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Book I Lesson 5 Magic Sentences.

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1 Book I Lesson 5 Magic Sentences

2 Those girls are planning how to play tricks on their teacher.
Tom stopped his brother from playing tricks on their grandfather. Mr. Brown is a smart person, so he won’t fall for our trick. Although Cathy has played the same trick several time I still fall for it. Our boss wss glad to see many important people show up in the party. The police suddenly showed up in the pub, examining everyone’s bag.

3 Julia is trying to think up some excuses for being late.
Did you think up such a good plan all by yourselves? A Chinese teacher discovered her talent and turned her into a writer. People are still looking for ways to turn stone into gold. In a flash, Jimmy was hit by a car. All the cakes and bread in the bakery were sold out in a flash.

4 The man was tricked into selling stolen cars.
The little girl was tricked into entering the stranger's house. Helen had nothing to do with her husband’s death. You have nothing to do with this, so you can leave now. I see an old man picking up trash on the streets every morning. As soon as I arrived at home, I started to pick up the newspapers and magazines on the ground.

5 The students replaced singing with dancing to make the party more interesting.
Our teacher decided to replace Ann with Gina to be our class leader. These flowers and trees are watered every day. I was woken up by a sudden scream. He shouted at the children so that they would stop playing. Katy wore a beautiful dress so that she could attract everyone's attention in the party.

6 Book I Lesson 6

7 Laziness and lack of determination will lead to failure.
Mary saw Jack kissing a girl, and that led to a fight between them. They made lots of efforts to find out that those papers belonged to Michael. Give me those pictures that do not belong to you. Jerry tends not to go to the patty tonight. Boys tend to be good at math and science..

8 7.The school will take strong action to stop students from smoking.
8. My sister decides to take action to help me improve my English. 9. France is known for its wine and champagne. 10. Columbus is known for his discovery of America. 11. You can learn more only when you surround yourself with capable men. 12. The man surrounded himself with famous artists so that he could become one of them.

9 13 Because my brother can’t see, I am more sensitive to the need of the blind.
14. My teeth are sensitive to cold and heat. 15. I’m surprised that David likes jazz instead of rock and roll. 16. Grace and her classmates spent the whole afternoon shopping instead of doing their homework. 17. If you are not sure of yourself, how can you ask us to believe you? 18. He is always sure of himself, and that's why he can make a good leader.

10 19.This activity helps to open the students’ eyes to the importance of working together.
20. This experience opened my eyes to the importance of mutual trust. 21. Fanny never talked back to her mother before; there must be something wrong with her. 22. I cannot find Robert. He might be abroad. 23. It is said that the Whites are all aliens. (The Whites are all said to be aliens.) 24. It is believed that this child has a magic power to talk with animals. (This child is believed to have a magic power to talk with animals.)

11 Lesson 7

12 1. For what purpose did you do this?
2. Lucy studies hard, while her brother watches TV all day. 3. Some people like eating durians, while others hate their smell. 4. Times were hard and David's company ran into trouble. 5. I don't know if my mother will come tonight. 6. Ask your sister if she has passed the test.

13 7. Last year we went to Paris, which is my favorite city.
8. Taipei 101, which opened in 2004, is the world's tallest building. 9. They didn't go mountain climbing because of the storm. 10. Maggie didn't do well in/on the exam because of her laziness. 11. As autumn comes, the ground is covered with fallen leaves. 12. As I looked out of the window, I found (that) a girl was smiling at me.

14 13. Why not stop worrying about your future and be a happy person?
14. Why not take the challenge? 15. Peter is able to make a fire without matches. 16. Cats are able to see things clearly in the dark. 17. They plan to turn this place into a park. 18. You should turn your boring life into a colorful one.

15 19. I have lived here since I was a child/my childhood.
20. My father has been to Japan many times. 21. I haven't made up my mind. Don't push me. 22. If I were you, I would take the doctor's advice. 23. If I had free time, I would learn modern dance. 24. If I were taller, I would be a basketball player.

16 Lesson 8

17 1. We have to/must come up with a plan to fix the problem.
2. He came/comes up with a great idea to help Mary. 3. As you know, I don't lie/tell lies. 4. As I told you before, the job is very difficult. 5. I like challenging subjects, such as math and English. 6. Martha doesn't like sweet fruits, such as apples and bananas.

18 7. Mr. Cunningham entered the classroom excitedly/in excitement this morning but ended up leaving in anger/angrily. 8. Maria went to the movie happily but ended up crying in the theater. 9. Like his friends, John likes to play/enjoys playing tennis. 10. Unlike his father, Jack is an honest man/person. 11. I feel like having/drinking a cup of coffee now. 12. Tracy didn't feel like going to the library yesterday.

19 13. Once he sets a goal, he'll work hard to reach it.
14. Once students start playing the game, the classroom will be very noisy. 15. To/In order to buy a new computer, Dean has only a/one meal a/every day. 16. In order for his family to have a new house, Robert works hard. 17. Even if it rains today, there won't be enough water on my farm(s). 18. Even if I have enough money, I will not buy that ring.

20 19. That lady kept the little boy from entering/getting into her shop/store.
20. What kept you from playing in the basketball game last week? 21. The classroom has been painted white by the students. 22. The story has been told many times by Mr. Lu. 23. It is necessary that the/those basketball players exercise every day. 24. It is very important that students respect/show respect for their teachers.

