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WECC Reliability Based Control Field Trial

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1 WECC Reliability Based Control Field Trial

2 Overview Basic plan for the FT FT document – what’s new/different
Roles & responsibilities Readiness - EMS changes? Data reporting Evaluation Questions

3 Who, what, when, where, how, why
All of us – BAs, RC, PWG, SDT Monitor, act, collect, report, analyze, summarize March 1, 2010 – February 28, 2011 Real-time & Historical EMS Changes? Monitoring Tools? Support the SDT and for “our” benefit

4 FT Document – Major Changes
Version 4 vs Version 8 Potentially obfuscating changes have been addressed\ ATEC is now a standard ADI references have been removed References to AGC status, suspension of control, response to BAAL violations have been revised Revised Timeline – start date & milestones Evaluation criteria expanded to monitor all paths Loosened verification of BA operator readiness Additional data collection/reporting to address WECC concerns

5 Who-What All BAs with Peak Load or Max Gen > 500 MW must participate All BAs must be able to meet the data collection reporting requirements in Appendix A. ACE, Frequency related clock-minute values Count minutes in different violation categories All BAs will control to meet BAL-001 and BAL-007 While CPS2 is waived, it must still be calculated BAL-007 – a frequency based ACEclock-min limit (BAAL) with a 30 min time limit BAs must still continue to calculate and report all NERC required quantities.

6 How-Why No EMS modifications are required and BAs may “loosen” control within limits “Loosen” control will differ depending on software BAs can modify their EMS – if they wish BAs can self-implement the BAAL calculation and monitoring of ACE or use tools provided by the SDT The SDT tools are for monitoring only and reference the ACE history (e.g. a PI database) BAs verify to PWG that Operators are trained in RBC Support the SDT in assessment of RBC Consider in WECC control metrics that reflect VGS

7 When - timeline August 2009 – Workshop September 2009 October 2009
PWG posts updated FT document BAs begin preparing for FT October 2009 OC approves the FT plan and document OC posts the FT plan for Board approval December 2009 Board approves FT plan

8 When – timeline continued
January 2010 PWG conducts final workshop or conference call (TBD) RC certify readiness February 2010 BAs annual update of frequency bias terms BAs certify readiness BAs forward 2 weeks of FT data to PWG/WECC RC certifies all BAs are providing requisite data PWG forwards list of participating BAs to SDT for CPS2 compliance waiver PWG announces commencement of FT March 2010 FT begins 03/01/ :00:00 CST 3/15/2010 – BAs submit two weeks of data

9 When – timeline continued
April 2010 – March 2011 BAs submit data BAs note and describe circumstances where ACE exceed BAAL for more than 10 or 20 consecutive clock-minutes PWG / SDT conference call and review of BA data Open conference call – BAs may participate Consider enhancements/improvements to the FT

10 Questions?

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