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2 Pixel Farm is a creativity company offering all of the services associated with video production, animation, interactive marketing and mobile development.

3 The State of Mobile Usage

4 The State of Mobile Usage
234 million Americans age 13+ are mobile subscribers (90% of the U.S. population) ¹ 50.4% of all U.S. mobile subscribers own smartphones ² 1. comScore, 2010 2. nielson, 2012

5 The State of Mobile Usage
85% of the world’s population has wireless access, providing greater reach that the electrical grid (80%) 200,000,000+ farmers in India receiving government payments / subsidies via mobile devices Source: KPCB Internet Trends

6 The State of Mobile Usage
Mobile internet usage most prevalent in the US and Japan, but usage in China and India is growing rapidly (with a lot growth ahead) COUNTRY 3G SUBSCRIBERS 3G PENETRATION Y/Y SUB GROWTH US 179 million 56% 26% Japan 117 million 97% 10% China 40 million 4% 172% India 23 million 3% 1050% Source: KPCB Internet Trends

7 The State of Mobile Usage

8 The State of Mobile Usage
Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than all the Macs sold in its 28 years of existence¹ 1.

9 The State of Mobile Usage

10 The State of Mobile Usage
Source: O2

11 The State of Mobile Usage
Over 2 Hours Source: O2

12 The State of Mobile Usage

13 The State of Mobile Usage
More users on social networks today than users of the entire internet in 2006¹ 1. KPCB Internet Trends

14 The State of Mobile Usage
Increasingly More Time Being Spent in Apps vs Mobile Web Android & iOS Users More Than Doubled 28% Increase in Apps per Smartphone

15 The State of Mobile Usage
A mobile device is uniquely personal. It’s always on. It’s always on you. And it’s totally customizable.

16 Source: KPCB Internet Trends

17 Marketing to Your Mobile Customers

18 Marketing to Your Mobile Customers
Display Ads SMS/MMS Bluetooth messaging Location Based Marketing QR Codes Mobile Commerce & Shopping Paid Search Voice Marketing Mobile Apps

19 Marketing to Your Mobile Customers
Mobile marketing is not a single marketing channel. Consider online marketing: Search, video, and social media are very different disciplines. In the same way that these disciplines can work together in online marketing, the best approach in mobile is an integrated approach. Coupons can be delivered via text messages that link to barcodes. Mobile display ads often promote applications. Mobile social marketing can include video and mobile search and should run in conjunction with other non-mobile promotions.

20 Marketing to Your Mobile Customers
Step 1: Identify Your Goals Increase traffic to the Council Bluffs store Increase social media engagement Build awareness about a new product/service

21 Marketing to Your Mobile Customers
Step 2: Determine Your Target Demographic If it’s too broad, elements of your campaign (mobile website, app, SMS system) may try to do a lot of things poorly instead of a handful of things well. If it’s too niche, there might not be a large enough audience to be worth the effort.

22 Marketing to Your Mobile Customers
Step 3: Understand Your Demographic Does your target audience use mobile? How much of your current web traffic comes from mobile devices? How does your audience use their devices?

23 Marketing to Your Mobile Customers
Are they likely to text, take pictures, search, play games, use social media, read news, look for local businesses, surf the web, download apps, or scan barcodes? Do they mobile devices to shop? When are they using their devices? How much time do they spend using their devices?

24 Marketing to Your Mobile Customers
Answer these questions first! Resources: comScore, Nielsen/NetRatings, the Mobile Marketing Association and Forrester Research. What are your competitors are doing? What are other companies who sell to the same demographic as you doing?

25 ☐ Develop Your Mobile Strategy
Marketing to Your Mobile Customers  Identify Your Goals  Determine Your Target Demographic  Understand Your Demographic’s Mobile Behavior ☐ Develop Your Mobile Strategy

26 Marketing to Your Mobile Customers
Display Ads SMS/MMS Bluetooth messaging Location Based Marketing QR Codes Mobile Commerce & Shopping Paid Search Voice Marketing Mobile Apps

27 Marketing to Your Mobile Customers
Marketing to mobile customers does not necessarily mean you need to build an app! You don't launch a television station just so you can market your brand on television!