21 Lesson 9

22 1. Mr. Wang hopes to have grandchildren around when he is old.
2. Ruby likes to have her dog around when she is lonely. 3. People who love to eat tend to get fat easily. 4. A shy person tends to avoid speaking in public. 5. Generally speaking, this activity is very successful. 6. Generally speaking, students in this class work very hard.

23 7. That girl is not only pretty but also smart.
8. This businessman not only made a lot of money but also helped many people. 9. I missed the bus this morning; as a result, I was late for school. 10. Jack exercised continuously for one year; as a result, he became healthy and strong. 11. Ann reached out to a little dog in the streets and took it home. 12. Our country often reaches out to those poor countries.

24 13. Many years later, this flat land turned into a big lake.
14. This poor young man has turned into a rich businessman. 15. My mother took my younger brother along with her to Taipei yesterday. 16. The superstar left the hotel along with several bodyguards. 17. To everyone's surprise, this lazy student got a perfect score. 18. To Susan's excitement, the boss is/was very satisfied with her work.

25 19. The reporter ran to the building as soon as he/she heard about the fire.
20. My sister left home as soon as she got a call from her boyfriend. 21. Lily is more beautiful than any other girls in class. 22. This math problem is more difficult than I thought. 23. What a popular song (it is)!/How popular a song (it is)! 24. What a sweet smile the girl has!/How sweet the girl's smile is!

26 Lesson 10

27 1. Under the tree sat three old men.
2. On the ground stands a tall building. 3. I often wake up in the middle of the night. 4. At the beginning of the game, a person has to sit in the middle of the circle. 5. I think that Jerry is lying all the time. 6. Don't disturb me all the time!

28 7. My little sister has fallen in love with Hello Kitty since her childhood.
8. The sad man thought that he would never fall in love with anyone again. 9. Everybody is invited to the party, including you. 10. I like to learn different languages, including English. 11. Rose couldn't ask her husband to stop smoking, so she gave in. 12. The mother always gives in when her son gets angry.

29 13. Robert studied very hard for this exam so that he could get good grades.
14. This group of people climbed to the top of the mountain so that they could enjoy great views. 15. Many people are afraid to make a speech in public. 16. My parents often fight in public. 17. I don't like this painting at all! 18. This movie is not horrible at all!

30 19. The police found the killer in the end.
20. At first Jill didn't like Billy, but in the end she found that he was a kind person. 21. The teacher made/had all the students sit down. 22. Joyce decided to let her best friend know the truth. 23. What I care about is not how much money you have but how much you love me. 24. What they saw last night was not a dog but a wolf.

31 Lesson 11

32 1. Parents play an important role/part in children's education.
2. Japan plays an important role/part in Asian economy. 3. On his road to fame, he went through many/a lot of challenges. 4. Studying hard is the only key to getting into a good college. 5. The girl was seen shoplifting/to shoplift in the store last week. 6. Jack was heard singing/to sing songs in his room yesterday.

33 7. What he is worried about is tomorrow's test/exam.
8. What he likes to do after school is swimming. 9. Although/Though Judy is very rich, she is not happy/unhappy. 10. Although/Though Mr. Wallace is very poor, he has never thought (that) he is a failure. 11. This job is much easier than I expected. 12. He makes much more money than I do.

34 13. Although the music stopped, he kept on singing.
14. Although it was very noisy in the classroom, David kept on reading the novel. 15. James saved his money instead of buying a new car. 16. She added cream instead of milk to her coffee. 17. The teacher is capable of teaching difficult lessons. 18. John is capable of communicating in English.

35 19. He works hard so that he can realize his dreams.
20. I study hard so that I can enter a good college three years later. 21. Last week, he finished the book he had written for ten years. 22. When he arrived/got home, the dinner had been ready. 23. Those who have worked with him know he is an honest man/person. 24. Mr. Kingston wants to meet with those who were late this morning.

36 Lesson 12

37 1. Like her mother, Jamie is good at dancing.
2. Unlike other teachers, he emphasizes the importance of communication. 3. The following students have been accepted by the college. 4. The following questions must/have to be answered within two hours. 5. The manager asked for a convincing explanation yesterday. 6. Melinda is asking for professional advice.

38 7. He is ready to answer/for your questions.
8. The children are ready to eat/for lunch now. 9. You should make good use of this opportunity. 10. Those who make good use of their time are usually able to reach their goals. 11. Suppose you were/came from Mars, would you want to move to the Earth? 12. Suppose there was only one language in the world, it would be much easier to communicate with others.

39 13. They failed/fail to keep themselves from buying the candies.
14. She failed/fails to finish the painting. 15. Ms. Wang's determination turned herself into a great pianist five years ago. 16. The boy has turned into a very successful young man. 17. It will do you good to listen to English radio programs every day. 18. It will do you harm to smoke every day.

40 19. Does this picture/photo remind you of anything?
20. Yesterday, my mother reminded me to buy some apples on the way home. 21. He can express his anger without saying a word. 22. That smart girl can finish the calculation without using her computer. 23. Do you still remember the trip when we went skiing in Japan? 24. That movie reminds my parents of the times when there was no electricity.

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