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R&M Fiberliner LAN / WAN applications R&Measynet.

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1 R&M Fiberliner LAN / WAN applications R&Measynet

2 R&M Fiberliner - Contents of this presentation
R&M 19” Fiberliner’s features Integration in 19” Foccos LAN / WAN applications Features and Benefits Competition R&Measynet

3 R&M Fiberliner - Just one module - but backwards compatible!
1st generation FO Compact Module 19” 3U Breakout Insertion 2nd generation 19” Fiberliner spliced 19” Fiberliner preassembled R&Measynet

4 Integration into R&M 19” Foccos System

5 R&M Fiberliner - Features and Benefits
R&M splice tray Uniform labelling Only one screw driver needed to dismantle the splice tray and the cover Snap-in front panels R&Measynet

6 R&M Fiberliner - Splice tray holder
Fixes the splice tray, simplifies the replacement of pigtails R&Measynet

7 R&M Fiberliner - Snap-in front panels
Permit a fast and simple expansion and fitting of SCcompact, SC, ST, FC-PC, LSA, and LSH optical fiber adapters All front panels with 12-parts division Snap-in front panels R&Measynet

8 R&M Fiberliner - Cable entry
Optional cable entry, 45° or 90° for breakout cable up to 20 mm diameter Optional cable entry, 45° or 90° for loose tubes Up to 20 mm in diameter Up to 10 mm in diameter R&Measynet

9 R&M Fiberliner - Integration in 19” Foccos
19” 3U FO Global Rack 19” 1U Contact Drawer 19” 1U Cable Guide 19” 1U Patch Cable Drawer 19” 3U Global Patch Panel 19” 1U or 2U Jumper Plastic Ring Panel 19” 1U Sub-rack Mounting Set for Cable Feed Cable Clamping Device R&Measynet

10 R&M Fiberliner - Integration in 1U / 3U sub-rack
19” 3U FO-Global Rack for 120 FO connections 19” 1U sub-rack for 36 FO connections R&Measynet

11 R&M Fiberliner - R&M freenet compatible
Easy integration with connection module holder RJ 45 Up to 6 adapter housings for pre. or spl. version per 19” 3U patch panel R&Measynet

12 R&M Fiberliner - LAN-WAN applications
19” slide-in unit LAN area WAN area Breakout version Splitter version Splice version R&Measynet

13 R&M Fiberliner - Breakout version
For carrying pre-assembled or field assembled breakout cables. Used in structured cabling systems especially in the riser zone wiring. R&Measynet

14 R&M Fiberliner - Splitter version
R&M Fiberliner can be fitted with a splitter cassette (Max. dimensions: 192 x 92 x 8 mm) Can be used in television distribution and telecom networks to have information distributed on several optical fibers. R&Measynet

15 R&M Fiberliner - Splice version
For holding the R&M splice tray. Can be used in telecom and television networks as cable termination of FO point-to-point connections. R&Measynet

16 R&M Fiberliner - Fiberliner single parts
19“ slide-in unit FO splice cassette Cover for FO splice tray Small parts: Cable tie, pigtail holder, knurled screw, insert hinge large, red, and designation strips. Front panels R&Measynet

17 R&M Fiberliner - Features and Benefits
Competitive price Can be used in R&M 1U and 3U patch panels Integrated R&M splice tray Compatible with R&M freenet RJ45 standard swivel units Simple and cost saving installation Backwards compatible with the 1st generation compact module R&Measynet

18 R&M Fiberliner - Competition

19 R&M Fiberliner - Operating instruction

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