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Environmental Trends and Feasibility of Goals

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1 Environmental Trends and Feasibility of Goals
ICAO Secretariat

2 Aviation in context: contributions across Social, Economic and Environmental pillars of Sustainable Development Global Economy Fast, reliable, and safe mode of transport No comparative alternatives for long haul passenger transport © ICAO 2013

3 ICAO Environmental Goals
Mitigate Implement Limit or reduce the number of people affected by significant aircraft noise Limit or reduce the impact of aviation GHG emissions on global climate Limit or reduce the impact of aviation emissions on local air quality Quantify Minimize the adverse effect of global civil aviation on the environment © ICAO 2013

4 CAEP Noise Trends © ICAO 2013

5 CAEP NOx Trends (LAQ) © ICAO 2013

6 Historic Trend in Fuel Efficiency
© ICAO 2013

7 Measuring Fuel Efficiency Changes
ICAO CO2 Reporting and Analysis System (ICORAS) Requested by A37 Integrates and verifies measured fuel consumption and RTK data from States with modelled results For more information, see special presentation © ICAO 2013

8 CAEP International Aviation Net CO2 Emissions Trends
© ICAO 2013

9 Conclusions Noise, LAQ, CO2 emissions expected to grow slower than demand. Achievement of goals requires action beyond that evaluated. This is challenging, but not impossible. Important to find solution that will allow aviation to grow sustainably and continue delivering benefits. © ICAO 2013

10 Additional information
For more information on our activities, please visit ICAO’ website: © ICAO 2013

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