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John F. Kennedy 35 th President of the United States Democrat VP is LBJ.

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1 John F. Kennedy 35 th President of the United States Democrat VP is LBJ

2 Beginning…..  John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Brookline Massachusetts to Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy – wealthy Roman Catholics  One of nine children.  Sickly child, spent a lot of time recovering from illness in bed. Avid/speed reader.

3 Young Adult….  Went to London when his father Joseph was serving as the Ambassador to Great Britain.  Kennedy graduated from Harvard University in 1940  After Pearl Harbor he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and he commanded a PT Boat in the South Pacific. He was wounded when the boat was cut in half by a Japanese destroyer. He and his crew stranded on an island.  Older brother Joseph Jr., who was being groomed for politics, dies when his bomber blows up over the English Channel in 1944 – changes course of JFK’s life


5 Political Career  JFK returns home after the war to serve in the House of Representatives the 11 th district from 1947-1953  JFK serves as a Senator from Massachusetts from 1953-1960  Defeats former VP Richard Nixon in 1960 to become… The youngest “elected” President First Roman Catholic President National Televised debates  “image”

6 Family Life  1953 marries Jacqueline Bouvier  November 27 th 1957 Caroline  November 25 th 1960 John Jr. –“John John”

7 Camelot "Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot."  In American culture, the term Camelot refers to the presidency of John F. Kennedy and represented the potential, the promise, and hope for the future of America  NEW FRONTIER – Space NASA  Kennedy inspires a new generation to become involved in their country and the world Alliance for Progress Peace Corps and VISTA– now called AmeriCorps “Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country!”

8 First Foreign Policy Crisis: Bay of Pigs  Fidel Castro had overthrown the Batista regime  Castro was receiving aid from the USSR  President Kennedy approves of a CIA plan to send Cuban exiles back to Cuba to overthrow Castro = FAILURE  Bay of Pigs invasion was a disaster  Kennedy apologized to the American people and promises to not let it happen again!

9 Cuban Missile Crisis - 1962  U2 spy plane discovers missile silos on Cuba  USSR was shipping nuclear missiles to Cuba  Every American city but Seattle was in range of nuclear attack  “Missiles must go!”  13 days the world was on the brink of war  Kennedy, with the support of the OAS, quarantines Cuba and forms a blockade  Moves 200,000 troops to Florida in case the blockade does not work  “We are eyeball to eyeball and the other man just blinked”

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11 Berlin Wall

12  Soviets and East Germans built a wall around West Berlin to keep East Germans and others from leaving the USSR  Kennedy goes to Berlin as a show of support that the West will not abandon West Berliners  !

13 Dallas, Texas November 22, 1963  Kennedy in a motorcade through downtown Dallas was shot and killed  Lyndon Baines Johnson sworn in as President on Airforce 1 heading back to D.C.  Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the crime – but killed before he could stand trial  Warren Commission investigated the assassination

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15 Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby  Lee Harvey Oswald’s last moments


17 Funeral and Burial  JFK is buried at Arlington National Cemetery – one of two President’s buried there  Eternal Flame  Son Patrick and wife Jaqcueline are next to him Iconic images

18 Achievements and Honors  Won the Pulitzer Prize for his book “Profiles in Courage”  Purple Heart from WW II


20 Legacy inherited by LBJ 2 July 1964: Pres. Johnson signs Civil Rights Act of 1964  Voting: illegal to apply different standards to black and white applicants – literacy  Public accommodations: law forbade discrimination in most public restaurants, hotels, motels, lunch counters retail stores, theaters and sports arenas  Public Facilities: law forbade discrimination in government owned or operated parks, swimming pools, and libraries  Federally Assisted Programs: Government could withhold financial aid from state and local programs that involved discrimination  Employment: The law forbade discriminatory practices by employers, employment agencies and labor unions, the law created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  Criminal to discriminate/affirmative Action

21 LBJ – Kennedy legacy 2 June 1965: Voting Rights Act 1965 passed by Congress  In any state where less than half of the voting age population were registered to vote, all literacy requirements were suspended  Atty. General was empowered to send in Federal examiners to any state were voter discrimination occurred to register all would be voters  Atty. General empowered to file suits challenging constitutionality of the state poll taxes

22 LBJ  Civil Rights  Vietnam War  Great Society

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