28 Mobile Display Ads

29 Mobile Display Ads Mobile Web Ads In-App Ads

30 Mobile Display Ads Use ad networks to distribute ads to mobile websites and apps that your target demographic uses. Google, InMobi, AdMob, Quattr Wireless, Millennial Media, Medialets, Greystripe, Celtra, and many others.

31 Mobile Display Ads

32 Mobile Display Ads Blyk (Finland, UK, India) offers year olds free text messages and minutes in exchange for viewing targeted ads on their mobile devices Service offers 5000 Blyk-to-Blyk texts and minutes, and has 4 million subscribers

33 Mobile Display Ads

34 Text Messaging

35 Text Messaging Texting is the most popular mobile activity. It’s twice as popular as mobile browsing or app usage. s sometimes sit unopened for weeks. 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes.

36 Text Messaging Text “like username” to FBOOK (32665)

37 Text Messaging Contest entries: offer users the option to enter contests via text. Universal Home Entertainment ran an SMS marketing campaign for the launch of their DVD “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish.” Website visitors were encouraged to text “BringItOn” to enter to win a prize pack. In doing so, Universal was also able to collect opt- ins for an SMS reminder when the DVD went on sale.

38 Text Messaging SMS works well for time sensitive information.
“Your flight is delayed.” “Backstage passes go on sale tomorrow at 10pm!”

39 Text Messaging Get Permission - Always obtain consent in the form of an opt-in before messaging users. SMS is extremely personal and unwelcome messages can irritate people. Messages can also cost users money, so it’s important that the recipients know what they’ve signed up for and understand the implications.

40 QR Codes

41 QR Codes

42 Mobile Commerce

43 Mobile Commerce

44 Mobile Commerce Mobile shoppers are simultaneously in the physical world and in the online world at all times. They don’t want to get home and find out that the product they bought has terrible reviews or is 30% cheaper somewhere else.

45 Mobile Commerce

46 Mobile Commerce Mobile Coupons give you the opportunity to capture price-sensitive customers, and they also allow you to capture data for future marketing Have consumers sign up online or register via address, SMS or QR code to receive offers to their phone Coupons can generally be redeemed in stores at a register by having the consumer show the cashier the coupon, and the cashier can enter the code. Barcodes can also be scanned directly on the phone.

47 Mobile Commerce IHOP offered consumers a free short stack of pancakes to anyone who texted “IHOPFREE” to their shortcode.

48 Mobile Commerce Text “coupons” to (TARGET) to have coupons sent to your phone that can be scanned during checkout.

49 Mobile Search

50 Mobile Search The introduction of Google AdWords in revolutionized the search business by tying advertising spend to purchase intent.

51 Mobile Search

52 Mobile Search With mobile search, consumers can now check product reviews and compare prices while they’re looking at a product in a physical store. Mobile search could potentially be a lot closer to the purchase point than a desktop search (and therefore be more valuable).

53 Mobile Search Source: Marin Software, State of Mobile Search

54 1 in 3 mobile searches has local intent ²
Google mobile search volume is up 500% in the past 2 years ¹ Mobile search is especially useful for on-the-go users making local search queries 1 in 3 mobile searches has local intent ² 1. Google Retail Advertising Blog 2. Kelsey Group

55 Mobile Search Target immediate needs
70% of mobile search users complete their task within 1 hour (compared to 30% with desktop)¹ A search for “urgent care clinic” could trigger “Open 24 hours! No Appointment Necessary!” A search for “mexican food” from 11am-2pm could trigger an ad featuring a lunch special. Searches from 4-6pm could feature 2 for 1 margaritas 1. Mobile Marketer

56 Mobile Search Mobile ads should target on-the-go users

57 Mobile Search

58 Send users to a mobile optimized site
Mobile Search Couple Things To Note: Send users to a mobile optimized site It’s even more important to be in position 1 or 2

59 Mobile Apps

60 Mobile Apps

61 Mobile Apps Apps must provide value because there is a barrier to entry: Someone has to download your app before they can use it, and if it doesn’t provide them with something valuable, they’re not going to want it cluttering up their device. If you are going to invest in an app, make it something that you would actually want to use yourself. No one wants to download an ad.

