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The Solar System By, Jarrett Hollister, Robert Gillin, and Erwin Brock.

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1 The Solar System By, Jarrett Hollister, Robert Gillin, and Erwin Brock.

2 Mercury This planet is 28,580,000 miles from the sun and 48,000,000 km from us. It is also 3,032 miles in diameter. One day on Mercury is 59 days on earth and one year is 88 days on earth. It takes95.26 sec. For light to get to this planet. It would take you 48,000 hours to get there going at 1000km/hour.

3 Mercury The atmosphere is like airless and it has flat plans and cliffs. The surface looks like the moon. The temp. range of the planet is 840 to 275. This planet has no moons

4 Venus

5 The Wonders Of Venus Distance from the sun :107million km Distance from the Earth: 42 – 2.58 mil Km Venus has No moons Venuses atmosphere is made of 96% carbon dioxide 3% nitrogen and 0.1% water vapor The time for Venus to make one full revolution is about 224.701 days The temperature of Venus is 449 C or 850 F

6 The wonders of Venus 2 Venus is also one of the most brightest and visible planets from earth Venus has a very smooth in most places it also has Canyons, Volcanoes, Valleys, and Mountain The Diameter of Venus is 12107km The time it takes to make one full rotation is about 243.16 km

7 The earth Earth is 150 million kms from the sun. The planets diameter is 7,926 miles around. It takes 23 hours and 56 minutes for it to rotate once. It takes 500 seconds for light to reach the planet. The earths

8 Earth Cont. Atmosphere is made of 79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 1% other gases. The earths surface is made mostly of trees, mountains, and water. The temp. range of this planet is 45-105 Degrees. The earth has one moon which is called Luna.

9 MARS Mars the red planet! Mars is made of rocks, sand, and craters. The temp of mars is from 1ºf to 178 ºf. Mars has 2 moons, there names are: deimos, and phoibos

10 Mars keep going Marss atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide,nitrogen,argon. The distance from the sun to Mars is 141,620,000km. And from the earth to Mars is 248miles The diameter of mars is 4,217. One day in mars is 24 hour 39 min. One year on mars is 686.98 days on Earth.

11 Jupiter Is 778,298,400km from the sun and 821,190,000 miles Jupiter is 88,846 miles in diameter. One day on jupiter is 10 hours and one year is 4,332 days It takes light 2594.3 sec. To get to jupiter. It would take us 821190 min. to get to the planet.

12 Jupiter The atmosphere is made of hydrogen, and helium. The surface is made of a misty wind sweep. The surface is red, brown, yellow, and white. The temp. range of this planet is 8 to 95 It has 16 moons: Metis, Adratea, amalthea, thebe, io, europa, gonymede, caliisto, leda, himalia, lysithn, elora, aranke, carane, pasiphae, sinspe

13 Saturn Saturn is about 1,427,010,000 km from the sun and about 821,140,000 miles from the earth. It take light 4756.7 sec. To get to the planet. This planet is 74,898 miles in diameter. One day on Saturn is 10 hours and 47min. And one year is 10,759.2 days

14 Saturn It would take you 1427010 min. to get to Saturn. The atmosphere is made of hydrogen, helium The surface is made of all gas And it is yellow The average temp. is –285 This planet has 18 moons

15 Saturn The names of the moons are: Atlas, 1981513, pronethens, pandora, Epimethins, jams, mimus, enceladns, tatlys, telesto, calyso, dione, helene, rhea, titans, hyperion, lapetus, phoete.


17 The Wonders of Uranus Distance from the sun: 2,89,600,000 Distance from Earth: 25,819,000,000 Uranus has 15 moons. Named Cordelia, Opehlia, Binca, Cressida, Desdemany, Juliet, Portia, Rosa Lind, Belinda, Puck, Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, And Oberon. The time it takes Uranus to make on full Rotation is about 84 years

18 The wonders of Uranus 2 The surface of the planet Uranus is no soil The air is filled with carbon monoxide Carbon dioxide Also falling dust from comets The temperature rang of Uranus is –1950c The atmosphere is divided into 3 layers troposphere, stratosphere, thermosphere Diameter of Uranus is 51,118 km


20 The Wonders of Neptune Distance from the sun: 2793,100 Distance from the Earth : 2997925 Neptune has 8 total moons. Named Naid, Thalassa, Despina, Galaten, Larissa, Proteus, Triton, Nerid, and Charon. The time it takes Neptune to make one full rotation is about 165 years. ….

21 The Wonders of Neptune 2 Neptune has 4 known rings The Planet Neptune also has winds blowing over 1000 miles per hour. The temperature of Neptune is about a minus 225 Degrees Neptune atmosphere is Hydrogen-74 Methane Helium-25 Neptune means god of the water with the Greek Poseidon. Also meaning the sea.

22 The Wonders of Neptune 3 Neptune is also the forth largest planet in our Solar System Neptune is also discovered by Johan Gottfried Diameter is 49493 KM

23 Research All info was found at the following web sites.,,, and

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