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Presented by: Integrated Service IPTV Triple Play Joseph Chou Director, Technical Marketing - NBD Broadband Communications Group Texas Instruments.

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1 Presented by: Integrated Service IPTV Triple Play Joseph Chou Director, Technical Marketing - NBD Broadband Communications Group Texas Instruments

2 Agenda Rationales of IPTV Triple Play –Killer Apps and Advantages IPTV Triple Play Delivery Network –Technical Requirements –End to End QoS –MPEG2 vs. Advanced Codec H.264, WM9, AVS –UDSL vs. xDSL IPTV Tripe Play Home Network Conclusion

3 Video Voice Data Internet Data, Interactive Gaming VoIP, VoWLAN Uni-cast VOD (Pull service), Multicast Video (Push Service), Time Shifted Video Video Chat, Interactive Video Integrated Service What is IPTV Triple Play ?

4 Addressability: Growing into new customer segments Today+ HSInew PC servicesBeyond PC DSL dial-up Conversion Non-internet PC conversion Non PC conversion Broadband Penetration (% households) Europe: typical penetrations 5-15% have already broadband Sequentially address different population segments 100% 50% 25% 75% 3. New services over PC 30-60% have a PC 4. Beyond PC TV sets Videophony ~100% have a TV set 2. Flexible pricing & bandwidth management 20-40% are on the web natural DSL potential 15-30% have broadband potential 1. Aggressive marketing Source: Alcatel

5 Potential Triple Play Killer Apps Service Bundle, Single Bill, Single Service Point of Contact Video –Multi-casting live TV(IGMP/UDP), True VoD ( RTSP/UDP), Time-Shifting TV –Video Chat Voice –VoIP Voice Calls –TV Centric Telephony Incoming calls phone number flashed up on the TV screen Data –Internet TV, Interactive internet shopping, Personalized TV portals –Gaming, Music download –Email, Instant messaging

6 IPTV Triple Play Integrated Service Internet POTS TV Video xOD ADSL2+, UDSL Integrated Video, Voice, Data All Media in a Single Pipe All Packet One Network

7 H.264 Multi-cast Transport Protocols Security MPEG-2 AVS MPEG-4 Digital Turn Around HDTV Digital Rights Management IGMP QoS VoD IPTV Triple Play Vocabularies Interactive Gaming Network PVR Transcoding Video Conferencing VoIP EPG Middleware

8 IPTV Triple Play Delivery Network

9 . Digital Broadcast Analog Broadcast Interne t PSTN GW Transport HeadendAccess Home Media Source DSL Triple-Play IPTV STB Router ADSL2+, UDSL DSLAM/RT Splitter Video Encode Central Digital Headend VOD Server, Network PVR Digital Turn Around/ Transcoding

10 IPTV Triple Play Technical Considerations - I IGMP - Improves Channel Change Speed –Use for end to end channel change from the CPE to the core network Multi-casting for live TV programs to avoid network congestion between the Headend/CO and DSLAM –DSLAM should support Multi-casting Single or dual stage multicasting –If there exists DSLAM bandwidth limit, use dual stage multicasting. Designate bandwidth for default channels and consider on-demand multicast for niche channels through the IGMP request. Security –Allow/Deny access to services/channels based on proper customer profiles Digital Rights Management Advanced Codec to reduce bandwidth requirements –H.264 –WMV9 –AVS

11 >QoS –Must be End to End across the Entire Network Home Network, access network, core network and content network –Must be Peer to Peer from OSI Layer 1 to Layer 7 –Upstream and Downstream Bandwidth Allocation Video –Asymmetric – VoD, multi-cast video –Symmetric – Video conferencing Voice –Symmetric – lower bit rate but latency sensitive Data –Best effort IPTV Triple Play Technical Considerations - 2

