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Do Not Click This Button. I said don’t click it Don’t click the button.

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1 Do Not Click This Button

2 I said don’t click it

3 Don’t click the button

4 Stop clicking it

5 I’m warning you

6 You’d better stop now or else

7 You don’t even want to know what I can do

8 You’re pushing it

9 Ok just stop

10 Its not funny anymore

11 C’mon just stop

12 Please

13 Pleeeeaaaase

14 Seriously stop

15 I’ll be really nice to you

16 I’ll let you be my friend

17 Oh just stop clicking the button

18 You know you waaaaaana

19 You know you want to stop clicking the button

20 stop

21 Ok, now your just starting to annoy me purposefully

22 Aren’t you getting bored?

23 Why are you doing this?

24 fine

25 Keep clicking it

26 But I just want you to know that

27 I’m not your friend no more

28 That’s right, you heard me

29 You are not my friend

30 Now go away

31 Please just go away

32 Fine, if your not going away, then I guess I will say

33 Good bye

34 ……..

35 ….

36 .


38 Aaauuh maaan

39 That almost worked

40 I could just see that you were about to give up

41 Well not really

42 But anyway

43 What’s your name?

44 Just asking since you decided to stay

45 Me, oh well you don’t want to know

46 Ok I’ll tell you but only under one condition

47 That you stop clicking this button

48 Oh ya, right

49 Well I guess I can’t tell you then, can I?

50 What?

51 You don’t want to know anyway?

52 Fine be that way

53 See if I care

54 Why? Cause your mean

55 Now go away

56 Leave this place

57 I never want to see you again

58 If you don’t go away I’ll just have to make you

59 Try this one up for size

60 He he he

61 Can’t catch me!

62 nanananabooboo

63 Your just too good for me are you

64 …(show off)

65 What? You can read what I’m thinking?

66 Luckily I don’t think much

67 …(I bet you believed that too huh)

68 oops

69 Quit making fun of me

70 Really

71 Stop clicking the button

72 I really seriously really want you to stop clicking it now

73 Can’t see me!

74 Darn!

75 I’m not finished yet

76 Oh no my friend!

77 You’ve just seen the beginning

78 Ready?

79 HaHaHaHa

80 doh

81 Try catching this!

82 Freaky eh?

83 How about this?

84 Pretty cool eh?

85 Which is the real button?

86 How about know?

87 This is really annoying isn’t it?

88 Yesssss!

89 You just don’t stop do you.

90 Well, lets have some more fun!

91 Confusing?

92 Can’t find me now!

93 Faster!








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