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Hayden Elementary School Second Grade Back to School Night.

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1 Hayden Elementary School Second Grade Back to School Night

2 Reading 1.0 Word Analysis Fluency and Vocabulary Development -continue decoding (phonics) and word recognition skills -rules of syllabication -common abbreviations and use of plurals -increase reading fluency rate and use intonation and expression -understand antonyms and synonyms -understand simple compound words -know meanings of simple prefixes and suffixes

3 Reading 2.0 Reading Comprehension -read and understand grade-level material -ask clarifying questions -restate facts and details -recognize cause and effect relationships -interpret information from diagrams, charts, and graphs

4 Reading 3.0 Literary Response and Analysis -read and respond to a variety of children’s literature -compare and contrast story elements, i.e. character, setting, and plot -generate alternative endings -identify rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration in poetry

5 Mathematics Number Sense 1.1 Count, read, and write up to 1,000 1.3 Put in number order and compare numbers to 1,000 2.2 Add or subtract two numbers up to 3 digits long 3.1 Multiply by using repeated addition, arrays, and counting multiples 3.2 Divide by using repeated subtraction

6 Mathematics Number Sense 3.3 Know my 2s, 5s, and 10s to “times 10” in the multiplication table by memory 4.1 Name fractions from ½ to 1/12 and tell which is greater, less than, or equal to another 4.2 Understand that fractions show the amount of a whole and parts of a group

7 Mathematics Number Sense 5.1 Solve money problems by using combinations of bills and coins. 5.2 Know where to put the decimal point and dollar and cent symbols

8 Mathematics Measurement & Geometry 1.3 Measure the length of an object to the nearest inch and/or centimeter 1.4 Tell time to the nearest quarter hour and how many minutes in an hour, how many days in a week, month, and how many weeks in a year 1.5 Figure out how many hours will pass between two times

9 Mathematics Math Reasoning 1.1 Figure out how to set up a problem, list the tools needed, and decide what strategy to use 1.2 Use objects/sketches to solve problems 2.1 Tell why I used the solution I did and steps I took 2.2 Know how to make accurate math calculations and how to check my answers

10 Writing Expectations 2 nd Grade The writing program used in grades K-5 is Writing Alive. This program corresponds with the Open Court reading program to help students grow as writers throughout the school year. Writing Alive helps students reach the grade level standards while having fun with writing.

11 Writing Expectations 2 nd Grade There are six components to the Writing Alive program to make it successful: 1. Structure 2. Process 3. Traits 4. Grammar 5. Genres 6. Assessment

12 Writing Expectations 2 nd Grade These are the types of writing students will work on this year: 1. Personal Narratives 2. Informational Writing 3. Friendly Letters 4. Descriptive Writing 5. Daily Sentence Styling

13 Writing Expectations 2 nd Grade Write paragraphs with a topic sentence, details, and a conclusion. Write in complete sentences. Use correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Write, edit, and revise drafts. Understand that stories have a beginning, middle, and ending.

14 Writing Expectations 2 nd Grade Each week students will participate in writing activities that will help them to make connections to the stories that they read in their Open Court books. It is extremely important that students practice writing daily!

15 Writing Expectations Grading Student writing is graded using a five point rubric: Advanced= 5 Proficient= 4 (at grade level) Basic= 3 Below Basic= 2 Far Below Basic= 1

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