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Q uestionnaire A nalysis By Rory Ferron. S ample In order to keep the results as fair as possible I must ensure that my sample is representative of the.

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1 Q uestionnaire A nalysis By Rory Ferron

2 S ample In order to keep the results as fair as possible I must ensure that my sample is representative of the each age group and gender. In order to do this I spread my questionnaires equally between 40 participants. This allow us to spread the two different sexs half and half through the age groups The following graphs portrait how I spread my sample between the population

3 A im The aim of my study was to help me not only identify my target audience but also how to appeal to them. It will give me a sturdy insight into how I will go about attracting them to my movie. The age and sex differences will allow me to decipher which ones will prefer my movie and want to actively pursue and keep up to date with my marketing campaign. By finding out where people get their information on movies from will be helpful in allowing me to discover the different methods of communication with my audience. This is useful as it helps me avoid potential mistakes that can potentially ruin or handicap our ability to communicate the information that we wish to portrait to our audience

4 E thnicity My only regret is that the sample ethnicity was more ethnically diverse as you can see the majority of participants where white British at 50%. This does not effect my results as much as it might in other studies as the sample where all British. This excludes the 4 that where French exchange students. I feel that when it comes to ethnicity it is less important than age or gender when it comes to putting together a demographic. This revelation allows us to prioritise and dismiss this as a problem.

5 O ccupation The majority of people that where chosen for the questionnaire where unemployed which may have shifted the results slightly as their budgets will differ. This is a major factor in my research as it shows that I must accommodate for people that may have a lemmatisation to their budget. This will mean advertising that is free such as posters and billboards, TV advertisements and not just on channels satellite.

6 G enre This helped me discover the differences in genres that the different demographics liked. I found that typically younger audiences picked horror movies in their first pick, typically boys would put it down more than girls but the difference was smaller with the younger generation. In the older audiences the males would pick horror movies which is a drastic difference when no girls picked it as one of their top favourites to watch. Their may have been some demand characteristics as the participants may have read ahead and seen that towards the end we focus our questions on this genre more The favourite movies selected from their horror selections included Paranormal Activity, The Ring, Drag me to hell which are relatively new films. Older audiences produced answers of older films like Alien and The Exorcist.

7 M arketing All of the people enjoyed watching trailers from movies of their favourite genres. The methods of marketing mean results are as followed It is not surprising that the majority of the participants chose the trailer to be the best as they had already expressed their enjoyment in the previous questions. I believe the reasons for the magazine articles being ranked lowest is due to the fact that not all the people buy these magazines, and that the other options are more easily accessible.

8 H orror M ovies 65% of participants said that they enjoy horror movies a clear majority of participants Interestingly enough when asked to explain what they like about them, no participant enjoyed to immense gore that you see in modern films like SAW Many said they found the suspense within a film scarier than outrageous violence and jumpy moments. Off record I was told that the films that haunt me the most are the ones that leave you feeling scared outside of the cinema and haunt you wherever you go by one of the participants, he said you dont get this with films pulling out jumpy bits at any chance they can get. He coined them cheap scares In the earlier question on why people enjoy their chosen genre one answer stood out the most their like a constant rollercoaster of adrenaline

9 M agazine L ayout Format related answers had very mixed responses, this was gave very good news as it allowed us to go either direction without bothering too many people. 50% of people would prefer an established movie presence to an attractive image. I feel this may be due however to a difficultly worded question that I did not explain clearly 65% of people prefer a clean image to being bombarded by information as one particular participant pointed out I feel however that it is difficult to scale these questions and that it could hae went either way depending of the extent or lack of information a magazine cover provided.

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