62 1. Will your app be useful or entertaining?
Mobile Apps Define the value proposition 1. Will your app be useful or entertaining? 2. Are there existing apps or mobile websites that do the same thing? If so, what are your differentiators? 3. How will it benefit your brand and business?

63 Mobile Apps Remember your goals? How will this app increase traffic to the Council Bluffs store? How will this app increase social media engagement? How will this app build awareness about a new product/service?

64 Mobile Apps A tool provides value
The Chase Bank mobile app allows customers to deposit their checks via a quick photo deposit using their mobile apps.

65 Mobile Apps Entertainment provides value
NASCAR is the largest spectator sport in the world. #2 most watched regular season sport on TV (after the NFL)

66 Mobile Apps The Goal: M wanted to bring social media attention to the 3M Racing Team in a fun and engaging way.

67 Mobile Apps The Idea: A mobile trivia game that revolves around drivers’ social media posts. Reward players with badges and trophies to increase sharability.

68 Mobile Apps #4 Free Sports App in the Apple App store
100,000+ total downloads Increased Facebook Likes to over 14,000 in just under two months

69 Mobile Apps Do you need an App or a mobile website? Start by asking the question: “What do you need it to do?”

70 Mobile Apps Do users need an interactive user interface?
Apps provide full control of UI and ability to build rich user experience. Certain UI elements don’t work as well, or at all, on mobile sites. If you want to provide immersive entertainment or rich product demos, such experiences may only be possible through apps. Mobile websites can work perfectly well for product information, comparison shopping, store or venue location, etc

71 Mobile Apps Do users need to make use of phone features like GPS, camera, contacts, calendar, etc? Do you have content that users need to access offline?

72 Mobile Apps Northern Spark is annual art/music event attended by 50,000+ people in Minneapolis and St Paul

73 Mobile Apps With hundreds of projects being exhibited at 30+ venues, how do visitors easily find artists/musicians that are interesting to them?

74 Mobile Apps The Idea: An iOS/Android mobile application that allows users to browse and prioritize events they’re most interested in based on maps, descriptions and Twitter popularity.

75 Mobile Apps Users search the map by project type (film, music, etc) and find interesting events near them Users unlock hidden prizes around the city by tweeting Twitter posts referencing specific exhibits/artists generated heat maps, indicating popular locations

76 Mobile Apps With 50,000+ people accessing large amounts of data in a small geographic area, how do you avoid overloading cellular towers?

77 Final Thoughts

78 Final Thoughts 1. Mobile is Extremely Personal
Marketers cannot use it without first being invited in by their audiences. Also, it’s illegal to “rent” a list of mobile phone numbers. Privacy continues to be a concern for the vast majority of people (73% express concern over personal data collection). We need to continue to provide value and remain sensitive to our users. If we overload them with mobile ads or text them without their permission, they will cut us off.

79 Final Thoughts 2. Mobile needs to be integrated with the rest of your marketing Given how seamlessly consumers use their mobile devices to navigate between digital and traditional experiences, our marketing needs to tell a cohesive story. and radio can build SMS lists, in-store messaging can promote mobile apps, and barcodes on packaging can drive video views

80 Final Thoughts 3. Stay ahead of the curve
The pace of change is accelerating. The market is evolving, new marketing models are being developed, and devices are quickly acquiring new features and functionality. When planning a mobile program, look at the most recent data, but also try to discern trends at least six months ahead to see what’s coming.

81 Thank you!

82 Elliot Robia
Thank You! Elliot Robia

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