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Prof. Dražena Gašpar, PhD Ivana Zovko, prof.

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1 Prof. Dražena Gašpar, PhD Ivana Zovko, prof.
University of Mostar BHQFHE kick-off meeting, Paderborn, January 29 – February 1, 2014 Prof. Dražena Gašpar, PhD Ivana Zovko, prof.

1.    Origins from the Franciscan School of Theology – the first school at a university level in Herzegovina founded in Mostar 2. 1959 – the Higher Technical School, mechanical engineering branch founded in Mostar 3.   1970/71 - the Higher Technical School became department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Sarajevo 4.  1971/72 – started departments of the Economics and Law Training 5.   1977 – founded independent university center – Mostar 6.   1992 – 94 WAR

3 Introduction – about University of Mostar - MISSION
Student-oriented and research- oriented institution with a fundamental responsibility for the social and cultural development of individuals in preparing their future roles in society. -> prepare students for their professions, and academic training for scientific work -> through research it contributes to the expansion of knowledge to society particularly via the development and implementation of new scientific achievements and technologies.

4 Introduction – about University of Mostar - IDENTITY
The only public CROATIAN-speaking university in BiH -> preserving and promoting Croatian cultural identity within BiH and beyond. -> Open and internationally-oriented (mostly Europe-oriented) institution -> Combining the role of developing as an open and tolerant European university with preserving and developing Croatian cultural identity.

5 University of Mostar – Founders
Founders of the University of Mostar are the cantons with the Croatian majority in Federation of BiH: Herzegovina-Neretva, West-Herzegovina, Central Bosnia, Posavina and West Bosnia. Center of the University of Mostar is in the capital city of Herzegovina – in Mostar.

6 Introduction – about University of Mostar
The University of Mostar comprises: Institutes for Agriculture Economics Civil engineering Croatian language, literature and history Latin language Law Mechanical engineering Other University library Student dormitory Student Union Student Services University Sports Facilities Faculties: Agriculture Economics Civil engineering Medicine Law Mechanical engineering and computing Social Sciences and Humanities Natural Science and Education Health studies Pharmacy Academy of fine arts Around students Around 1000 teachers and associates

7 University of Mostar - Location
The University has around ,00 m² of space: Central campus in Mostar New campus in suburb of Mostar Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health studies are located in the area of University Clinical Medical Centre Mostar The Academy of fine arts is located in Široki Brijeg (20 km from Mostar) Dislocated studies in Vitez, Kiseljak, Livno, Orašje, Odžak, Jajce and Žepče.

8 Introduction – about University of Mostar
MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY LEVEL - Governing Council - Senate - Rector and vice-rectors - General Secretary FACULTY LEVEL - Academic Council - Dean and vice-deans - Secretary

9 University of Mostar The studies are composed of following three levels: 3 YEARS 180 ECTS DOCTORAL STUDY Ph.D 1-2 YEARS ECTS MASTER STUDY Master UNDERGRADUATE STUDY 3-4 YEARS ECTS Bachelor

10 Developing of Quality management system
QUALITY ASSURANCE Developing of Quality management system Development goals: General: - creation of quality culture and policy - breaking resistance to changes - accepting high quality standards In detail: - appropriate organization, governance and funding - sustainable human resources policy - enrolment policy according to society and market - teaching process, curricula and mobility - scientific work and research

11 1 4 2 3 QUALITY ASSURANCE Continuous validation and improvement
Internal quality assurance 1 Curriculum revision Institutional self-evaluation 4 2 3 Accreditation External evaluation Four-year cycle of quality assurance

12 Role of SVEMO in BHQFHE project
Partner institution Take active role in all planned project activities, specialy in: Developing and creating Guidelines for BHQFHE Creating of Sectorial statements Developing of Implementation model at institutional level Responsible for Pilot study programs reviewing and conducting QA mechanisms Management of the Project at SVEMO

13 SVEMO - skills and expertise in the QF field
BHQFHE project team (prof. Snježana Rezić, prof. Dražena Gašpar, prof. Zrinka Knezović and Ivana Zovko) has longtime experience related to developing of QA and QF at B&H. Prof. Gašpar, Rezić and Knezović were included in developing of the Baseline of the B&H Qualifications Framework adopted in 2011 Prof. Gašpar was memeber of Commision established by Ministry of civil afairs which recently finished Action plan for designing the qualifications framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina (document has not been adopted yet) Number of academic and administrative staff of SVEMO has been educated about QF through different projects

14 Expectations from BHQFHE Project
Enhancing knowledge about QF and EU experience in QF implementation Traininig of trainers - capacity building to write and assess LOs linked with sectorial descriptors Implementation of project results (sectorial statements developed) at all study programs with inclusion of LOs at program and subject level.

15 University of Mostar

16 Contacts Prof. Snježana Rezić, PhD Prof. Dražena Gašpar, PhD Ivana Zovko, prof.


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