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WIGOS/WIS and other WMO activities relevant to PORS

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1 WIGOS/WIS and other WMO activities relevant to PORS
W. Zhang, & M. Ondras Observing and Information System Department, WMO WMO; OBS

2 Status of WIGOS Implementation Progress in key areas
Outline WMO Status of WIGOS Implementation Progress in key areas Activities & achievements since ICG-WIGOS-2 (Jan. 2013) ICG-WIGOS-3 Major considerations & recommendations to EC 66 and Cg 17

3 WMO Cg-16 Decisions on key priorities for 2012-2015
Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS)/WMO Information system (WIS) Capacity building Disaster Risk Reduction Aeronautical meteorology 3 3

4 What are the WIGOS Observing components?
Global Observing System (WWW/GOS) Observing component of Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) WMO Hydrological Observations (including WHYCOS) Observing component of Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW) 4

5 WMO Information System
WIGOS: A future observing framework for WMO World Weather Watch GAW WIGOS GCW Hydro OS GOS Surf+Space Polar Obs. GCOS Partners GDPFS Co-sponsors To achieve the WIGOS Vision: WIGOS will implement a framework for enabling the integration, interoperability, optimized evolution and best-practice operation of WMO observing systems, and WMO’s contribution to co-sponsored systems. WIGOS will use and exploit the WMO Information System (WIS) To allow continuous and reliable access to an expanded set of environmental data and products, and associated metadata WMO Information System GTS 5

6 WIGOS Vision Global Regional National
Coordinated, comprehensive, reliable & trusted observations for WMO and co-sponsors; Addressing, in a cost-effective, sustained and integrated manner, the evolving observing requirements of Members in delivering weather, climate, water & environmental services; Enhanced coordination & cooperation at global, regional and national levels for the benefit of society. Global Regional Reliable & trusted Observations: Timely, Quality assured, Quality controlled, Well documented, Compatible National 6

7 WIGOS Framework: the Key activity areas in WIGOS Implementation Plan approved by EC
Management of WIGOS Implementation Collaboration with co-sponsors and partners To oversee, guide and coordinate WIGOS Data discovery, delivery & archival Design, planning and optimised evolution To ensure supply of and access to WIGOS observations To plan, implement and evolve WIGOS component systems Observing system operation & maintenance Capacity Development To facilitate and support the operation of WIGOS Communications and outreach Operational Information Resource Standards, interoperability & compatibility Quality Management

8 Organizational WIGOS Governance Structure
CONGRESS(192) Executive Council(37) 6 Regional Associations 8 Technical Commissions Inter-Commission Group -WIGOS Technical Commission Inter-Program ETs ICG Task Teams Secretary-General Secretariat oversight board WMO/OMM 8


10 Why WIGOS? Shortcomings of the current situation:
Obs. networks/systems not sustainable and stable, Design and planning not coordinated, Obs. standards not respected (lack of compliance), DBs not integrated (inconsistent, not compatible) or interoperable, including metadata, Considerable deficiencies in QMS (maintenance, …),  Lack of qualified staff; Inability to respond effectively to opportunities (NWP, new technologies, etc); Through coordinated data sharing and networks/systems development, Members will be better equipped to address existing deficiencies and to meet future challenges

11 Implementation of WIGOS
Cg-XVI (2011): WIGOS shall be implemented in the current financial period ( ) ICG-WIGOS Interpretation: The following elements of the WIGOS Framework must be implemented by Cg-XVII in 2015: WIGOS Regulatory Material (Phase I) WIGOS Metadata Standards WIGOS Information Resource (WIR) Initial Regional WIGOS Implementation Plans (R-WIPS) WIGOS PreOperation-ready by 2016

12 Implementation of WIGOS (II)
ICG-WIGOS Interpretation: It is expected and understood that additional elements will follow in subsequent financial periods ( ): WIGOS Regulatory Material (Phase II) WIGOS Quality Management Framework National WIGOS Implementation Plans WIGOS Information Resource (Phase II) (Note that the full implementation of the component observing systems under WIGOS may take decades; cf. ‘implementation of the GOS’)

