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Description At My Studiyo you can create interactive quiz content for your website or blog quickly and easily.

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2 Description At My Studiyo you can create interactive quiz content for your website or blog quickly and easily. Simply add your own content to our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) quiz templates and create a customized quiz for your audience. After you’ve created your quiz, copy and paste a few lines of HTML into your website and you’re ready to go!" One version allows users to add their own questions and answers to the quiz. You can also use quizzes that others have created and made public. You can insert images, videos, sounds and choose the "skin" or look of the quiz and provide feedback.

3 Curriculum/Grade Levels I believe that this is appropriate for all grade levels depending on the computer skills and ability of the students in a particular class. For a recommendation I would say third grade or second grade at the lowest. The interactive quizzes can be used at lower levels as long as they are used to administer the quizzes to students and not for the students to create their own quizzes for their classmates.

4 Ease of Use This is very easy for teachers to use in their classroom. You could use the quiz in your classroom as a review by showing it through an LCD Projector or you could have the class take the quizzes individually by going to a computer lab. Students can use this with ease as long as they know how to get into the quiz and how to select the appropriate answers. There may need to be a practice quiz offered to the students with the primary goal of getting them used to using the technology.

5 Pros/Cons/Overall Impression The Pros of this technology is that it is very user friendly and easy to navigate. It appears to be free and a safe site to use in school as there are not any adds or promotions that could lead students to inappropriate material. I think that this is a tool that would be easier for teacher use and administration so that students could take quizzes and surveys online. It may be too difficult for younger grade level students to create quizzes and surveys on their own without some sort of training. It is a free product that can act as an engagement tool and instructional tool in the classroom. Used appropriately I believe that this is a great tool to use in the classroom.

6 Slide Story

7 Description Allows you to create a slideshow from your own images and narrate them in your own voice and then embed it in your own webpage, link to it, or email it.

8 Curriculum/Grade Levels This tool can be used at any grade level if it is used as an instructional tool by the teacher using a teacher created slidestory. Students can create their own slidestories at a higher grade level such as 4th or 5th grade and up. This could be used to give interactive presentations in any curriculum area or it could be used to write a book or tell a story in the language arts curriculum.

9 Ease of Use This tool is very easy to use as both an instructional tool and also as a way for sudents to share their work with the class using technology as a delivery method.

10 Pros/Cons/Overall Impression The pros are that it is easy to use. You can create from a template or you can start from scratch. You can use your own images or search the web for images. You can also use voice files and post this on your class website. You do have to create an account which can be very time consuming, especially with younger grade levels. The account is Free, however, it is just one more login and password that you have to document for each student in your class. I feel that this is a great tool to use in any classroom for instruction. For students use the teacher would have to evaluate how well he or she feels the class could handle this level of technology. Some districts are at higher levels than others, therefore their grade levels are at different stages also.


12 Description  This is an interactive online program that helps students study for their spelling words by playing games or practicing with the words through interactive activities. This site can also be used to administer spelling tests. The tests are automatically graded and provide immediate feedback for the student.

13 Curriculum/Grade Levels  This could be used at any grade level depending on the typing skills of the particular class. It fits into the curriculum for spelling and vocabulary.

14 Ease of Use  This is extremely easy for both teachers and students to use. The step by step instructions help the teacher to easily create what type of activity they would like their students to use to study.

15 Pros/Cons/Overall Impression  Great step by step instructions. Graphics and sound effects make the site even more fun and educational to use. Student would be highly engaged when they use this for their study and practice of spelling words.  The only cons for this website that I can think of at this time is that some school web filters may have to be adjusted to accept the site. There is nothing wrong with the site, but some filters are too tight and error on the side of caution instead of starting to loose.  I love the layout and ease of use for this tool. I think that it would serve great educational purposes in any classroom.

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