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Diseases How they affect us.

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1 Diseases How they affect us

2 Disease are acquired by:
Genetic causes – inherited from parents Microbes – infection from a virus, bacteria or fungus Parasites - catch an organism that causes disease condition – e.g. malaria

3 Chicken pox

4 Shingles

5 shingles

6 Rubella or German measles

7 Mumps

8 Athletes foot

9 Cold sore

10 Herpes

11 Small pox – a killer

12 Small pox

13 Polio

14 Warts

15 Verruca

16 verruca

17 Ulcers

18 Ulcer

19 Bed ulcers - Ouch!!!!!!!

20 These are parasitic worms – passes from the intestine after treatment with drugs

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