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Who? What? Why? How?. tate mployee ssistance rogram 2.

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1 Who? What? Why? How?

2 tate mployee ssistance rogram 2

3 Number is toll-free 1-800-692-7459 3

4 Who is Eligible? Most Employees Family Members Significant Others Those Living in Household Retired State Employees 4

5 Eligibility Not eligible if:  On leave without benefits  On suspension without benefits Presumptive Eligibility:  Should know employee’s social security number 5

6 SEAP began in 1980 as a drug and alcohol abuse program SEAP today has a wide range of services 6

7 Personal problems outside of work can affect our employees’ physical, mental and emotional health, spilling over into the workplace. Why SEAP? 7

8 Employees can address personal problems confidentially 8

9 SEAP can be a partnership with the employee, the union and management to help address those problems that affect the workplace 9

10 SEAP provides Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) after traumatic events 10

11 Problems start to negatively impact lifeProblems start to negatively impact life Ability to cope gives outAbility to cope gives out Not just drugs and alcoholNot just drugs and alcohol 11

12 What are some examples of everyday events that cause more stress today than in years past? 12

13 15% of the population experiences emotional or mental health problems that could benefit from counseling 13

14 90% of people who abuse alcohol are working people 10% of population is impaired by alcohol Their use of alcohol impacts the lives of 4 to 5 people close to them 8% of the population is dependent on drugs 14

15 The SEAP Program maintains a 65% success rate in helping people with alcohol addiction 15

16 Highest substance use on the job is cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana Executive Order 1996-13, Substance Abuse Policy 16

17 May enhance performance temporarily Prolonged use leads to declining performance/dependence DON’T IGNORE - encourage individual to contact SEAP 17

18 Coming to work on time, awake, alert, ready to perform your job in a safe and competent manner, and remaining that way until the end of your shift 18

19 Discipline Be sent home Be referred to SEAP COCE 19

20 Use 3.5 times more sick leave Use 5.5 times more medical benefits Employer loses 25% in wages 5 times more likely to file worker’s compensation claim 20

21 20-year employee million-dollar investment A 20-year employee of average salary and benefits is a million-dollar investment 21

22 An assessment and referral service provided by outside contractor OA-SEAP oversees and coordinates the SEAP Program Contractor maintains a network of providers Current contractor is United Behavioral Health (UBH) 22

23 SEAP - Costs & Benefits Up to 3 free assess and refer sessions If further treatment needed - individual uses UBH participating provider, own insurance carrier or community resources No cost for drug and alcohol services, if network No limit to number of times that SEAP may be accessed for different issues 23

24 Legal Consultation Financial Counseling Mediation 24

25 2% of people referred to SEAP Written contract between OA-SEAP, agency, union, and employee Employee must contact SEAP, be evaluated, and comply with all treatment recommendations to retain employment 25

26 Employee’s behavior poses clear and present threat to self or others, or is so disruptive that it dramatically affects operations of workplace and coworkers (called Fitness for Duty) OR Violation of Commonwealth’s Substance Abuse Policy OR Last chance for performance related issues 26

27 Employee is still protected by confidentiality laws Parties who signed the contract are also bound by confidentiality laws The information given by SEAP is limited to the employee’s compliance with the COCE contract Information on nature or type of treatment will NOT be disclosed 27

28 24-hour-a-day service Talk to a “live” clinician (not employed by the Commonwealth) Call will be screened for crisis Qualified providers will be identified 28

29 Can use sick, annual or personal leave Session is free, usually lasts one hour Designed to assess situation & suggest options Individual will be asked to sign consent form Options for continued treatment will be discussed 29

30 confidentiality Everyone is covered under SEAP umbrella of confidentiality SEAP Coordinators Supervisors Union Personnel Medical benefits insurance carrier Contractor OA-SEAP 30

31 SEAP will: Record information for reporting purposes only - will not identify by name, social security number or other identifier Strictly adhere to all federal and state mandates and regulations governing confidentiality 31

32 SEAP will not: Provide any information without consent form Verify any information other than eligibility without specific written consent Confirm whether an employee or relative has accessed SEAP Divulge any diagnosis or clinical information unless required by law 32

33 Contact SEAP 800 number Contact your SEAP Coordinator 33

34 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 34

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