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The most influential teacher in Chinese history.

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1 The most influential teacher in Chinese history.
Confucius The most influential teacher in Chinese history.

2 Discovering China - Confucius Video

3 Confucius and Society Confucius came up with ideas about how to restore order to China. Upset by disorder and people’s lack of decency, Confucius said that Chinese needed to return to ethics, or moral values. The ideas of Confucius are known as Confucianism. Theses are basic guidelines that Confucius thought would restore family order and social harmony: Father should display high morals values to inspire their families. Children should respect and obey their parents. All family members should be loyal to each other. Confucius’s ideas about government were similar to his ideas about family Moral leadership, not laws brought order to China A king should lead by example, inspiring good behavior in all of his subjects The lower classes would learn by following the example of their superiors.

4 6.H.2.4 Explain the role that key historical figures and cultural groups had in transforming society. Examples Explain how each historical figure and/or cultural group transformed their societies. Give two impacts on the society. Mansa Musa Confucius Charlemagne Qin Shi Huangdi

5 Confucianism Confucianism focuses on morality, family. Society, and government, people often think of it as philosophy or way of thinking. Confucianism is a unique teaching that is both philosophical and religious. Confucius believed that when people behaved well and acted morally, they were simply carrying out what heaven expected of them. Over the centuries Confucius’s ideas about virtue, kindness, and learning became the dominant beliefs in China

6 Quin Shi Huangdi Shi Huangdi which means “first emperor.” Shi Huangdi followed Legalist political beliefs. He created a strong government with strict laws and harsh punishments

7 Qin Shi Huangdi Video

8 Emperor Shi Huangdi Quick Facts
Policies Strong government with strict laws Standard laws, writing system, money, and weight throughout China Achievements Unified China Built network of roads and canals Built irrigation system to improve farming Built the Great Wall across northern China

9 Mansa Musa Mali’s most famous ruler. Under his skillful leadership, Mali reached the height of its wealth, power, and fame in 1300s.

10 Mansa Musa Video

11 Mansa Musa Quick Facts Mansa’s influence, Islam spread through a large part of West Africa, gaining many new believers. Mansa Musa also supported education Mansa stressed the importance of learning to read the Arabic language so that Muslims in his empire could read the Qur’an. Mansa added many important trade cities to its empire including Timbuktu.

12 Charlemagne Charlemagne was a brilliant warrior and strong king, and he led the Franks in building a huge empire.

13 Charlemagne Video

14 Charlemagne Quick Facts
To build this empire, Charlemagne spent much of his time at war. Charlemagne, a Christian king, had conquered parts of the former Roman Empire. On Christmas Day in 800, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne Emperor of the Romans. A great admirer of education, he built schools across Europe Charlemagne brought scholars to teach these scholars were some of the greatest religious scholars and teachers of the Middle Ages. Their teaching helped shape religious and social life in Europe for centuries.

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