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3 Fallen Angel Campaign to Launch Lynx Excite Challenge To raise awareness and drive purchase of the new Lynx Excite range using social media channels. Solution Highly interactive and personalised video starring Kelly Brook as an archangel who is stuck in heaven, only to be released when she finds The One – the viewer. The video uses Facebook data to create a personal experience whereby Kelly Brook addresses the viewer by name and even falls to earth outside their home. The video is targeted at Lynxs 170,000 Facebook fans and is also streamed on the brands You Tube channel, supported by banner ads. Results Just launched, results are not yet available.



6 Lynx Twist Campaign Challenge To support the launch of the new Lynx Twist variant using social media channels. Solution We created an interactive film Keeping Keeley that illustrated a series of twists and deviations from a game plan that guys can take in order to get the girl. Content featured alternative plot twists and endings with the viewer controlling the fate of the protagonist. Video posted on Facebook and YouTube, supported by Spotify ads to drive awareness. Also developed a Virtual Girlfriend augmented reality and a Keeping Keeley app for Facebook Results Facebook fans grew by 350% during the campaign. 120,000 Keeping Keeley App Active Monthly Users.


8 Virtual Girlfriend Augmented Reality

9 The Lynx Lounge Challenge To raise awareness and drive purchase of the new Lynx Excite range using social media. To develop an RM and social media programme to engage Lynxs core 18-24 year old male audience. Solution We created the idea of the Lynx Mynx – a girl to become the face of the Lynx Lounge. 8 casting videos of potential Lynx Mynxs were posted on the Facebook fan page and the brands You Tube channel, with fans invited to vote for their favourite. Fans were enticed to register in the Lynx Lounge and view further short films of the Lynx Mynxs. Once the winning Lynx Mynx was announced, we invited voters to suggest things for her to do, filming the requests and posting them in the Lynx Lounge the following week. Results 75,000 Facebook fans; 65,000 votes for the Lynx Mynx. The Lynx Lounge website was named Honoree at the highly prestigious 2010 Webby Awards. Winner of 2 x 2010 DMA Awards.




13 Lewis Moody Team Talk Challenge To inspire Guinness fans to meet up and watch the 2011 RBS 6 Nations. Solution We developed a Facebook app that enables Facebook users to create a personalised interactive movie of Lewis Moody inviting their friends to watch a game with them. To tease the audience, action packed footage and a team talk from Lewis Moody were posted on You Tube and sent to the Guinness database via MMS. We also seeded interactive video advertising. Finally, we emailed the base to get them to sign up to the app. Results Over 29,000 likes on Facebook with over 10,000 interactions with the Facebook app. Nearly 70,000 views on You Tube

14 You Tube

15 Facebook App


17 Lets Talk Website Challenge To create a strategy that would enable PayPal to engage in the social space, harness the positive sentiment around Paypal and address the genuine negative sentiment. Solution We developed a PayPal branded website called Lets Talk fronted by a dedicated Social Media Editor who engages with questions posted on the site and also in various spaces including Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. The Social Media Editor regularly updates the site and social spaces with positive, useful and interesting content about PayPal e.g. tutorials on how to use the service. Podcasts and interviews with key influencers e.g merchants who use PayPal are seeded in social media spaces, driving people back to the site. Results 100,000 visitors since launch in July 2009; Average dwell time of nearly 4 minutes; 1082 questions asked.

18 18 Lets Talk website -

19 19 PayPal content posted on social media spaces


21 Social seeding to support the launch of a luxury car brand across Europe Challenge To create awareness and interest in the launch of Infiniti at the Geneva Motor Show. Solution We adopted two engagement strategies : Reactive: We identified articles or online conversations about Infiniti or the Geneva Motor Show and posted suitable responses. Proactive: We created discussion threads about the Infiniti Europe launch in a range of auto-specific social media where nothing existed already. We established a network of moderators across the 5 key European markets, with strict Rules of Engagement, to seed and respond to conversations. Results Over a 4 week period, we engaged in over 1000 conversations with Key Opinion Formers across Europe.

22 Reactive engagement /Article in reviewing the flamboyant Infiniti launch at GMS. /Our UK moderator highlights that additional positive press reviews like this can be found on Infiniti website.

23 Proactive engagement Yahoo Coches Espana Direct Response Even some popular forums didnt have a discussion thread on Infiniti so we created one, helping to build awareness of the launch and stimulate discussion. Once created, these discussion threads should build momentum of their own.

24 Challenge To maximise awareness of the brand and models in the social media environment and ultimately drive traffic to the website. Solution We seeded videos of CGI movies of the cars and the making of the Infiniti car visualiser in social media spaces. Engagement vehicles included video sharing sites, paid media, blogs and forums. Results In just 8 weeks, the campaign engaged with over 430,000 people, 29% above target. Social seeding to support the launch of a luxury car brand across Europe




28 Challenge To develop an overarching social media strategy that would provide a clear framework for interaction with the brand and their customers. Solution We reviewed the types of conversations taking place about First Direct and where these conversations were happening. We then defined: The opportunities for First Direct to be involved in the social arena. Where this conversation should take place (on or offsite). How First Direct should be responding and the technology to be used. The monitoring and reporting infrastructure needed to ensure regular measurement of its performance. We are currently defining their Rules of Engagement so staff know how and when to respond to conversations and a Share Strategy to ensure First Direct gets its product message in front of as many people as possible. Results Still work in progress Social media strategy development

29 Examples of Facebook pages that we have developed and manage for our clients




33 Thank you


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