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1 TO

2 My name is Mrs. Jensen!

3 Math is required in all jobs you do
Math is required in all jobs you do. Some days you will use it a lot, other days not as much, if any. Yes, we do homework almost everyday. The amount varies on occasion. There are days you won’t have any homework.

4 Grading Procedures Test – 40% (50% for middle school)
Daily Work – 25 % Test – 40% (50% for middle school) Semester test – 10% (HS) Quizzes – 25 % The quizzes are over the notes you will take in class each day. It is important to take good readable notes because they may be used on the quiz as long as you brought them to class. Quizzes are pop quizzes. This is how I grade your notebook.

5 Other Quizzes These will occur after a lesson where I call it a pick 10 lesson or a regular lesson. We will check the lesson, go over questions, then take a quiz over questions from that lesson. If you don’t do it or get a lot of help from someone on your lessons, it will show up on your quizzes. I can give a lesson quiz at any time without telling you.

6 Paper Headings The following items need to appear on all daily assignments in the top right hand corner: NAME, LESSON #, PROBLEMS ASSIGNED, AND SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS, such as, odds, evens, etc. No name papers are considered LATE. They will be thrown in the garbage after the first quarter. They will need to be redone for a grade.

7 Late Papers Get your work Turned In on time!
You are allowed one late paper per week, but it must be turned in the next day to receive full credit. In fact, it has to be turned in the next day or the best possible score will be only a 40%. Any other late papers that week the best grade you will receive is a 73% if turned in the next day! Get your work Turned In on time! Get your work Turned In on time!

8 Free Assignment Sheet COOL!
Yes, they are free, as long as you get all your work turned in on time with your name on it! At the end of each quarter if you receive one of these, you may use it the next quarter to replace a daily assignment before the expiration date. May be even twice a quarter.

9 40% PAPERS The lowest possible grade on anything turned in with a name on it is a 40%. You are better off turning in something than nothing at all. If you have a late paper on Monday and on Tuesday it is still not all the way done, turn in what you did get done. Remember a 40% average is a lot better than a ZERO %!

10 Things to Remember Keep all returned papers in your math folder. It is necessary if I didn’t get the grade recorded. They are collected for PTC. Cut your fringes off your paper before turning them in. All daily, tests, quizzes are to be done in PENCIL. Writing assignments are done in Black or Dark Blue pen!

11 More Things to Remember
All work is required no matter what or no credit will be given. That goes for when we start using calculators also. No work no credit! Your work must match your answer. You are responsible for you own pen and pencil, don’t forget it. Come to class prepared. Highlight your names on all work turned in. Possible extra credit on occasion. NO LOCKER CHECK OUTS NO REST ROOM CHECKOUTS, 1ST, 2ND, 4TH PERIODS.

12 Cheating If you are caught cheating or if you allow someone to cheat off your work: You will receive a zero no matter what! Your parents will be informed of the situation.

13 Consequences for ? Warning depending on the situation.
Detention to be served. Time will by determined on the situation. If detention is given the detention policy will be followed.

14 GUM Yes, you may chew gum in my classroom.
BUT, if I find it on my carpet, desk, etc everyone will lose their gum privilege. Consequences will then be given. If you pop it or blow bubbles you will be asked to throw it away.

15 Math Requirements South Dakota Math standards are set up by SD teachers. I need to make sure my students have been taught these standards before the Dakota Step test is given in April. I need to make sure they understand how to do these types of problems and other problems associated with them. (middle school) MATH is not an easy subject for every one. It takes a lot of time and effort. The student needs to take the time to understand the concepts and get the homework done to be successful in Math. You must have 3 credits of math to graduate from high school. One must be Algebra 1 or higher. Learn the basics now it will make higher level math classes a lot easier.


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