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How do Forces Affect Motion?

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1 How do Forces Affect Motion?

2 How do Forces Affect Motion
Force – a push or a pull on an object that can cause it to change direction. NOTHING moves, stops, or changes directions with out FORCE. Heavier objects need more force to get them to move or change direction.

3 How do Forces Affect Motion
Gravity – a force that pulls two objects toward each other because of their mass, such as you toward the center of the earth. Mass – a measurement of the amount of material (matter) that makes up an object.

4 How do Forces Affect Motion
Weight – is a measurement of how hard the earth’s gravity pulls on an objects mass. The more mass and object has the more it weighs. More Mass = More Pull = More Weight

5 Something your parents don’t know!
Everything with mass has a gravitational pull You have mass therefore you have gravity. Not a lot, but still you have gravity!

6 Sir Isaac Newton A scientist in the 1600’s Discovered calculus
Discovered white light was a mixture of colored lights Made discoveries in motion, gravity, and chemistry. Considered one of the greatest scientists EVER.

7 Sir Isaac Newton Discovered that objects will continue moving in a straight line until a force causes it to slow down or stop. He also discovered that an object not moving, or at rest, will stay at rest until a force, such as a push or a pull, moves it. This is called inertia, and is Newton’s 1st law of motion (He has 3)

8 How do Forces Affect Motion
Inertia -The tendency of a moving object to stay in motion or resting object to stay at rest.

9 How do Forces Affect Motion
Now think about a soccer ball, according to newton an object in motion will stay in motion FOREVER, but if I kick a soccer ball will it stay in motion FOREVER??

10 How do forces affect motion
No! Because there is a force acting upon the ball and that force is friction. Friction - is a force that slows down the motion of moving object. There is friction between the ball and the ground.

11 How do Forces Affect Motion
So according to Newton if I kick the ball off the ground, it wont have friction with the ground so, it should stay in motion FOREVER. No It is still getting friction from the AIR. And being pulled to the ground by Gravity!!!!

12 AHHHH Forces they are Everywhere and we cant get away from them!!

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