13 WIGOS Implementation: Since ICG-WIGOS-2(2013)
All (active) ICG-WIGOS Task Teams have met several times and reported on their activities: TT-WRM (face-to-face + telecons) TT-WMD (face-to-face + telecons) TT-WQM established, not yet met Regional WIGOS framework Implementation Plans RA II, IV, VI Plans approved RA I, III, V to be approved in 2014 Technical Commissions engaged in WIGOS planning and Expert/Task teams WMO

14 Progress in key activity areas
Progress on all key 10 WIGOS framework activities such as: WIGOS Management and Collaboration Data discovery, access & retrieval – via WIS WIGOS Operational Information Resource WIGOS Regulatory Material WIGOS Metadata specification and guidance WIGOS Quality Management activity Communications and outreach WIGOS a WMO priority in draft WMO Strategic Plan Input provided to evolving draft

15 Other issues with key progress
WIGOS Information Resource 'launched' at EC-65 WIGOS Project Office WIGOS New Project Manager: Lars Peter Riishojgaard Nearly Fully staffed with 3 scientific officers National WIGOS Implementation Plans – next phase of WIGOS, although some interest already Collaboration with partners in WIGOS GCW Steering Group GFCS, as the Observation and Monitoring Pillar GCOS, GOOS & GTOS (WMO co-sponsored systems) GEOSS and AfriGEOSS? European Commission and regional networks?

16 Objectives of ICG-WIGOS-3 (Feb. 10-14, 2014)
Review overall progress on WIGOS framework implementation Achievements & challenges; Accelerate & seek closure on key tasks for Cg-17 Review and advise on work of Task Teams TT-WIGOS Regulatory Material, Metadata; Quality Management - mechanism for approval by TCs, EC, Cg Review progress in regional WIGOS plans Resolve challenges at regional level, and Explore how RA's can assist in national WIGOS planning and preparedness Review progress and issues of technical commissions in relation to WIGOS Outline processes for approval of relevant material (eg WRM) and integration of WIGOS in TC work programme & work plans Key Recommendations to EC-66 & future action plan

WIGOS should continue as a WMO priority for the next financial period. WIGOS framework has reached a point of maturity where WIGOS is now enabling the development and deployment of its components. All prerequisites are available for a preoperational phase of WIGOS from 2016 to 2019. WIGOS further provides a mechanism for linking to non-WMO systems – GCOS, GOOS, and third-party observations. ICG-WIGOS encouraging PRs to make station identifiers available as potential volunteer cooperators in observation.

ICG-WIGOS recommends CBS to lead the development of a “Vision for WIGOS in 2040”. The target for approval should be Cg-XVIII. Concept of “AWS WIGOS/WIS Conferences” needs to be presented to EC-66. ICG-WIGOS recommends enhancing WIGOS relevant coordination with European Community/European Union. ICG-WIGOS agreed that there is still a strong requirement for communications and outreach, particularly ‘in the field.’ ICG-WIGOS recommends encouraging PRs communicate success stories and benefits achieved through their WIGOS implementation activities.

19 Timeline for review process of the WIGOS RM (including WIGOS MetaData)
31 March: consolidated drafts Vol. I, Part I, and Manual finalized 1 April – 30 June 2014: distribution of the drafts to all TCs, EC-PORS (in English only) ; and feedback from them; 1 July – 31 August 2014: revision Sept. 2014: translation into all WMO languages; Sept. 2014: submission to CBS-Ext.(2014) and RA-III-16. 1 Oct. – 31 Dec. 2014: distribution of the final drafts to all PRs (in all WMO languages) and feedback from them; October 2014: submission to RA-I-16. 2 Jan. – 15 Feb. 2015: final revision and translation; January/February 2015: ICG-WIGOS-4 1 March 2015: WIGOS document submitted to Cg-17

