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F-1545 Petitioner: R.S. Parker Homes, LLC Site: 29.47 acres located on the east side of Lasater Road, north of Peace Haven Road Request: Special use rezoning.

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1 F-1545 Petitioner: R.S. Parker Homes, LLC Site: 29.47 acres located on the east side of Lasater Road, north of Peace Haven Road Request: Special use rezoning from RS40 to RS15-S Request Summary

2 F-1545


4 Clemmons Community Compass recommends cluster single family residential at minimum densities of two (2) homes per acre. Proposed density is 1.8 dwelling units per acre. (53 homes on 29.47 acres = 1.8 units per acre) Waterford Village (2000) 30.5 acres; 80 lots; 2.63 du/acre Waterford (1986) 125 acres; 178 lots 1.4 du/acre

5 Looking North on Lasater Road, site is to the right

6 Looking northwest from Lasater Road into Union Hill Baptist Church parking lot

7 Looking northwest from Tralee Road, site is in the background

8 Looking into the site from the terminus of Tralee Road

9 Initial site plan, 80 lots within Planned Residential Development (PRD), 15% open space. 2.71 homes per acre. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;

10 Current site plan, 53 lots under a conventional subdivision. 1.8 homes/acre. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


12 F-1545 Waterford was developed with several stub streets to connect with future residential growth. Extension of existing street stubs is an ordinance requirement unless: Existing pavement width is less than 18’ Connection would exceed carrying capacity of the street Physical barrier i.e. stream or topography Street Connectivity

13 Traffic Counts, 2011 Traffic generation for proposed development: 507 trips/day ; If developed under RS 40 density: 307 trips/day Traffic capacity at LOS/D: Lasater Rd: 13,800 Peacehaven Rd: 13,800

14 F-1545 Developments in County unincorporated area must at least comply with stormwater standards administered by the State State stormwater requirements address water quality, not water quantity; involve detaining and treating first 1” of stormwater (10 year storm) ; release is over a 2-5 day period. Water volume greater than 10 year storm bypasses pond and released to stream Developer’s engineer showed preliminary plans for 2 possible stormwater ponds---one at eastern edge and one at southern edge Developer will not be submitting to State DENR for review until after rezoning is decided Stormwater

15 F-1545 Stream runs through site from north to southeast City-County Sedimentation/Erosion Control staff walked the stream from Waterford through the site to Waterford Village Observed stream erosion and sedimentation that had occurred related to Waterford Village stormwater release Waterford Village was approved prior to State stormwater quality management requirement Stream Erosion

16 F-1545 Site is in Yadkin River WS IV Watershed--state requires lot size, density, or impervious surface restrictions Revised site plan reduces number of homes from 80 to 53, falling below the density limits of 2 units/40,000 s.f Density per acre is 1.8 units/acre, lower than what is allowed in RS 20, and lower than Clemmons’ plan Sewer will not be available for permitting until January 2015 when Harper Road pump station is completed Generally consistent with the surrounding single family residential development pattern Consistent with Legacy’s recommendations for the Suburban Neighborhoods GMA Includes sidewalks along one side Analysis

17 F-1545 Significant opposition appeared, spoke and wrote in—primarily from Waterford Concerns expressed included traffic impact on Peacehaven; impact on streets in Waterford swimming pool area; lack of sidewalks in Waterford; stormwater impacts; size and dangers of possible stormwater detention pond and dam upstream of some Waterford homes; sedimentation/erosion on existing stream; loss of trees and buffer that the property provides to Waterford June 12 City-County Planning Board Public Hearing

18 F-1545 Planning Board discussed extensively Motion to deny---failed Motion to approve with recommendation that condition be added that development meet Clemmons’ stormwater standards for both quality and quantity---passed June 12 City-County Planning Board Public Hearing


20 F-1545 Enhances public safety and service delivery More evenly disperses traffic rather than concentrating it Increases mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists Benefits of Street Connectivity

21 UDO-249 Petitioner: Planning and Development Services staff Request: Amend Chapter B of the UDO to allow certain permitted uses to have appropriate signage in residential zoning districts. Request Summary

22 UDO-249 Current County sign ordinance allows signage for some uses in residential zoning (i.e. Golf Course, Riding Stable, Church, etc) Staff recently discovered that some uses that are allowed in residential zoning are not included in the list of uses allowed to have signage Staff believes this to be an oversight Background

23 UDO-249 UDO-249 allows the following uses to have freestanding and wall signage in residential zoning districts: – Recreation Facility, Public – School, Public or Private – Police or Fire Station – Library, Public Does not alter the size or height limits currently in place County-only amendment Analysis

24 UDO-249 No opposition Planning Board recommended approval July 10 City-County Planning Board Public Hearing

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