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Bellwork: “7 Habits of Highly Effective Readers”

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1 Bellwork: “7 Habits of Highly Effective Readers”
Consider the following question: What are some things we can do as readers to better understand the things we read? List 7 strategies you can use in order to be a more effective reader. Time: 4 minutes

2 Homework Work on Word Bank DUE 11/1/2012
Read p (stop at Cassandra's exit) Active Notes 1 page of WWs or 3 DNs 5 VIPs Prepare for quiz next class Time: 1 minute

3 Period 1 & 5: Goal? Period 7: Love!

4 Word Bank Share Didja find a juicy word? What is it?
Where’d ya find it/hear it? What’s it mean? What part of speech is it? Extra credit STAMP! Maximum of 3 volunteers Words

5 Vocabulary Activity Period 1: Deb & Zak Period 2: David & Mary
Period 3: Lydia Period 5: Aaron Period 7 (10/31): Maddie & Madelene

6 Homework Review Turn and Talk to your group about the Trojan Women introduction. Share 1 of your DN’s Time: 2 minutes

7 Activity: “I Can Read [Well]!”
Three strategies to use while you are reading Trojan Women: Visualize Clarify Evaluate Let me show you how it’s done Take notes on my process

8 Now You Try! With your group, read the exchange between Athena & Poseidon (p.39-41) Visualize: Draw where the characters would appear on the stage. Clarify: Paraphrase what the characters are saying and summarize the exchange in your own words. Evaluate: Respond to the text. What did you learn? What is your opinion of Poseidon? What is your opinion of Athena? What do you think will happen next? Time: 10 minutes

9 “VIPs” Very Important Points
Any important detail that advances the plot Specifically, a problem, conflict, or resolution of the problem or conflict When deciding on VIPs, ask yourself: Would there still be a story if this detail was omitted (removed) from the story?

10 VIPs for Cinderella Cinderella’s father remarries.
Cinderella’s father dies. Cinderella must serve her stepfamily. Cinderella’s stepmother won’t let her go to the ball. Cinderella’s fairy godmother helped her to get to the ball Cinderella goes to the ball, but has to be home by midnight. Cinderella loses her shoe. Cinderella finds her shoe and marries the prince.

11 Now You Try! Write 5 VIPs for the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
Summary of the story: Little Red Riding Hood’s mother tells her to take some food to her Granny who is sick. Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf and she tells him where she is going. The wolf goes ahead of her and eats her Granny and then waits for Little Red Riding Hood to come. Granny’s features are rather big and Little Red Riding Hood asks her why when suddenly the wolf pounces on her. She screams and runs away. A woodcutter kills the wolf and rescues poor Granny. (

12 2-1-+ 2: 2 strategies you learned to help you while you read Trojan Women 1: 1 question you have +: Any additional comment or concern When you’re finished, turn it into the TBC folder.

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