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1 Wel-come

Prepaid by :- Oza Akshay V. Modi Vishal J. Panchal Rajesh P. Mansuri Sohil I. Patel Dhruv A. Guided by:- Miss.H.V.Momin

3 Half-Wave & full wave Rectifier with filter circuit

4 Group Members Oza Akshay 106500309046 Modi vishal 106500309047
Panchal Rajesh Mansuri Sohil Patel Dhruv

5 Rectifier The rectifier converts the ac input voltage to a pulsating dc voltage There are two types of rectifier. Half-wave rectifier Full-wave rectifier .

6 Half-Wave Rectifier When a diode is connected to a source alternating voltage, it will be of alternately forward-biased, and then reverse-biased, during each cycle of the AC sine-wave. When a single diode is used in a rectifier circuit, current will flow through the circuit only during one-half of the input voltage cycle. For this reason, this rectifier circuit is called a half-wave rectifier. The output of a half-wave rectifier circuit is pulsating DC.

7 Half wave rectifier

8 Wave form of Half wave rectifier


10 Full-wave Rectifier The output of a full-wave rectifier is driven by both the positive and negative cycles of the sinusoidal input, unlike the half-wave rectifier which uses only one cycle.

11 Full wave rectifier

12 Wave form of full wave rectifier

13 Power Supplies Consist of: Transformer – steps ac voltage up or down.
Rectifier Diodes – change ac to “bumpy” dc. Filter Network – includes capacitors and inductors, smooths out the bumps. Voltage Regulator – keeps the voltage constant. Protection – usually a crowbar circuit.

14 Types of filter circuits:-
1. Shunt capacitor filter 2. Series inductor filter 3. Choke input LC filter 4. Capacitor input LC filter and 5. Π filter

15 Shunt capacitor filter

16 Series inductor filter

17 Choke input LC filter

18 Capacitor input LC filter

19 Π filter

20 Important Concepts Half Wave Rectifier: Simplest. Hard to filter well.
Full Wave Rectifier: Easier to filter. Requires transformer with center-tap. Transformer secondary must be twice intended voltage.

21 thank you…………….

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