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The Aztecs Kobi and Robert.

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1 The Aztecs Kobi and Robert

2 Aztec Emperors Palace Aztec palaces like this one were very elaborate with thrones of gold. This is a Knight gods shrine, the Aztecs sacrificed young men and women in these shrines.

3 Aztec Tools This tool was used in sacrificial ceremonies.
Sacrificial knifes were decorated in turquoise.

4 Aztec Sunstones This is an Aztec Sunstone used to tell time and date.
The Aztec solar year is 365 days long. An Aztec month is 18 days long.

5 An Aztec City This is an old Aztec city. Many people lived here.
This city is made of all rock and stone.

6 Aztec Calendars This is the Aztec Solar year calendar it was the most commonly used calendar of its time. This is the center piece of the solar year calendar.

7 The Aztec Temples Aztecs built large temples hauling thousand of large stones by hand. They used boards to haul the rock to the top of the temples. They sacrificed young women in these temples.

8 Aztec Houses This is a simple Aztec house, it is one story high.
This is a small Aztec town. there isn't very much left here now.

9 Irrigation The Aztecs had irrigation ditches for there farms.
This is an irrigation pond.

10 The Aztecs The Aztecs had large temples in which they sacrificed human beings. This is one of the Aztec gods which they worshiped. There were more than one god in the Aztec world.

11 Aztec Ruins This is an Aztec wall. it has houses in it were warriors live. This is the ruin of an Aztec house.

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