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Force and Motion Unit 2.

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1 Force and Motion Unit 2

2 Force A push or a pull

3 Inclined plane A simple machine that is a flat surface with one end higher than the other

4 Speed The distance an object moves in a given amount of time

5 Motion A change in the position of an object as it is moving

6 Friction A force that slows down a moving object when it rubs against another object

7 Magnet An object that pulls objects made from iron toward it

8 Pole One of the two ends of a magnet where the pull is the strongest

9 Attract To pull toward- unlike poles on a magnet attract each other

10 Repel To push away-like poles on a magnet repel each other

11 Magnetic Field All of the invisible magnetic forces around a magnet

12 Gravity A force that attracts objects to each other. The force of gravity holds you to Earth.

13 Simple Machine A machine that makes work easier
Has few or no moving parts

14 Wedge A simple machine made of two inclined planes joined together
Example: an ax

15 Lever A simple machine made of a bar that moves on a fixed point
Example: a crowbar

16 Pulley A simple machine made up of a wheel with a rope around it
Lifts heavy objects

17 Wheel and Axle A simple machine made up of a wheel with a rod going through the center Example: skates, cars

18 Screw A simple machine with ridges or threads that wrap around a rod
Examples: a drill

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