
Literacy and numeracy though all aspects of learning Whole school approach

12 6.Using information intelligently to understand progress.
Tracking, advising and coaching. Sources of information. Intelligent use of benchmarking to improve performance.

13 Castleview 2013 HMIE Zero exclusion Attainment very good Exceptional Ethos High Attendance (pupils – staff) Outstanding leadership of learning All Areas Very Good plus Sector Leading - Curriculum and Meeting Learners needs.

14 The Curriculum Level 5 illustration
Clear Rationale, shared values, scope for innovations to meet learners needs. Involve all staff and take account of learners and parents. Impact of the experiences and outcomes they achieve. PLAN CAREFULLY opportunities for choice and differentiation. Stimulating, Challenging, Relevant and Enjoyable. Timetabling supports progression. Promote wider achievement & citizenship. Continuity and progression at transitions

15 It’s a hard shift

16 Top Tips! Decide and Share what the Vision is refer to it often High quality Organisation and Planning SQIP - Responsibility and Sharing School Year Plan – after every event What went well, what was tricky, what would we do differently. Weekly Staff Meeting – Clear Purpose, Standing Agenda Items, input from all staff Share the leadership Organise your time effectively you are not the sole GIRFEC champion Diary Dates & Evaluating for Success Calendar Lead Learners for every area promotes Career Long Professional Learning

17 Roles and Responsibilities Document
Lead Learner Folder updated and shared regularly Climate for good learning created Consistency of planning and delivering Teaching and Learning Development of policies & approaches Teaching & Learning Policy is central Then the curricular areas Appropriate and effective planning Evaluating for Success Rigorous and regular monitoring Effective Feedback to children

18 Creativity – High Quality School Performances, opportunity to learn out with the classroom
Application of Literacy and Numeracy across learning Modelling and delivering high expectations of staff, pupils and parents Highly skilled staff. Dynamic, positive and nurturing environment. Enhance the curriculum with partnership working. Record and celebrate achievement Create a happy school and be involved in the learning.

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