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Retirement Solution Overview

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1 Retirement Solution Overview

2 The Industry 85 million Old PCs in Circulation
-60 million PC’s retired in the US annually Technology Lifecycle is shortening Moore’s Law affect price and performance All type of Information Technology

3 * Source: Gartner, IDC & TechTurn estimates
The Industry Lack of IT Retirement Standardization * Source: Gartner, IDC & TechTurn estimates eWaste - Scrappers

4 Big Issue #1 – Data Security
The Industry Big Issue #1 – Data Security 244,794,753 Data Breaches Since Jan 2005* Department of Defense Compliant Data Sanitization - Failed Drives are Degaussed and Destroyed Secure, State of the Art ISO Certified Facilities Auditable Downstream Certificates of Data Destruction Brand Liability * Source: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse –

5 About TechTurn Founded in 1999
The Largest Recovery Provider - ~1M assets / yr World-class processing centers: Austin, TX & Richmond, VA WW capabilities through JV’s Capacity to handle 15,000 assets / day ISO Certified – 9002, 14001, 18001 Investments in innovation and automation Symantec partner since 2006 Service provider for OEM’s, Lessors, Retailers, Fortune 500, Integrators, hundreds of other corporations World’s first Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Leading Market Maker for Rebuilt computers Environmental Stewards / Thought Leadership – R2, EPEAT, ISRI, ASCDI, ELFA Backed by $3B private equity firm Strong Management / Board

6 What can TechTurn do for YOU?
Write you a check for disposal of IT assets!!! Fund your next IT project by! SECURELY wipe your data on retired assets Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, environmental and financial requirements Provide a 3rd party certificate of disposal so accounting can completely remove retired assets from the books Deliver on your organization’s “Green IT” initiatives Integration with your Altiris console! More… TechTurn is the trusted industry leader for used technology recovery, refurbishing and remarketing. TechTurn provides an easy, economical, environmentally safe and risk-free solution for IT asset retirement, including used computers, notebooks, displays and enterprise systems. By providing nationwide coverage for the transportation, data sanitization and value recovery or proper recycling of used computer equipment, TechTurn is ISO 9001, ISO and OHSAS certified for meeting stringent quality and environmental standards. Our Value Proposition: Financial - TechTurn takes title to Client equipment immediately and pays fair market values. This model speeds settlement and payment to customers for retired hardware. Data Security Services - On-site and off-site data sanitization while either off- or on-network, hard disk destruction (if necessary), secure logistics and robust reporting to ensure the privacy and protection of all retired data. Environmentally Safe - We recycle as many of the unusable parts as possible and follow a zero landfill policy to comply with EPA requirements. We call our model, responsible recycling - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

7 What TechTurn is NOT!!! NOT a shredder with a pickup truck
We provide sophisticated, affordable asset retirement services that can actually make you money! ISO 9001, ISO and OHSAS certified

8 TechTurn Capabilities
We use Altiris products on our production lines to rebuild/refurbish your systems!

9 TechTurn Capabilities
What We Do…

10 TechTurn Capabilities
What We Do…

11 IT Lifecycle We are writing our own Retirement Solution for Altiris! Notification Server! Great slide .

12 Retirement Solution Overview
Automate the entire Retirement Lifecycle from within the Altiris console! Makes it VERY EASY to initiate, manage and track the End of Life process Benefits: Links your Altiris management system to TechTurn Discover/inventory/upload assets to be retired Create pickup/retirement requests Track asset end-to-end status through retirement lifecycle: Staged for Retirement In Transit Received by TechTurn (either we pick up or you ship) Settlement Value Certificate of Destruction Settlement Reports Comprehensive Reporting Retirement Solution Overview

13 Retirement Solution Overview
Right Click functionality to select one or more Computers and begin the Retirement process:

14 Retirement Solution Overview

15 Retirement Solution Overview

16 Retirement Solution Overview

17 Retirement Solution Overview

18 Retirement Solution Overview


20 Retirement Solution Overview

XYZ Corporation Client Ref / Job Number: TechTurn P.O. Number: This Certifies that  TechTurn has (a) determined the functionality of all electronic storage devices by verifying functional sectors within each drive; (b) overwritten all electronic data on functional storage devices through a 3 - pass overwrite process, in accordance with Department of Defense Standard M; (c) degaussed or crushed and refined failed electronic storage devices; and (d) destroyed all accompanying media including floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, tapes, reels, and other software. In Witness Whereof, the said Corporation has caused this Certificate to be signed by its duly authorized officers.  Jeff Zeigler, CEO

22 TechTurn Settlement Report

23 Certificate of Environmental Compliance
Letter of Certification for Destruction and /or Disposal of Proprietary Products Form LETTER OF CERTIFICATION FOR DESTRUCTION AND / OR DISPOSAL OF PROPRIETARY PRODUCTS DATE: CLIENT NAME: CLIENT REFERENCE NUMBER: TECHTURN REFERENCE (PO) NUMBER: DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL(S) U/M QTY Mixed Scrap Monitor/Terminal Each Mixed Scrap PC Systems Mixed Scrap Notebook Systems Mixed Scrap Plastic Mixed Scrap Metal This Letter of Certification and/or Disposal of Proprietary products is provided to ____________ (the "Client") by TechTurn, Ltd. (the "Vendor") as it pertains to the destruction and disposal of Material(s) under terms and conditions of the Agreement as identified by the Reference Number contained above. Vendor acknowledges receipt of the above-described Client Materials. Vendor (or its designated Vendor Recycling Partner) has destroyed or will destroy the Client's Materials in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined herein have the meanings set forth in the Agreement identified by the Reference Number contained above. By:____________________________________________

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