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Where Are Migrants Distributed?

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1 Where Are Migrants Distributed?
Around 3% of the world’s people are international migrants. The country with the largest number is the United States. Asia, Latin America, Africa = net out-migration. North America, Europe, Oceania = net in-migration

2 Global Migration Patterns
Population of the US includes about 30 million people born in other countries. Even though we have the larger # of immigrants, we have a smaller % of immigrants than many other countries. Highest % = Middle East (one half the pop.)

3 US Immigration Patterns
US since 1820 = 70 million Three main areas in US immigration. Colonization from England and Africa. Slavery Europeans = voluntary In last 500 years, 65 million Europeans have migrated to other continents. 40 million destined for US.

4 European Immigration 1st Peak = 1607-1840 2m. USA
= 4m. migrated w/ 90% from North and West Europe (2/5 = Ireland, 1/3 = Germany) 2nd Peak = Civil War creates US decline. During 1880s, ½ million people annually. ¾ in 1880s came from Northern & Western Europe.

5 European Immigration Bad economy in 1890s = little immigration.
3rd Peak = 1907 with 1.3 million people. Most came from countries who had sent few people before. ¼ = Italy, Russia, Austria-Hungary Coincided with Industrial Revolution to Southern and Eastern Europe.

6 Less Developed Regions
Immigration in US dropped sharply in 1930s-1940s, during Great Depression and World War II. Increased from , and surged during to high levels.

7 Immigration from Asia/L. America
Asia = leading in immigration b/w Account for 40% OF Canadian immigrants. Latin America = 2m. from ; 11m. from Large influx due to 1986 Immigration Reform & Control Act = issued visas to several hundred thousand who entered US previously without proper legal documentation.

8 Demographic Transition - Europe
Rapid population growth fueled emigration especially after 1800. New technology pushed most of Europe into Stage 2. To promote efficient agriculture, some governments forced the merge of small farms into large units. Displaced farmers = 2 choices

9 Undocumented Immigration to US
AKA = illegal immigration 7 million undocumented immigrants in US Other estimates at 20 million. BCIS apprehends around 1 million a year who try to cross Southern border.


11 Title: Immigration by country. Caption: The United States has by far the largest number of immigrants--that is, permanent residents who were born in other countries. Other more developed countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, also have relatively large numbers of immigrants. Keywords: immigration

12 Title: Migration to the United States by region of origin. Caption: Europeans comprised more than 90 percent of the immigrants to the United States during the nineteenth century and even as recently as the early 1960s still accounted for more than 50 percent. Latin America and Asia are now the dominant sources of immigrants to the United States. Keywords: immigration, United States, Europe

13 Title: Migration to the United States from Asia, 2001. Caption: The largest numbers of Asians came from India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Keywords: immigration, United States, Asia

14 Title: Migration to the United States from Latin America. Caption: Mexico has been the largest source of immigrants to the United States in recent decades. Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, and Peru are other Latin American countries that sent at least 10,000 immigrants annually to the United States during the 1990s. Keywords: immigration, United States, Latin America

15 Title: Crossing the U.S.-Mexican border. Caption: The route of one group of undocumented immigrants from Mexico to the United States began in Ahuacatlan, a village of 1,000 inhabitants in Querétaro State (1). The immigrants took a bus to Querétaro (2) and another bus to Sonoita (3), hired a driver to take them to a remote location on the border. Looking at the detailed right-hand map, they crossed the United States border on foot near Pia Oik, Arizona (4) and paid a driver to take them to Phoenix (5). Arrested in Phoenix by the border patrol, they were driven to Tucson (6) and then to the Mexican border at Nogales (7), where they boarded buses to Santa Ana (8) and back to Sonoita. They then repeated the same route back to Phoenix (9), where they found work. Keywords: immigration, United States, undocumented immigrants, Latin America, Mexico, boundary, boundaries, borders

16 Title: Destination of immigrants by U.S. states. Caption: California receives about one-fourth of all immigrants, with the largest numbers from Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam, and China. New York and New Jersey receive another one-fourth of immigrants, especially from the Dominican Republic. A large number of Cubans go to Florida, Mexicans to Texas, and Mexicans and Poles to Illinois. Keywords: immigration, United States, Latin America, Asia

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