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Chapter 23: Communicable Diseases

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1 Chapter 23: Communicable Diseases
Key Terms- Communicable Disease Infection Virus Transmit Immunity Phagocyte Vector Antibody Bacteria

2 Key Terms, cont. Pneumonia Tuberculosis (TB) Inflammatory Response
Vaccine Immunization Rubella Lymphocyte Antigens

3 What Causes Infectious Diseases?
Small microscopic organisms, also known as pathogens. Pathogens invade the body and attack its cells and tissues. Pathogens take many forms including Viruses, Bacteria, Rickettsias, Protozoan, and Fungi.

4 How Infectious Diseases are spread…..
1.) People Direct Contact Indirect Contact 2.) Animals 3.) Contaminated Objects 4.) Environment

5 The Body’s Barriers Against Disease
Innate Immune System 1.) Mucous Membranes 2.) Enzymes in tears and saliva 3.) Unbroken skin 4.) Digestive juices 5.) White blood cells

6 Barriers, cont. Adaptive Immune System 1.) Lymphocytes T cells B cells

7 Common Infectious Diseases
Respiratory Infections 1.) Common Cold- viral 2.) Influenza- viral 3.) Tuberculosis- bacterial 4.) Strep Throat- bacterial

8 H1N1 virus Any questions?

9 Infectious Diseases, cont.
Nervous System 1.) Encephalitis- virus; inflammation of the brain 2.) Meningitis- viral and bacterial; inflammation of membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord 3.) Poliomyelitis- polio; caused by a virus

10 Other Diseases 1.) Measles- viral
2.) Mononucleosis- viral; spreads through direct contact, mostly “kissing disease” 3.) Hepatitis- mostly viral A- results from eating food or drinking water that has been contaminated; vaccine available. B- more serious than A; spread through contaminated medical instruments, sexual contact with an infected person, and shared needles by infected drug users; vaccine available.

11 Other Diseases, cont. C- spread through infected blood; can cause liver cancer; no known cure; no vaccine.

12 Common Sense Measures 1.) Overall good health
2.) Bathe or shower daily 3.) Avoid sharing eating or drinking utensils 4.) Store and prepare food in a safe way 5.) Wash your hands 6.) Cover your mouth when sick, avoid giving disease to someone else 7.) If you are well, avoid contact with sick people

13 Conclusion Types of pathogens Types of diseases Common senses measures

14 Questions??

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