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Putting the Portal to Work Stuart Forman and Vicky Brett TBN Members Day Presentation 15 th Nov 2008.

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1 Putting the Portal to Work Stuart Forman and Vicky Brett TBN Members Day Presentation 15 th Nov 2008

2 Three New Features Book Reviews Book Shop TBN Directory

3 Click on Book Review Link Click on tabs to see other review pages Click on book to go straight to book shop Read Amazon review. Read reviews added by TBN Members See average rating this book has been given by TBN Members Book Reviews

4 The review section appears under each book description Login to the portal to leave a review. Add your comments Enter a title for your review. Your name is filled in from your Login but you can change it to anonymous if you want. Select the rating you would give the book. Finally, press submit to add your review. Leaving a Review

5 Go to your shopping cart. Go to other pages. Clicking on a book display more details on that book. List of similar items selected by Amazon. Click on Book Shop Link Search Amazon for any other book/product. Book Shop

6 Use the familiar Amazon links to purchase the book or look for used copies Clicking on a book in the book shop shows the product details page. Click the photo in the product details to see a bigger image of the book

7 TBN Directory The TBN Directory is a tool to find like-minded people to work with. It’s live now on the TBN Portal at It’s an “Opt-In” directory, you choose if you want to appear in the directory and how much information to make available. Information is only available to registered users.

8 Getting Started Firstly, you must login, the Directory is only available to registered users. Once you login, “TBN Directory” appears as a menu option under Communicate/Share

9 On the first screen you can enter your Search Criteria

10 If you already know a person’s name or part of their address, and just want to find their full details, enter what you know in the “Contact Information” box.

11 Each person in the Directory has the opportunity to enter a summary of their interests. Enter key words or phrases in the “Interests Summary” box to search this information.

12 To search for people with particular interests or skills to offer, tick one or more of these check boxes.

13 Either leave the Country blank to search for any Country in that Region, or select a Country. Then click “Add Regional Interest” First select a Region You can add a list of Regional Interests to search for people with interests in particular regions or countries.

14 The Regional Interests you have selected appear here. You can add additional Regions, or click “Delete” to delete a Region.

15 Now click Search

16 The display switches automatically to the “Search Results” tab Hover your mouse over the person’s name to see their contact details If you don’t find what you are looking for, click the “Search Criteria” tab to modify your search and try again

17 If you are entering your details for the first time, any details that you entered when you registered with this site will be copied to this page. Enter as much or as little information as you wish. For example if you do not want your email address to be included, simply leave it blank. The “Interest Summary” box is used to augment the “Interests” checkboxes. Please try to use key words that other users are likely to search for. Of course you can search without entering your own details, but the Directory will only be useful if everybody enters their own details. Click the “Edit My Entry” tab.

18 Scroll down to the “Interests and offerings” section. Tick all that apply. You can also indicate which regions or countries you are interested in. The process of adding these is the same as on the search page. If you leave the Country blank, then this indicates you are interested in the entire Region. Finally, click “Save”

19 In Conclusion Thank you for your time and attention. The Book Reviews, Book Shop & TBN Directory are live now at, so please try them out on the PC’s here. But please, enter your own details into the Directory – otherwise there will be very little to Search.

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