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Review ch 11 Complex Patterns of Inheritance

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1 Review ch 11 Complex Patterns of Inheritance

2 Types of Inheritance you should know
Incomplete Dominance Co-dominance Multiple Alleles Epistasis Sex Determination Dosage Compensation Sex-Linked Traits Polygenic Traits Environmental Influences

3 What type of Inheritance is shown in the following slides?
On a blank sheet of paper, write your name, class hour, and number it from #1-12. Work with your table partner to determine the types of inheritance patterns from the following examples………->

4 1. ______________ The image shows a heterozygote both the dominant normal red blood cell and the recessive sickle cell present at the same time. Heterozygous individuals are able to live relatively normal lives

5 2. ______________ The heterozygote is an intermediate phenotype between the dominant and recessive phenotypes.

6 3. _________________ Some traits exhibit many phenotypes and vary across a broad range. Height of a person Hand and foot size Hair color Skin color Eye color Many genes on different chromosomes give unlimited phenotype possibilities

7 4. ______________ A red shorthorn bull may be all red, all white, or a combination of red and white hair in the heterozygous (roan cattle) Both alleles are expressed in the heterozygous condition

8 5. ______________ This inheritance can also show a hierarchy of dominance from just 4 alleles

9 Two answers needed: 6. ____and______
Blood groups in Humans have three alleles, two are dominant and one is recessive. Both dominant alleles show as individual phenotypes when combined in heterozygotes

10 7. ______________ A person’s gender is determined by just one set of chromosomes. If the y chromosome is present, the offspring will be a male.

11 8. ______________ This inheritance pattern event occurs in females of all mammals as they have XX while males have Xy. This is also called X-inactivation. Example: Calico cats can only be female

12 9. ______________ This inheritance pattern results when one allele hides the effect of another allele. Dominant E allele will determine if the coat will have any dark pigment Dominant B allele determines how dark the pigment will be

13 10. ______________ This inheritance pattern is more likely to be present in males than in females. Traits are found on the X chromosome which men only have Xy

14 11. _____&_____ This inheritance is more likely to be present in males than females, and females could be a “carrier” without showing any symptoms. Can males be a carrier of a recessive hemophilia allele? _______

15 12. What has to happen for a girl to be colorblind?

16 13. What can we learn from a Karyotype
13. What can we learn from a Karyotype? Give two answers:_______ and _______

17 Answers: 10. x-linked 11. x-linked, no
1. codominance 2. incomplete dominance 3. polygenic inheritance 4. codominance 5. multiple alleles 6. multiple alleles and codominance 7. sex determination 8. dosage compensation 9. epistasis 10. x-linked 11. x-linked, no 12. A girl who is colorblind must get a colorblind gene from her mom and her dad must be colorblind (XbXb) 13. number of chromosomes, sex of offspring, if any nondisjunctions have occured

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