INTRODUCTION Purpose of WIGOS WIGOS component observing systems Global Observing System (GOS) Global Atmosphere Watch (observing component of GAW) WMO Hydrological Observations (not only WHYCOS) Global Cryosphere Watch (observing component of GCW) Collaboration with co-sponsored and non-WMO observing system Governance and management COMMON ATTRIBUTES OF COMPONENT SYSTEMS Requirements Design, planning and evolution Instrumentation and Methods of Observation Operations Observational Metadata Quality Management Capacity Development COMMON ATTRIBUTES SPECIFIC TO THE SURFACE-BASED SUB-SYSTEM OF WIGOS COMMON ATTRIBUTES SPECIFIC TO THE SPACE-BASED SUB-SYSTEM OF WIGOS OBSERVING COMPONENT OF THE GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE WATCH (GAW) OBSERVING COMPONENT OF THE GLOBAL CRYOSPHERE WATCH (GCW) GLOBAL OBSERVING SYSTEM (GOS) OF WWW WMO HYDROLOGICAL OBSERVING SYSTEM (not only WHYCOS ) WMO For the complete Draft structure of the WIGOS sections in WMO Technical Regulations (WMO-No. 49), Vol. I., Part I. WIGOS: see Annex to 3.8.4, 20

21 Three Legal Governance Pillars of WMO
Since 1951, WMO Cg-I 21 21

22 Manage WIGOS Implementation through Integrated TR
---Promote recommended practices to standard ones Update WMO Technical Regulations: engage all observing systems Standard practices and procedures Recommended practices and procedures necessary for Members to follow or implement desirable for Members to follow or implement distinguished by the use of the term shall distinguished by the use of the term should status of requirements status of recommendations defined in a technical resolution Members shall do their utmost to implement Members urged to comply with Article 9(b) of the Convention is applicable Article 9(b) of the Convention is not applicable Members shall inform SG of inability or impracticability of implementation No requirement GR 128 is applicable GR 128 is not applicable 9(b) If, however, any Member finds it impracticable to give effect to some requirement in a technical resolution adopted by Congress, such Member shall inform the Secretary-General of the Organization whether its inability to give effect to it is provisional or final, and state its reasons therefor. 22 22

23 ICG-WIGOS-4 in a context of Congress in 2015
ICG-WIGOS-4 is planned for Jan.2015, the week before or after PTC. Key documents to be submitted to ICG-WIGOS-4 for consideration: Draft Pre-operation Plan for a new phase of WIGOS ( ); Draft WIGOS working document for Cg-XVII, incl. Draft Resolution; Draft TORs of ICG-WIGOS and all Task Teams needed for the WIGOS Preoperational Phase ( ); Plans for WIGOS Side Events at Cg-XVII; Examples/demonstration of success stories, case studies, and other communications, outreach and Capacity Development, examples of social-economic benefits of WIGOS and other supportive material Mapping-out of all Capacity Development activities needed for each WIP Key Activity Areas.

24 Great work and excellent achievements
Summary Great work and excellent achievements Communications and Outreach effective Overall on target to deliver on WIGOS Framework Implementation Plan by Cg-17 Urgent Key task areas: Streamlined approval of WIGOS Regulatory material, phase 1 WIGOS Metadata progress ! Positioning for WIGOS as WMO priority for !!

25 Suggested actions Ensure the Polar and Cryosphere key issues (Regulatory material, Metadata, Requirements) are fully addressed in the WIGOS decisions by the next Congress (2015); Ensure key activities and tasks are fully reflected in the draft WIGOS Pre-operation Plan for the next phase ( ); Suggestion: Establish a Task Team (experts on Polar Cryosphere observations), to become an interface to ICG-WIGOS respective Teams, to take care of the above key issues, including feedback to the ICG, as appropriate.

26 Thank you for your attention

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