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R OAD M AP TO M EANINGFUL U SE. What is Meaningful Use in the Hospital?

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2 What is Meaningful Use in the Hospital?

3 Stage 1 Meaningful Use includes: Computerized Order Entry Medication Reconciliation Active Med/Allergy List Problem List Record Demographics Record Vitals Signs Lab results as structured data Drug, allergy, formulary checks Clinical Decision Support Performance Measures

4 Electronic Copy of Record to Patient Electronic Copy of Discharge Instructions Use EHR to ID Education Materials and Provide to Patient Provide Summary of Care Record Perform at Least One Test of Capability to Exchange Clinical Information.

5 Meaningful Use Addresses: Improve Quality, Safety and Reduce Health Disparities Engage Patients and Families Improve Care Coordination Improve Population and Public Health Ensure Adequate Privacy and Security Protection for PHI

6 Why Is Achieving Meaningful Use So Challenging? For Most Hospitals Requirements are Well Beyond Current Use Culture Changes Required in Gathering Patient Info, Communicating and Documenting Meaningful Use Requirements will Ramp Up in Later Stages Even Hospitals that Use Advanced Modules Need to Optimize and Prove Use Timeline for Achieving MU is Much More Compressed than Traditional Implementations

7 Why Is Achieving Meaningful Use So Challenging? Comprehensive, used on all units1.5% CPOE of medications17% Physician notes12% Problem list27% EHR Implementations in US Hospitals

8 Incentives Based on ‘Demonstrating’ Meaningful Use, NOT JUST Implementation Optimize Existing IT Investments Effective Implementations Involve Process and Behavior Changes Do CPOE Right the First Time Transition Users into Willing, Competent Users of EHR Why Prepare for Meaningful Use Implementation?

9 Meet with Management to Understand Goals Assess Current Clinical Applications Discuss MU Criteria with Management and Determine Best Approach to Complete Guidelines Educate Staff on Reporting Criteria Assess IT and Management Readiness Identify Ways to Meet Criteria with Minimal Expenditure Meaningful Use Assessment Approach

10 How Ion IT Group Can Help Currently Leading Multiple MU Projects Staff has Implemented Several Hundred Clinical Applications (various vendors) Implemented Multiple CPOE Systems Ion Understands Client Needs and Goals Leadership has Directed IT Departments at 100+ Facilities Hundreds of System Selection Projects Staff includes CIOs, Nurses, Lab Techs, Hospital Admin, Network Engineers, etc. Look for Cost Savings Along the Way

11 Steve Cherry CPHIMS President (615) 424 2489

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