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Panos Xylias - 2nd line - 15/04/04

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1 Panos Xylias - 2nd line - 15/04/04
Scaleo Media Center PC Overview Panos Xylias - 2nd line - 15/04/04

2 Objectives Configure Scaleo 600 Media Center
Configure Microsoft® Windows XP Media Center Edition Preview the features of Media Center application

3 Agenda Unpack the Media Center from the box – What do you find?
Configure Media Center’s Hardware  Cards, Aerials Configure Media Center by using the First Run Wizard

4 Agenda Use the My TV experience of Media Center
Use the My Music experience of Media Center Use the My Videos experience of Media Center Use the Play DVD experience of Media Center General Settings

5 Open the Box – What do you find?
The Media Center (Scaleo 600 machine) Remote Control (IR) Remote Control Sensor (IR Transceiver) IR emitter cable Radio Antenna Multi-Adaptor (Composite Video/S-video)

6 Open the Box – What do you find?
Composite Video cable All the rest (k/b, k/b rest, mouse, modem adaptor/cable, power supplies, cds, manuals/warranty leaflet) are the same that we support in all the Consumer PCs Two Recovery CDs The Windows XP MCE Operating System The required update (2004 edition) for the Media Center application

7 The Scaleo 600 Media Center
Configure Media Center’s Hardware The Scaleo 600 Media Center

8 Remote Control (IR) Model: RC126 Infra-Red Remote Control set with inprinted Microsoft logo for usage with the Windows XP Media Center Edition

9 Remote Control Sensor (IR Transceiver)
USB connectivity Plug/Play

10 IR emitter cable Below the IR led there is a gluey tape that you have to remove it and stick it to the set-top box, in order to tune it

11 Example IR emitter cable connected to the remote control sensor

12 Radio Antenna

13 Multi-Adaptor (Composite video + S-video)
Composite video female connector S-video male connector S-video female connectors

14 Composite Video cable

15 Hardware functionality
Cards Connections

16 Supported Cards for the UK
WinFast PVR  Multimedia Card ATI Radeon  Display Adapter

17 Winfast PVR 2000 – Multimedia Card
Leadtek Card with PAL+FM Tuner/Recorder/Encoder I/O port Connectors FM/TV: FM/TV RF connector Audio-In: Audio Jack x 2 (L & R) Video-In: MINI DIN 4 pin connector for S-Video & RCA Jack for Composite Video

18 ATI Radeon 9600 256 ViV ATI Radeon 256 MB – Display Adapter
Attention on the Using TV / Watching video scenario More information uploaded in the Media Center’s internal use web page ..provide better support the one who has read the manual!!


20 First Run Steps Test the Media Center remote control
Configure the Internet connection Configure the Television signal Configure the Program Guide Support scenarios

21 The First Run Wizard

22 Checking the Media Center Remote Control

23 Configuring the Internet Connection

24 Configuring the TV Signal

25 Configuring the Program Guide

26 Media Center

27 Support Scenarios Media Center remote control issues
Internet connection issues TV Signal/Program Guide issues

28 My TV Setting up and using the Program Guide
Watch TV and record programs Manage recorded program files Support scenarios

29 Setting Up the Program Guide

30 Searching for a Program

31 Recording Programs WAYS OF RECORDING While watching the program
Using the Program Guide Selecting a single program Scheduling series recording Scheduling advanced recording Recording a program manually Selecting a program through Search

32 Recording Conflicts: Series

33 Per-User and Per-Computer Settings
TV audio settings Customized Program Guide Per-computer Parental control Storage settings Schedule and history Program Guide head-end settings (The provider of the program listings)

34 Support Scenarios Program Guide issues Recording issues

35 Logos

Software Pool Alicia

37 Additional Resources for our customers
Windows XP Media Center Edition Windows XP Media Center Edition Tips Windows XP Newsgroups Focus On: Windows XP Media Center Edition

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