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Publishing exhibitions using KE EMu 4 October 2005 Julian Tomlin Head of Administration.

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1 Publishing exhibitions using KE EMu 4 October 2005 Julian Tomlin Head of Administration

2 Contents Introduction to Manchester and the Whitworth Purchasing KE EMu Publishing collections Supporting exhibitions management Publishing exhibitions Collaborative working Techniques in publishing in KE EMu Enhancements to KE EMu

3 Manchester The first industrial city Sport Music Manchester’s Renaissance Manchester Museums Consortium

4 The first industrial city

5 Two football teams

6 Music

7 Manchester’s Renaissance

8 A new skyline

9 Manchester Museums Consortium Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester Manchester Museum Manchester City Galleries People’s History Museum The Whitworth Art Gallery







16 Purchasing KE Emu Designated Museum Collections –Funding from Government Research into different models Joint Procurement 1999/2000 Decision to have separate databases –Shared server for MM and WAG –Later used to publish web portal Commitment to publish jointly

17 ‘Manchester Museums Unwrapped’ Web portal to publish collections jointly Same funding stream, collaboration aided other funding Launched in 2003 –Technical challenge –Research into portal Facility broadly welcomed Too few images, no narrative information Conventional information wanted - what’s on, map


19 The Whitworth Art Gallery Publishing –Objects and related multimedia –Exhibitions –Narratives

20 Home Page inc Searches

21 Object results

22 Advanced search

23 Contact sheet

24 Object detail

25 Exhibition Management Learning curve in using KE EMu –Frequent users v. infrequent users –Reluctance to master extended features –Need for specific features Collaborative project –The Whitworth with Dulwich Picture Gallery, London; Manchester City Galleries –Enhance KE EMu –Exchange of exhibitions information using XML

26 Exhibition Developments Managing exhibitions –Loans module Adding object status, requested, approved –Events module Adding curator, designer, registrar Adding object status, event object number –Movements module Adding courier tab –Catalogue module Insurance status, multiple currencies, crates and frames

27 Loans module - Objects

28 Events module - Objects tab

29 Movement module - Courier

30 Catalogue module - Valuation

31 Other Developments Accessions Lots, Bibliography, Catalogue –Auction sales Enhancing sale information, adding Hammer price –Crediting and publishing funders of acquisitions Catalogue Module - Provenance –Spoliation, improving accuracy, identifying individuals Adding ownership and transfers Catalogue Module - Associations –Adding related parties, events, places

32 Exhibitions Information Exchange Touring exhibitions –‘The Triumph of Watercolour’ ‘Walter Sickert: Drawing is the Thing’ Using XML –Schema Possible partners –UK Nationals, Art handling companies, European Union

33 Publishing exhibitions Demand for more narrative content Collection exhibitions –Unpublished research –Over 100 exhibitions over 12 years –Transfer to KE EMu Funded post Identifying definitive versions Obsolete software Using KE EMU - integrated, easy to update

34 New web pages Exhibition search (and browse) Results Exhibition display –Description, text panels –Link to objects in the catalogue Objects results Object detail –Label text

35 Exhibitions search

36 Exhibition results

37 Exhibition display

38 Exhibition display 2

39 Exhibition object results

40 Exhibition object display

41 Adding Value Permanent record Museology students Internet/Intranet Better information on What’s On Show Use for publishing loan exhibitions

42 Future developments opportunities for partnerships Map based searching –Using Getty TGN? Cataloguing archive material –The Walter Crane Archive –New Archive tab? Wireless networking Web statistics Loading and displaying high-res images

43 Thank you

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