12 QoS

13 Layer 1 Physical Layer Layer 2 MAC Layer Layer 3 Network Layer Layer 6 - Presentation Layer 5 - Session Layer 4 - Transport Layer 7 Application Layer Home Network Access/Core Network IPTV Triple Play Peer to Peer QoS OSI Network Layer DFS 802.11e/ WSM/WME IP TOS, Precedence Bit DiffSev IntServ RSVP RTP/UDP RTCP User Defined Priority Error Concealment 802.1D (802.1P) IPTV Triple Play QoS

14 IPTV Triple Play Application QoS Characteristics 64Kb/s 5.3Kb/s 150ms 1000ms 384Kb/s 3Mb/s 10Mb/s 15Mb/s 19.4Mb/s 8Kb/s 16Kb/s 32Kb/s Latency Maximum Latency Throughput Latency Sensitive Web Streaming Video Clip 1Mb/s Internet Access VOD Personal Video Broadcast SD Video Broadcast HD Video HD VOD Throughput Sensitive Applications Bandwidth Sensitive VoIP/ Gaming Video Conference G.723 G.711 G.726 G.729 G.728 H.323/SIP Latency Sensitive Applications

15 QoS Policy for Media Service Supports QoS SLA Per Customer Appliance Each Customer Appliance Serviced by Unique Queues Strict & Hierarchical Weighted Queues Core Network Aceess Network QoS Priority High Low Signaling Signaling Voice Voice Movement Movement Background Background VPN VPN Video TeleConf. Video TeleConf. Web Web E-mail E-mail Signaling Signaling Video Video Signaling Signaling Voice Voice Voice VIDEO Internet XBox

16 Advanced CODEC

17 Video CODEC Improvement 10 20 40 SDTV Data SDTV Data HDTV (Mb/s) 30 Data HDTV MPEG2 Advanced Codec (H.264, WM9) 0 3* SDTV 1* HDTV 1* SDTV 2* HDTV Data SDTV HDTV Data HDTV SDTV Data 3* SDTV 1* HDTV 1* SDTV 2* HDTV HDTV: 8Mb/s SDTV: 1Mb/s Voice/Data: 1Mb/s HDTV: 20Mb/s SDTV: 3Mb/s Voice/Data : 1Mb/s

18 Uni-DSL Vs. xDSL

19 UDSL Video Delivery Range : Uni-DSL vs. xDSL Data/Voice 1*Advanced HD CODEC (12Mb/s) UDSL/ADSL2+/ADSL2: 8.5kft VDSL : 6.5kft 1* MPEG2 HD CODEC(25Mb/s) UDSL : 4kft VDSL : 3.5kft ADSL2+ : 0.5kft ADSL2: NA 2* MPEG2 HD CODEC (48Mb/s) UDSL : 2.5kft VDSL : 2kft ADSL2+ : NA ADSL2: NA Assumption: Data (up/down) = 2Mb/s; 2 ch Voice 2-way = 256Kb/s; MPEG2 HD = 19.4Mb/s; H.264 HD = 8Mb/s (1080i); Packet Overhead: video 15% ; voice 50% 2*Advanced HD CODEC (21Mb/s) UDSL : 4.5kft VDSL : 4kft ADSL2+: 4kft ADSL2: NA 1* HD with MPEG2 CODEC 1* HD with Advanced CODEC

20 IPTV Triple Play In the Home –Optional Video Distribution in the Home Home Networking –Wired –Wireless PVR server QoS Security IPTV STB VoIP ADSL2+, Uni-DSL POTS Video, Internet 2 nd TV Mobile VC Internet DSL Gateway Integration Option Game

21 Conclusion Premium Content Availability is Crucial in China for Triple Play Integration of Video, Voice and Data is a Trend End to End IGMP for Multicast Video RTSP for VoD and Networked PVR End to End QoS is Crucial to Meet User Expectation on Video and Voice Plan for Advanced CODEC such as H.264 and AVS Plan for Future xDSL Technologies such as Uni-DSL Note: Voice over cable gives the MSO the triple play in addition to video and data. TI is in a great position to support both xDSL triple play and Cable triple play.

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