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Mass and Half-Life Measurements of Stored Exotic Nuclei

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1 Mass and Half-Life Measurements of Stored Exotic Nuclei
Yu.A. Litvinov, Hirschegg

2 Present Knowledge of Atomic Masses

3 Experimental facility at GSI
Highly-Charged Ions In-Flight Separation Cocktail or Monoisotopic Beams

4 Schottky Mass Spectrometry (SMS)

5 Broad-band Schottky frequency spectra

6 Measured Mass Surface About 1/3 of all known masses
were covered in one experiment Typical mass accuracy Mass resolving power reached 275 new masses determined More than 300 improved values Yu.A. Litvinov et al., Nucl. Phys. A756 (2005) 3

7 Predictive Powers of Mass Models

8 Two new SMS experiments
Identification, Mass and Half-life values in one experiment

9 Isohronous Mass Spectrometry (IMS)

10 Time-of-Flight Spectra
m/q range is

11 for several mass-to-charge ratios
Isochronicity curves for several mass-to-charge ratios

12 Improved resolving power

13 238U Fission Fragments M. Matos, PhD Thesis, JLU Giessen 2004

14 Predictive Powers of Mass Models
H. Geissel, Yu.A. Litvinov et al, Nucl. Phys. A746 (2004) 150c

15 Predictive Powers of Mass Models

16 The FAIR Project GSI today SIS 100 SIS 300 SIS18 Upgrade Beamlines CBM
UNILAC SIS FRS ESR HESR Super NESR CR RESR SIS 100 SIS 300 GSI today SIS18 Upgrade Beamlines CBM Antiproton Production Target Plasma Phys. Atom.Phys. PANDA El.Cooler High En. Expt. PAX/ASSIA Low En. Expt. FLAIR NESR Expts

17 Isomeric beams, LIfetimes, and MAsses
Δv v → 0

18 Where do we stand now? And where to go?

19 Direct Mass and Half-life Measurements
F. Attallah, G. Audi, K. Beckert, P. Beller, F. Bosch, D. Boutin, T. Buervenich, R.S. Chakrawarthy, L. Chen, D. Cullen, T. Faestermann, M. Falch, B. Franczak, B. Franzke, H.-Geissel, M. Hausmann, M. Hellström, G. Jones, E. Kaza, Th. Kerscher, P. Kienle, O. Klepper, H.-J. Kluge, C. Kozhuharov, K.-L. Kratz, R. Knöbel, K.E.G. Löbner, S.A. Litvinov, Yu.A. Litvinov, Z. Liu, M. Matoš, L. Maier, G. Münzenberg, F. Nolden, Yu.N. Novikov, T. Ohtsubo, A. Ostrowski, A. Ozawa, Z. Patyk, B. Pfeiffer, W.R. Plass, Z. Podolyak, M. Portillo, T. Radon, H. Schatz, C. Scheidenberger, M. Shindo, V. Shishkin, J. Stadlmann, M. Steck, K. Sümmerer, T. Suzuki, M.B. Trzhakovskaya, S. Typel, D.J. Vieira, G. Vorobjev, P.M. Walker, H. Weick, S. Williams, M. Winkler, H. Wollnik, T. Yamaguchi, and The FRS-ESR Collaboration

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