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Fungi _____________ are unicellular fungi

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1 Fungi _____________ are unicellular fungi
And can only Reproduce Using _____________ are multicellular fungi Prokaryote or Eukaryote This type of Can reproduce using Reproduction is Fungi Can also reproduce _________ Are Structure Can spread using ________ Because they do not make their own food Have cell walls Made of ________ Above ground Word Bank Hyphae Mycelium Fruiting Body Heterotrophs Budding Spores Asexual Sexually External absorption Yeast Mushrooms Eukaryote Chitin threads They obtain their food using underground

2 Animalia All animals are ____________ And ____________
Animals with a backbone Are called ___________ Animalia Reproduce Animals without a Backbone are Called ______________ All have an ____________ Which means they An internal skeleton ___________ Using egg and sperm Have 3 types of symmetry ____________ Using regeneration, Budding, and fragmentation They belong to this phylum 5 main groups Are ________________ Which means that they are cold-blooded And do not make their own body heat Word Bank Endoskeleton Endothermic Birds Exoskeleton Ectothermic Amphibians Multicellular Asexually Reptiles Heterotrophic Sexually Mammals Vertebrates Bilateral Fish Invertebrates Asymmetrical Chordata Radial Are ________________ Which means that they are warm-blooded And make their own body heat

3 Bacteria ____________ Can be Can be Structure Can also reproduce
Word Bank Unicellular Prokaryotic Eubacteria Archaebacteria Asexually Conjugation Binary Fission Flagella Pili DNA (nucleoid) Capsule Ribosome Cell Membrane Cell Wall Coccus Bacillus Spirillium Peptidoglycan E.Coli Extremophiles Harmful Helpful Endospore Can be Can be Cause disease Make toxins Bacteria Structure Vitamins Yogurt Cheese Pickles Antibiotics Buttermilk Clean oil spills All are ____________ Because they do not have a nucleus Can survive long Periods by making an ____________ And are __________, Composed of only 1 cell Allows bacteria to reproduce Sexually through this process Can also reproduce _________ through the process of ________________ Round/Spherical Are classified into 2 Domains Examples Live in extreme Environments Are classified by shape Have cell walls made of _________________ Rod Shaped Spiral Shaped

4 Protista Are ______________ because their cells have a nucleus.
Flagellates Ciliates Sarcodines Word Bank Unicellular Multicellular Pseudopods Cilia Flagella Ameoba Paramecium Red tides Slimemold Malaria Algae Eukaryotic Plantlike Animal Like Fungus Like Can be ___________ or _______________ Protista Classified by what they eat Classified by movement Sporozoans don’t move on their own autotroph heterotrophs Plasmodia causes this disease Example Example Examples Some cause

5 Plants can also reproduce clippings & tissue culture
Word Bank Multicellular Eukaryotic Autotrophs Sexually Asexually Ferns Mosses Gymnosperms Angiosperms Tropism Stomata Chloroplasts Seed dispersal Pollination Defense Photosynthesis Xylem Phloem Seed coat Embryo Endosperm Pistil Stamen Germination cellulose Plantae Have a nucleus Are ________________, Composed of more than one cell Are When plants grow toward a stimulus _______________ That use Controls gas Exchange in To make glucose Using the sun’s energy And this organelle plants Poison Thorns For ________ Bryophytes Pterophytes Pine trees Adaptations Use ___________ to reproduce For reproduction _________are female Reproductive organs __________are male Plants can also reproduce clippings & tissue culture _________ using For _____ _________ _______ carries water From roots to leaves _______ carries food From leaves to roots Have cell walls Made of ___________ When water penetrates this And the embryo breaks open It is called ______________

6 Characteristics of Life
Word Bank Nonliving Lytic Cycle Lysogenic Cycle Tail fibers Protein head (capsule) Tail Genetic material DNA RNA Retrovirus Gene therapy Viruses Characteristics of Life (circle the ones viruses exhibit) Made of cells Can reproduce Based on genetic code Grow & develop Need energy Respond to stimuli Maintain homeostasis Evolve Viruses are considered Viral Reproduction Used in Biotechnology for Structure of a T4 Bacteriophage Can be made of A virus with This type of Genetic material Is called a _____________

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