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Fundamentals of Purity and Prayer Lecture 7 March 9, 2014.

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1 Fundamentals of Purity and Prayer Lecture 7 March 9, 2014

2 Purification from Impurities

3 Light and Heavy Impurities Physical impurities fall into 2 categories: light and heavy Light impurity: Urine of halal animals Droppings of predatory birds (eagle, falcon, hawk, etc.) Droppings of non-predatory birds that fly (sparrow, pigeon, dove, etc.) are pure Droppings of non-predatory birds that do not fly (ducks, chickens, geese, turkeys and hens ) are considered heavy impurities Heavy impurity: Alcohol Pig (all its parts and derivatives) Saliva of dogs and predatory animals Urine of humans (and babies) and all haram animals Feces of all animals and humans Those substances which cause wudu to break (i.e. blood that has flowed, puss, vomit, sperm, etc.)

4 Effect of Impurities Liquid heavy impurity which is equal to the size of a dirham (about 5 cm) or more must be removed before praying Solid heavy impurity which is equal to the weight of a dirham (about 3.5 g) or more must be removed before praying Light impurity which soils ¼ or more of something must be removed before praying Prayer will not be considered valid with amounts equal to or greater than any of these impurities

5 Means of Purification Washing with water If an impurity comes onto an absorbent material (fabric, carpet, etc.), that area must be washed such that no trace remains If impurity cannot be seen, should be washed and wrung 3 times under running water If object cannot be wrung, pour water over it 3 times Rubbing off If an impurity with thickness (feces, blood, etc.) falls onto a semi- porous article (leather or human skin), the impurity can be rubbed off without water until no trace remains Thickness: that which remains and can be seen on outer surface after drying If impurity is liquid, must be washed off

6 Means of Purification Wiping off Impurity on a non-porous item (glass, metal, ceramic, etc.) can simply be wiped away until no trace remains Removal If any impurity falls into a semi-solid (butter, dough, honey), the affected area should be removed and separated Molecular change If an impurity undergoes a total molecular change (i.e. wine to vinegar), it becomes pure Drying up The ground or natural earth can be purified by drying as long as no trace remains Cannot be used for tayammum

7 Means of Purification Tanning The hides of all animals, except pig, will become pure through the process of tanning

8 Istinja

9 Istinja refers to cleansing those areas of the body that become physically impure after relieving oneself Istinja can be performed with anything pure, able to remove impurity, and not valued or respected One should use only left hand of istinja Makruh tahrim to face or have one’s back toward Qiblah during istinja

10 Istinja Urination After one has urinated they should ensure all drops of urine have passed Clean area with toilet paper, water or both (optimal) If urine does not spread past the exit hole Istinja will be sunnah muakkadah Doubt about urine drops should be ignored Unless proof to contrary Defecation If impurity does not spread past the exit hole Istinja with toilet paper is sunnah makkadah If spreads beyond exit hole Istinja with water is necessary

11 Chronic Excuse

12 For a person with a chronic excuse toward maintaining purity (i.e. continuous bleeding, constant gas, urinary incontinence, etc.) The person would perform a wudu at the beginning of each prayer time, and would be considered to have maintained purity throughout that time Conditions: The excuse must continue for the duration of an entire prayer time, such that a person is unable to make wudu and pray without the act which would normally nullify wudu occurring Would extend to each prayer time in which the excuse occurs Once an entire prayer time passes without the excuse occurring, the person will be no longer considered excused

13 Questions?

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