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Writing “Killer” Free Response Essays!

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1 Writing “Killer” Free Response Essays!
How to “Head-Off” Weak Papers!

2 The AP European History Exam:
Multiple Choice Section – 80 multiple Choice Questions in 55 minutes Three Essays – 2 Hours 10 minutes: 1 DBQ (Document Based Question Essay) 2 Free Response Essays – 3 choices per essay. TOTAL TIME FOR ENTIRE TEST: 3 Hours, 5 Minutes 1/2 1/4 1/8 , 1/8

3 Free Response Question Essays
Even though both FRQ essays are worth only one quarter of your exam score, they can make or break you!! You cannot score above a 3 on this test if you neglect the FRQ essays and only concentrate on the multiple choice section and the DBQ.

4 Your Mission: Write a 5 paragraph essay.
Write a thesis that answers ALL parts of the essay prompt and has three ways to prove your argument. Identify three topics for your body paragraphs (these should be the same three ideas in your thesis). If the categories (gender, religion, political, etc.) are given to you in the prompt… you MUST use them! If the categories are not given in the essay prompt, YOU determine what they will be.

5 FRQ Skills required? 1. Analyze: determine various factors or component parts and examine their nature and relationship 2. Assess/Evaluate: judge the value or character of something; appraise; weigh the positive and negative points; give an opinion regarding the value of; discuss the advantages and disadvantages of 3. Compare: examine for the purpose of noting similarities and differences 4. Contrast: examine in order to show dissimilarities or points of difference 5. Describe: give an account of; tell about; give a word picture of 6. Discuss: write about; consider or examine by argument or from various points of view; debate; present the different sides of 7. Explain: make clear or plain; make clear the causes or reasons for; make known in detail; tell the meaning of

6 FRQ RUBRIC You can score 9 points on the FRQ.
You can score 6 points on the “Basic Core”. In you earn all 6 Basic Core points, you might be able to earn 3 additional “Expanded Core” bonus points.

7 2009 FRQ Choices

8 FRQs – What to Expect Both of the FRQ essays give you three prompts to chose from. This means there will be 6 FRQ prompt choices!

9 Categories? Categories provided Not provided Only two Categories
Analyze the political, economic, and social effects of anti-Semitism in Europe from 1890 to 1939. Compare and contrast the rise of fascism in Germany and Italy in the 1930s. Discuss the ways that seventeenth-century absolute monarchs and twentieth-century dictators gained and maintained their power. Categories provided Not provided Only two Categories

10 THESIS Once you have your three categories, you are ready to write your thesis. Your thesis statement should always start with the word “Although” or “While” or “Despite the fact”. Your thesis statement can be one or two sentences.

11 THESIS Example Prompt:
“Compare and contrast the rise of fascism in Germany and Italy in the 1930s.”

12 The BAD Thesis The rise of fascism in Italy and Germany was different in many ways yet they each shared similar aspects.

13 The “Blah” Thesis The rise of fascism in Italy and Germany was caused primarily by economic hardships and political instability, yet both Hitler and Mussolini had different aims and methods.

14 The Winner Thesis Although both Italian and German fascism were cultivated during the devastating economic conditions of post-WWI Europe, and both had charismatic leaders who were able to convince large populations to accept a militant political movement that emphasized unquestioned loyalty to the state and an extreme sense of nationalism, the ideologies which contributed to their rise differed somewhat. German fascism was more focused on a specific leader and identification with a particular ethnic group, whereas Italian fascism advanced the ideas of corporatism and collectivist rule.


16 Analysis Statements The How or Why Statement (Explanatory Sentence): You must go beyond mere statement of historical facts to earn this point. You must address “how” or “why” an event occurred or why there was a similarity or difference. If you get stuck – remember these phrases: This was most likely due to the fact that… Obviously, this was a result of… This similarity/difference/event was necessitated by …

17 Write the Essay 1. Remember the “Rule of Three”
Three points in your thesis Three body paragraphs Three pieces of evidence in support of each point/paragraph Three analysis statements (one per paragraph) Write the paper – Maintain parallel order from thesis 3. Don’t forget to include topic sentences. Also include transition sentences at the end of your body paragraphs

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