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Parallel, partnership document. Vision Graduate Profile.

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2 Parallel, partnership document.

3 Vision

4 Graduate Profile

5 Contributors- Designers-Supporters


7 Overview of the Front Section Te Āhua o te Ākonga ka Puta - Graduate Profile Te Pūtake o Te Marautanga o Aotearoa - Rationale Ngā Mātāpono Whānui - Overarching Principles Ngā Uara, Ngā Waiaro - Values & Attitudes Te Reo Māori He Toi Mātauranga, He Mana Tangata - Personal Enhancement through Educational Achievement Ngā Āhuatanga Āko - Teaching and Learning Te Whakahoahoa Marautanga ā Kura - Designing a School-based Curriculum Ngā Tino Wāhanga Ako - The Learning Areas TE KAUPAPA MARAUTANGA O AOTEAROA

8 Learning Areas

9 Student is at the centre of learning Schools, whānau, hapū, iwi and community to work collaboratively. Appropriate to Māori-medium Level 1 & 2 Māori-medium schools. 8 learning areas - English Support Materials English translation Key Messages

10 Designing a School-Based Curriculum

11 Graduate Profile

12 Final Word Strategy The process 1.Team numbers off. 2.Each person reads the section Graduate Profile individually, highlighting the items that stand out as interesting, important or significant in some way: 3.The first person shares one of their items; they simply read out the item. They do not comment or share their thinking about it at this stage. 4.Each team member comments in round-robin order about the item, with no cross talk. 5.When all have commented, the person who named the item then gets the final word: they paraphrase back key ideas or trends heard, and then share their own thinking about the item and why they chose it.



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