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Ron Benioff Climate Technology Initiative April 18, 2002 Role of Technology Information in Needs Assessments.

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1 Ron Benioff Climate Technology Initiative April 18, 2002 Role of Technology Information in Needs Assessments

2 Topics to be Covered Brief Overview of Needs Assessment Methods and Approaches Roles and Sources of Technology Information for Needs Assessments Key Principles and Pathways for Delivery of Technology Information Potential CTI Roles

3 Broad Country Experience with Technology Needs Assessment Countries Have Completed Needs Assessments in Pilot Programs that Include Implementation Brazil, China, Egypt, Mexico, Philippines, and South Korea with U.S. (TCAPP-CTP) Southern African Countries with CTI (CTIP) India and Nigeria also Initiating Work with CTI Over 50 Countries Conducting Technology Needs Assessments with GEF (UNDP and UNEP) support CTI Technical Assistance (e.g. Bolivia and Ghana)

4 Countries Have Generally Followed 5 Basic Elements Establishment of Collaborative Partnerships Implementation of Needs Assessments Resulting in Proposed Technology Transfer Actions for High Priority Technologies Implementation of Selected Technology Transfer Actions Evaluation and Refinement of Actions Technology Information and Networking Supporting Each Step

5 Comprehensive Approach to Technology Transfer Country Driven Process Establish Collaborative Partnership Country / Regional Needs Assessment Implement Technology Transfer Plan/ Actions Evaluate and Refine Plan & Actions Achieve Technology Transfer and Development Goals Technology Transfer Actions & Plans Technology Information Programs

6 Common Needs Assessment Steps  Establish Criteria  In-Depth Technology & Barrier Assessment  Define Alternative Actions  Select Priority Technologies  Compile Technology & Market Information  Define Priority Sectors  Select Actions  Prepare Needs Assessment Report

7 Technology Information Needs in Forming Partnerships Business/Investor Networks Identify businesses and investors engaged or interested in projects in country Donor Networks Identify current and planned donor programs and interests Technical Expert Networks Identify experts who can assist with needs assessment process

8 Example of U.S. TCAPP - CTP Business Network Developed 400+ Business/Investor Contacts Through Existing Associations & Outreach Data on countries/technologies of interest Obtained Business Input on Market Opportunities, Barriers, and Action Design Shared Information on Project Opportunities and Facilitated Business Matchmaking Required Aggressive Outreach Resulted in over 20 New Business Projects/Partnerships Under Development

9 Technology Information Required for Needs Assessments Needs assessment methods, tools, and country examples Performance, costs, and benefits of alternative technologies & measures Market activity and project opportunities for technologies Barriers to technology implementation and possible actions to address barriers National development and donor programs and plans

10 Needs Assessment Methods, Tools, and Examples Methods, Tools, and Country Examples Output of Experts Group, CTI and IPCC Reports Country Examples Available Through CTI and U.S. TT Clear Proposed as Repository of Information on Methods, Tools and Examples Availability of Technical Experts is Critical Could establish roster of technical experts and provide funding for their work Should Also Consider Regional/Global Needs Assessment Training Workshops

11 Performance, Costs, and Benefits of Technologies Good sources for energy technologies & measures - CADDET, GREENTIE, etc. Could improve availability of local resource and cost data May need to develop better sources for adaptation, forestry, methane, and agriculture technologies and practices Also could improve access to tools for technology assessment May require both a good repository of tools and availability of training and tech. assistance

12 Market Activity and Potential Countries need good information on market potential and project / investment opportunities Climate Country Studies – Good Starting Point Business Networks Can Play Important Role Build from Existing and Proposed Business Networks Must Provide Networks with Resources and Mandate to Support Needs Assessments & Implementation Business input and matchmaking requires aggressive follow through by intermediaries Existing/ongoing market studies and feasibility assessments May require effort to maintain current market studies through one easily accessible source

13 Information to Support Analysis of Barriers and Action Design Case Studies of Programs & Lessons Learned Stakeholder Input, including input from Business Networks Case Studies of Technology Programs from Other Countries Information on National Development and Donor Programs - Donor Networks Technical Expert Availability Training on Design of Common Actions e.g. Rural Renewable Energy Use, ESCO Market Development, Co-Generation, etc.

14 Current and Planned National and Donor Programs Proposed Actions in Needs Assessments Must Complement Development Programs Countries Have Good Access to their Development Programs, but Need Better Understanding of Donor Activities and Plans Improve Current Donor/Country Need Matchmaking Identify ongoing and planned programs in each country/region Help match proposed country actions with donor programs Could build from GEF Project Map, CTI Donor Network, etc.

15 Key Principles for Delivery of Technology Information 1. Facilitating Business Information Flow and Matchmaking is Key 2. Improve Access to Existing Reports, Tools, Data-Bases, etc. 3. Flexible & Dynamic System Building on Current Networks 4. Access to Expert Assistance and Training – “The Human Factor”

16 Common Pathways to Deliver Technology Information Information Clearinghouses Technology and Program Info, Market Studies, Methodologies and Tools, Country Examples, etc. Greater Effort to Improve Access to Technology and Market Assessment Tools and Data Business, Donor, and Technical Expert Networks With Resources to Provide Technical Assistance – “Proactive Intermediaries” Training Programs & Workshops to Share Experiences

17 How Can CTI Help? Disseminate Methods Report and Country Examples Promote sharing of experiences between countries Provide Technical Expert Assistance to Countries Matching Country Needs with Donor Programs Consider Building Broader Donor Network Design of Business Networks Built from Existing Networks, with Intermediaries Climate Technology Search Engine and Advice on Clearinghouse Design Technology Training Courses Possibly Add Needs Assessments Training

18 CTI Contact Information Elmer Holt, CTI Vice Chair ( or Ron Benioff ( or Debra Justus (

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