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MY SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT 2009-2010 Name ______________________.

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1 MY SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT 2009-2010 Name ______________________

2 Write down your own definition of GIVING and CHARITY. ______________’s definition of GIVING and CHARITY: ____________________________________________________ _____ ____________________________________________________ _____. Now ask a family member how they would define GIVING and CHARITY. ____________________________________________________ ______ ____________________________________________________ ______. 1

3 How Does Being GIVING Make You Feel? _________________________________’s THOUGHTS and FEELINGS When I give to others, I feel…. ___________________________________ ____ 2

4 FILL IN THE BLANKS Take this home and have your family help you finish these sentences about giving. It’s fun and important to know how to read. In our house, we have a lot of ____________ that we can give to others so that they can enjoy reading, too. In the kitchen, we can find some __________ and send it to people who are hungry. For my birthday, I get a lot of ____________. Maybe I can give one of them to a child who doesn’t have what I have so that they can play, too. With your family, make a list of other items around the house that might be nice to give to other people_______________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________ ______. 3

5 Sometimes this means DOING things like: __________________ __________________ _________________. What You Can Do to Help People in Many Ways… Sometimes this means GIVING something like:____________ _______________. Sometimes this means SHARING something like:_____________ ________________. They can be things that are small and easy to do, or things that are big and take lots of effort. They can be things that you do all by yourself, or things that you do in a group. They can be things that help other people, or things that help animals or plants. And when you add them all up, you’ll see what a Big Difference YOU make!!! 4

6 Who You Helped and How Give three examples of who you have helped and how! ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ 5

7 The kind and caring things you can do to be GIVING to others: You can help your family by offering to clean the house, play with your sister or brother, or take care of your pet. If you know someone who is lonely or sad, you can make them cookies and visit them so that they can have company and feel your love and care. If you wish the world were cleaner and less polluted, you can go outside with your parents or friends and pick up trash or help plant a garden. You can help people by teaching them things that you already know-like showing your little brother how to ride a bike, or helping a friend understand a homework assignment. There are groups in your area that help feed people who don’t have food. You can ask a parent or friend to help you collect food and take it to one of these places. 6

8 What is Service Learning?? Service learning Service learning is a fun way for you and your classmates to explore and learn, while helping your community. 7

9 Keep an Eye on Your Wishes Sometimes it helps to make your wishes and dreams come true by writing them down and keeping an eye on them! In the stars below, write down three things you wish you could do for your community! 8

10 YOU Draw a Picture Draw a picture of YOU doing something special to help your community. F F 9

11 YOUR What are YOUR ideas for a Service Learning Project? 1._________________________________________ 2._________________________________________ 3._________________________________________ 4._________________________________________ 5._________________________________________ 10

12 Your Very Own GIVING JOURNAL _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ What Have You Learned About Service Learning? 11

13 This book was published as part of a Smith-Cotton DECA Public Relations Project. Project Coordinators: Danni Gerke, Allison Lang, & Alyssa Wollard October 2009

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